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Monday, 19 December 2011

Gov Fashola, what are you doing to Lagosians? What is this?

Lekki Phase1 Tollgate began charging on Sunday 18th December...just a day after residents of the area protested the forceful imposition of toll by the Lagos State Govt in collaboration with Lagos Concession Company, allegedly owned by former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu.

The traffic created by this toll was unbelievable, as it took at least 45 minutes to move a distance of 50m from the toll gate through to the other side. The N120 charged vehicles made things more frustrating as it became a big challenge to give people their change. If it's this bad on a Sunday, what will happen on week days?

The toll rates charged are as follows: Motorbikes - N50. Sedans - N120. Vans/small buses/Suvs - N150. Commercial buses - N80. Light trucks and two axle buses - N250. Heavy duty trucks - N350.

Gov Fashola, why are you letting this happen? What can Lagosians do to stop this?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this

Anonymous said...

Insanity is what this is!

MmaY said...

Am highly ashamed of fashola i guess he has nothn 2 loose its nt as if he wld run 4gov again so he doesnt gve a damn abt d pple any more fake gov, am disappointed he cld let dis happen, pple bin teargassed, sum1 dying, sum sad and i pray pdp gov wins cos of d stupidity of w@ fashola did.

Anonymous said...

Fashola cant do anything because Bola Tinubu is "BIGGER" than him.

Just as PDP de chop money from Oil producing states and Federal Govt coffers. ACN get to begin thief thier own money too.... By 2015, they would have stolen enough to use for the next eletions...

occupy lekki said...

Dear Fashola,

We have no issues paying tolls.
what we have an issue is; The govt. not providing an alternative. the Oniru road cannot be considered an alternative because it was not built by the govt. but private individuals/companies to serve the estates on that axis.
Kindly inform ur Godfather that posterity will judge you for allowing this travesty to continue. the image you took 4 years to build is being rubbished in less than 4 months.

warm regards,
A concerned resident

Anonymous said...

God save us.. Maybe Fashola is intending to cut down the number of automobile users thru dis kind of taxation and maybe avert global warming..¿B-)

Anonymous said...

I have a funny feeling that most lf the people complaining about this toll are not indigenes of lagos, or of the SW for that matter. No true son of the soil will see the progress being made in lagos, and compain.
How can you expect to have services and not pay? In all civilised societies the world over, you get taxed, tolled and levied every way possible, and that is why those countries are better than Nigeria. If lagos is too expensive for you, pls move back to your village. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Overated Governor>......Just take a look at the state of BRT/Lagbus,the road networks, especially on the mainland.

Anonymous said...

This is really funny. In US roads with tolls are short cut and alternative to a free rout. It's by choice. But in Nigeria, the oposite is always the case. In Nigeria, a toll is always put on the only road to a place with no alternative rout and thereby causing more traffic. In the US
commuters choose a toll rout because they want to get to their destination faster. When will our govt learn how things work in other countries do that they can implement they correctly?

Anonymous said...

Na wow? Wonders shall never end.

Anonymous said...

it is absolutely crazy for the government of lagos to inflict this kind of hardship on tax payers.

1. The toll fees is extremely high, imagine paying N240 daily on toll among other pressing needs.

2.No where in the world is toll collected in residential area. correct me if am wrong.

3.The unnecessary waste of Man powerr hour caused by the queue is better imagined.

4. Tinubu, Fashola and thier cohorts no try ata all.

5. What is the govt doin with the tax paid by the citizens.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, it was a pre-requisite for BRF from BAT to get back to Alausa.

Anonymous said...

You guys voted ACN in lagos right????
Vote them again in 2015 and keep pushing Tinubu toward the richest man in Africa title.....


Fashola said...

Fashola is did not suck enough breast milk from his mother because if he did he will not do this to lagosians. This payment for yearsssssssss goes to who’s pocket, tax on every income goes to who's pocket. We are not fools.
Why did he put it on the down low when he was coming out for election? When they were constructing and correcting, who pays for the materials misused. He should try this in surulere let them pour acid on him.
You should have left the road the way it was than doing it and causing more traffic. What was your aim? To steal abiiii. Oya chop the money; carry it for your generations

Anonymous said...

dis toll issue is so annoying. d fact say sm 9ja gain employment for d toll mata no mean say na rite fin dem dey do as regards d toll fare. d toll charge is too high. my suggestions are;

1. lets pray to God to change d situation for d beta

2. boko haram shld act fast but its just dat sm lives will b lost which isn't a gud fin to do

orange said...

Na wa o! At least, the government will fix the alternative route before forcing this one down people's throat. In U.S, you take the toll roads by choice not out of compulsion. There are several alternative routes. Fashola pls go back to those who asides you and allow them tutor you well or better still get consultation from those who are professionals in these areas abroad. Not from jegudu Jera Nigerian consultants o. People who have correct heads on their necks. I believe you have the capacity and the wherewithal to make Lagos better than this and to bring the shine and the glory of Africa back through Lagos. Stand your ground and get the hawks out of your system. I know it's not pretty easy, but please be the first person to make a difference and to roll the wheel of change. YES! WE CAN!

Anonymous said...

May Fashola & his godfather Tinubu never find peace! May their cohorts all end up poor & homeless . Lagos residents & Lagosians WAKE UP before we end up paying for these people's extravagant life styles forever. These men use tax we pay them to buy air lines, hotels,waste management companies,fly girls to exotic locations, flashy cars,shopping malls the list is endless. How long will we continue to be used like donkeys? 3 toll gates in 1 local govt area? Why is there no toll gate on Bourdillon rd ? How many general hospitals in Lekki? Lagosians we better rise up & take back our state

damico said...

i am not against the toll. what i am against is the ridiculous amount being charged. these people expect to collect this money for the next 30 years. they are taking the piss. reduce the price, especially since there is no real alternative route to use.

Anonymous said...

Fashola why dis Ϟ☺ω , this ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ absolutely madness...........smh

Fashola said...

Fashola is did not suck ….. because if he did he will not do this to lagosians. This payment for yearsssssssss goes to who’s pocket, tax on every income goes to who's pocket. We are not fools.
Why did he put it on the down low when he was coming out for election? When they were constructing and correcting, who pays for the materials misused. He should try this in surulere let them pour acid on him.
You should have left the road the way it was than doing it and causing more traffic. What was your aim? To steal abiiii. Oya chop the money; carry it for your generations

Anonymous said...

We have to be sensible. In any country that intends to make progress, there has to be levies/taxes and tolls. The tolls on the Lekki Epe expressway is a welcome development, what am against is the FEES charged . It is really a lot.
* THe government should find a way of subsidizing the amount that people pay.
* And also instead of residents protesting... they should arrange packages (monthly or Yearly permits) that gives their household access. Pay a yearly , highly SUBSIDIZED FEE that enable the residence to drive across(EASY PASS).

doll (retired blogger) said...

time to vote AC out of Lagos

Anonymous said...

nothing unusual about this- in London, you have to pay a hefty charge of 12,500 per day if you drive into London, so I am not sure why people on this blog are complaining

doll (retired blogger) said...

time to vote AC out of Lagos

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining, the guy is trying now, and remember he is not perfect. I am quite sure that most of you cannot do even a quarter of what he is doing! He is not the only one in ACN, therefore somethings are out of his power. BTW what has PDP really done though, I guess you think Jonathan is a better example of a leader? Thought not? Lagos is the only place PDP cannot get their hands on and I hope it stays that way. Just look at the other state that PDP has taken over, only a few are fine.

Str8FrmDaHips said...


1. The Lekki-Epe express road was initially constructed by the Jakande administration and completed by the Mudashiru and Mike Akhigbe military administrations in 1987. The entire Lekki axis was then opened up for rapid development. Between 1985 and now, the corridor has been experiencing rapid and unprecedented urban growth as hundreds of new communities, developments and estates have developed which drew large population of low and middle income Lagosians.

2. The last administration realizing the urgent need to address the fast growing problem of road congestion conceived the idea of the expansion of the existing express road into a six-lane roadway, the construction of an alternate coastal road that will run from Ahmadu Bello way in Bar Beach, along the shores of the Atlantic ocean towards Ibeju-Lekki Local Government area. The third leg was the construction of a fourth mainland bridge, from Langbasa area near Ajah across the Lagos Lagoon to Ikorodu town and detouring somewhere to join the existing third mainland bridge thereby forming a circular road around Lagos.

3. A committee was initially set up which recommended the adoption of the PPP concept to handle the project since it was thought then that because of the magnitude of the project, the state government might have to collaborate with the private sector under a Private-Public-Participation (PPP) model to handle the project.

4. Thereafter, Tinubu’s greed took control. He floated a company-Lekki Concession Company (LCC) to handle the project as a consortium and appointed a financial advisory company ARM as the financial adviser.

5. LCC immediately asked for 1,000 hectares of prime land as the contribution of the state government to the project. This was immediately granted by Tinubu and he released the c of o within weeks for 1,000 hectares of prime at Awoyaya, Abijo, Eputu and Sapati all in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area. Part of the land is now being developed as ADIVA housing and golf course project by ARM

Str8FrmDaHips said...

6. The project was later jettisoned after obtaining the hectares of land and other payments from the state government and in its place; the rehabilitation of the existing Lekki expressway was adopted by the consortium. There is no basis for a toll road and 30 year concession arrangement for a mere rehabilitation and expansion of an existing road which the government could afford on its own.

7. Indeed, the Federal Government under President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote to Governor Tinubu in 2006, offering to construct the coastal road free of charge to Lagos and its people from the Lekki Free Trade Zone to Ahmadu Bello Way in VI. He also sent a letter of commitment written by a Chinese construction firm to that effect. Governor Tinubu firmly rejected this offer and instead opted to abandon the coastal road project which the concession was initially meant for and instead signed a 30 year concession for a toll road to his company.

8. The rehabilitation work commenced in late 2006 with the expansion and rehabilitation of the Ozumba Mbadiwe end to Mobil building and the 49.4km main Lekki road rehabilitation started in 2007 shortly after Fashola became Governor

9. By this time, Fashola’s crony-Dr Tunji Olowolafe was made chairman of LCC and the entire contract was awarded to HITECH. HITECH is owned by both the Chagouris and former Gov Bola Tinubu who is the Chairman

10. LCC was given a 30 year concession (note that all their concessions are usually 30 years) with no competitive bid, no competing quote and no professional evaluation. The whole thing was packaged by Tinubu and executed by Fashola for their own selfish interest.

Str8FrmDaHips said...

11. To further confirm this, Tinubu has built a multi-billion naira state of the art hotel-the Oriental Hotel along the express road. Conveniently, the toll gate is located a few meters before the hotel coming from VI so that the hotel clients wouldn’t have to pay toll. Even, special entry and exit points (including a roundabout) have been constructed for the hotel and the multi-level car park beside it (also owned by Tinubu) by the construction company using tax/toll payers’ money. Talk about creating a personal empire. One man owning an express road and a multi-billion naira hotel.

12. The 49.4km two-phased project is to cost an outrageous N50 billion which the innocent citizens and particularly the residents and indigenous communities of Lekki, Ajah, Epe and Ibeju areas will cough out over the next 30 years while Tinubu, Fashola, Olowolafe, the Chagouris and their other collaborators and their unborn generations will be smiling to the banks. A simple arithmetic shows that cost of construction averages N1billion per 1km. This did not include the 1,000 hectares of land and other costs already incurred by the Lagos state government. This must be the most expensive road anywhere in the world! Meanwhile, there will be 3 toll plazas in a 50km stretch!

13. Already, the rehabilitation work which started in 2006 has only achieved less than 2km in over 3 years; meanwhile, the consortium has only concentrated on building the toll plazas rather than first completing the two phases for the convenience of residents. Residents in these areas spend more than 6 hours daily on the road while the situation will get worse during the coming rains. This has disrupted the lives of the citizens and no proper alternate road was constructed by the consortium.

14. The entire Lekki axis hosts millions of indigenous people who are fishermen and farmers and have occupied their lands for centuries. They are largely poor and agrarian from villages like Ajah, Badore, Elegushi, Ajiran, Sangotedo, Abijo, Ibeju, and all communities in Eti-osa, Epe and Ibeju-Lekki Local Government areas. These indigenous people along with others living in the area are now being forced to pay toll to enter and exit their fatherland.

15. These people who have been subjected to economic misfortune occasioned by seizure of their lands by this government are now been economically drained by the imposition of toll gates within their communities. There has never been any consultations with the people neither was there any environmental impact assessment before the commencement of the project.

Str8FrmDaHips said...


This is the biggest fraud ever conceived!

(a) A road that was initially constructed by two previous administration and that belong to the Lagos State Government is now being jointly owned by Tinubu-the former governor and Fashola-the present governor through his crony-Dr Tunji Olowolafe under the consortium LCC

(b) LCC was appointed without conforming to the Public Procurement Act of 2007. There was no public bidding process, no competing bids from other consortium and the fact that the former Governor and the present Governor have personal interest is criminal in nature.

(c) LCC will collect toll from the taxpayers of Lagos over the next 30years. The amount to be collected was not subject to any negotiation or law by any regulatory agency. Which means it is arbitrary and could be changed without notice anytime through the duration of the 30 year lease.

(d) In addition, landowners and prospective builders of homes are being charged heavily as infrastructural charge, land use charge and personal income tax and are now required to pay road tax or toll. This is multiple taxation in its worst form.

(e) The people’s livelihoods have been disrupted for the past 3 years without compensation and there is no alternate road anywhere as it is in practice in other parts of the world where there are toll roads.

Str8FrmDaHips said...

(f) A concession that was granted for the building of a coastal road, 4th mainland bridge and expansion of Lekki road has now been turned into mere rehabilitation of an existing road for the same 30-year concession. This is fraud

(g) Fences are being built around the toll areas to box residents within the area. This has security and safety implications. If there is a major emergency like major armed robbery operations, civil crisis, major floods, fire incidents etc and residents need to be evacuated in a hurry; there will be major massive bottleneck at the toll plaza as there is no other escape route except through the lagoon or Atlantic Ocean. Remember the Oke-Afa mass drowning incident of 2002. God forbid!

(h) The owners of LCC have also received cash payments and land grants from Lagos state government in addition to the 30 year toll. These payments and land grants were initially made under the agreement that the 4th mainland bridge-Lekki road-coastal road would be built. It is therefore criminal to obtain compensation for a project only to turn around and reduce the scope.

(i) Several prominent Baales, residents and associations have voiced their objections over the years but were arrogantly ignored by government and LCC. The Eti-Osa Heritage Group, Concerned Residents of Lekki-Ajah (COROLA) and other Indigenous groups have expressed reservations and berated LCC for what they considered inequitable for the residents.

(j) We indeed wonder what the Lagos State House of Assembly is there for if it cannot raise its voice to protect its citizens. The House is indeed culpable as it remains ineffective when this entire charade is going on under its watch or is the House of Assembly another conquered territory of both Tinubu and Fashola?

Anonymous said...

Most of the criticism here is uncalled for. Granted, this hasn't been handled properly but if you aren't happy, there are 35 more states to move to.Do you expect the toll to run smoothly immediately, don't you think it is too early to criticize something that started a few days ago? Fashola is still the only good example of how leadership should be in naija. We have a lame duck presido and terrible governors who do not care about people and haven't made a change in the country/ states respectively. Here we are complaining about this. I said it during the presidential elections and i'll say it again nigerians deserve the govt we have. Given another opportunity, i'd still vote Fashola coz he has left lasting structures in Lag that will speak for him. As nigerians we should be slow to speak and think carefully 1st about issues..SMH

Anonymous said...

In such a country like this and all the problems we are going through, they are charging for toll? Mtchewww

cressidachic said...

Anon 2:23PM; for all I care,u just maybe one of the thugs used by the LASG to tear gas unarmed protesters on saturday!
Even if we are not indigenes of lagos,we pay tax so we are stakeholders and should therefore have a say in governance.You are very stupid for saying we should go back to our villages.If only you knew how we "non-indigenes" are massively contributing to your state's internally generated revenue!DOUCHE!!!KMT

Anonymous said...

why didnt he do dis during his 1st term...obviously, he would neva ve entered 4 2nd shamefullllll

Jez said...

@Anonymous 4.31pm, Fashola is a bush SAN and has not spent several years abroad to know much about tolling.

His godfather is worse because he is very greedy and spent years in America doing illegal trade. He thinks he is smarter than everyone.

Str8FrmDaHips said...

Guess Lekki is just a minority constituency..ACN still garner enough support in other parts of Lagos..same goes for LASU students..a bit of a calculated gamble..

Anonymous said...

The morons supporting a fraudulent toll plaza without alternative routes are selfish and arrogant to tell people to move out of Lagos or accept it since they pay taxes.

We should thank god that Fashola is not our president otherwise Tinubu would sell Nigeria. That is how greedy he is. Fashola has joined them. What a shame!

Femi said...

This is pathetic. They didn't their research well or just ignore the fact cos of selfish gain. Fashola don't let one 'father wey dey bottom' ruin your image. Na God give you that job. Eko & Naija koni baje o.

Anonymous said...

Those supporting Fashola and his godfather, you have definately never been abroad, or you went there once and was so excited to be there, all you could see were the bargain shops to spend your pathetic foreign exchange. so I understand quite well that you have no idea how Toll gates are set up abroad and that there are alternative roads for road users.
So now you know, go and write out 1000 times in you excercise book - "I will acquire knowledge before commenting next time".

Anonymous said...

When Fashola has finished repairing the roads in Surulere, I think he should put Toll Gates to enter.
From there, road repairs for Apapa, then Toll Gates to enter Apapa.
Followed by Toll Gate for Ikeja.
Next, Toll Gates for Festac and so on and on.
He must then name each Toll gate after each of his and Tinubu's children and sign a 30 year payment plan for each Toll Gate to benefit each of their children.
Then those that open their mouths to support must be the first to be taxed double because they love Fashola and Tinubu so much and they want to show how much.

Anonymous said...

All residents of Lagos must be treated equally so Fashola and Tinubu should award themselves more road constuction contracts and put toll gates in every area.
Foolish governor and greedy ex governor.
Fashola, you shall be known as the governor who taxed Lagosians to use a road that was already theirs and gave no alternative.
You will not be forgiven!!!!

Anonymous said...

I drove thru the road and saw the effort of the government to make driving easy for the ppl of the area. Guys, u av to pay, but the price has to come down. shikena! I don't know anywhere in the world where such efforts is free. Everyone has been praising this man, why now that's ur turn, u are tyrin to deface him.

MY VIEW said...

The person comparing Nigeria with the US (taxes and tolls) got it wrong. I live in orange county of upsate NY and work in the city of NY. There is no way I can get to the city without paying a toll and there are three ways that I can get there.In each of the way I pay toll at least twice going or comming back.
My residential tax is over nine thousand. Some people pay more or less.Amount payed is dependent on the value of your home.Our school district tax is also over nine thousand. Every household pays the same, as long as you are within that district, regardless of the number of kids you have in the school.
Remember also that there is consumer tax, payed whenever one buys something.Thers is also state and federal taxes.My colleagues who live in the city also pay city taxes which I don't pay.
People have to realize that what makes the USA what it is primarily taxes,good governance and accountability.
It is ok to complain that funds are not well managed in Nigeria, but please do not compare Nigerian taxes with American. They don't come close...

Anonymous said...

Someone should Borrow boko haram concept and bomb up the toll gate minus human beings and that is end of story.

Anonymous said...

I live in that Lekki corridor. I remember clearly the years of waking up at 4am to head out in order to avoid traffic on the old road. I also remember all the desert safari driving through the off-road route to escape traffic. So now they have expanded the road and are charging toll. It could have been handled better, e.g. alternate routes, etc. but it beats having the old road, which is what we would still have if we had a PDP govt in Lagos.

Anonymous said...

@Str8fromDahips, is it the same Obasanjo who witheld Lagos State's local govt. allocations for years that offered to build the coastal road for Lagos?

Anonymous said...

This is double taxation, after paying so much tax every month, we now have to pay toll fees, by 2012 we will also be paying xtra for fuel, wat kind of leaders have we elected for ourselves??? may God deliver us from these carnivorous leaders that hv come to feed on our flesh...Fashola I am trully dissapointed in you, we should hv voted PDP into Lagos to halt this madness, staying in traffic for over 50mins to pass the toll road??? that's ridiculous, shameful and unheard of.

Anonymous said...

Tinubu and Fashola are greedy!! More interested in making money than thinking of the welfare of the citizens. Lekki residents are going through hell. It took me two hours this morning to get to Ikoyi from Lekki Phase 1 because I went through the so called alternative route at Oniru. The traffic there is horrendous. After work yesterday, coming back home, it took an hour and a half to go through the toll gates. The gates should be blown up by boko haram!! Their bombs will be put to good use here.

Anonymous said...

The main reason we will continue to be treated less than animals by our so called leaders is due to our very docile and passive nature... how can these so called leaders impose hardship on it's people without any fear of consequences? We know what they own, how much they embezzle everyday and yet all we do is complain and do nothing!

If you (Tinubu & Fashola) as leaders really cares, it is not rocket science to create an alternative route so that the toll is only used by people who are in a tremendous haste to get to their destinations as this is what is obtainable in the western world. In this case you make it mandatory because of your selfish gains.

However, because we are a very elastic people without a breaking point, this evil doers will continue to exploit us until we open our eyes, and protest/resist this treatment, otherwise we will continue to be treated as such. All we do is complain and move on to next thing worth complaining about.

We need a revolution in this Country! The sh*t we take is unbelievable!!! If you increase the price of bread by a few cents here without good reason and adequate notice, you will be surprised at the upheaval the increment will cause. We need to get rid of these good for nothing politicians however we can. Please people let's stop talking and take action.

Anonymous said...

Fashola is the disappointment of the decade. He should just note that as mush as people love him the same way they would hate him. Lekki toll to LASU stupid tuition fees.Thank God for exposing them now. This is how they will mortgage Nigeria if allowed to have short at the presidency. How are they better than PDP? Layi Mohamed will wake up every morning to against government policies at the national level but they are doing the worst; I think he should just shout up forthwith. Jonathan has not increased tuition fees by 700percent at least not yet. Shameless people in Government. Tinubu should watch it. Anyone mortgaging our fatherland will not prosper from generation to generation.

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