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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Nicki Minaj's Super Bass Named Best Single of 2011

Nicki Minaj's Super Bass has been named the Best Single of 2011 by Billboard Magazine...

Billboard’s 20 Best Songs of 2011
1. Nicki Minaj- Superbass
2. Adele- ‘Someone Like You’
3. Britney Spears- ‘Till The World Ends’
4. The Throne- ‘Ni**a’s In Paris’
5. Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne- ‘Motivation’
6. Frank Ocean- ‘Novacane’
7. Bon Iver- ‘Holocene’
8. Lady GaGa – ‘The Edge Of Glory’
9. Chris Brown- ‘Look At Me Now’
10. Adele- ‘Rolling In The Deep’

Adele's 'Someone Like You' should be No.1 Continue to see the rest ...

11. The Joy Formidable- ‘Whirring’
12. Beyonce- ‘Countdown’
13. Radiohead- ‘Lotus Flower’
14. Nicola Roberts- ‘Beat Of My Drum’
15. Drake ft Rihanna- ‘Take Care’
16. SBTKRT- ‘Wildfire’
17. DJ Khaled- ‘I’m On One’
18. Pistol Annies- ‘Hell on Heels’
19. M83- ’Midnight City’
20. Rihanna – ‘We Found Love’

Do you agree with this list?


Anonymous said...

Number 2 should be no.1 n no.1 shldnt even be on the list. Countdown shldnt be on the list either. Novacane shld be higher on the list, so should rihanna's (Although Mandown or Drink to that wlda made a better option. I guess its just who u know. oh well

Anonymous said...

Super bass was #1 for more weeks then someone like u

Label said...

Agree with Annoymous 9:21pm.... Infact off to download Novacane mhen!!!!

Ada said...

What is take care doing there? KMT. I agree witht he rest

Keji said...

It's based on their chart o...anonymous ode #1. They didn't just balance and decide to crown Nicki.

Anonymous said...

Drake ft Rihanna- ‘Take Care’ has even been out for a second. Stupid list except for Adele

Alicia says... said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know any of these songs. Guess I am not in with the times.

Anonymous said...

Fa Fa Fa Foul!!!How can superbass be #1 when someone like you is there?

Sheikh Sa'ad Al Kaholic said...

Dog bites man and it's not news.

Man bites dog and it's news.


I think Nicki Minaj has bad breathe.

Smh @ lesbian Nicki Minaj & her underage lesbian fans.


Galore said...

@@Linda the only thing i agree on now is President good Luck shoud nt romve oil subsidy,,,,,,,,,and Fashola Shud stop that Toll gate Shit

Tunmama said...

'take care' shud definitly not be on the list!

Anonymous said...

This is a travesty. Where is Dbanj and Oliver Twist. :)

Anonymous said...

some of u here postin comments and talkin trash...shud have dia license of postin here revoked....if superbass didnt do it for u....i was tinkin u ppu wud even say rolling in d deep*wich was huge*....besides 'someone like u ' is great being dat its a stark ballad...jst adele singing wit piano riffs backing her up....besides if u guys want 2 is what u shud do....'bet' jst named top 20 albums of 2011...and one word of it was....its a flawless less...d only off tin about d list is dat common whose album jst dropped yesterday is on dat list....4 reasons i dnt d throne snatched d number 1 spot...beyonces '4' finishd d top 5,...

Anonymous said...

party rock nko?

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