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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Five dead as gunmen invade Southern Kaduna village

Suspected gunmen have killed five people and injured three others in an attack on Ramin Daji, a southern Kaduna village.
Gunmen invaded the village, near Kagoro in Kaura Local Government Area, at night and shot at the village vigilance group. The attack is coming barely two weeks after a similar attack at Kukum Daji, near Kagoro, where one person was killed and two injured.

It occurred few weeks after the last unrest in Kafanchan, which led to the imposition of  a curfew in the area.

In a phone chat with reporters, the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee of Kaura Local Government Area, Mrs. Florence Aya, said: “The vigilantes in the village had assembled to start patrolling around 9.30pm on Monday when, suddenly, some people, who were lying in a bush nearby, opened fire on them. 
“They could do nothing about it, since they were not carrying fire arms. While the vigilantes tried to ward off the attackers, the invaders entered the village and shot at the residents. They also inflicted machete cuts on them, killing five. 
“They also cornered a woman carrying an infant and cut them down. You need to see the injuries on the woman and her infant. But by some miracle, the baby and mother survived.
“They are now under intensive care in a hospital whose name I will not tell you now. Two others, who were shot, are critically ill. They are also receiving treatment. Let’s pray for them as they receive treatment. 
“But, even as they came with guns, some of the vigilantes were able to injure one. He escaped, leaving a trail of blood. As I speak with you, the youth and the police are searching the bushes for him. This is very sad. We need more security here.”
Police spokesman Aminu Lawan, a Divisional Superintendent iof Police (DSP), confirmed the attack and the deaths.
He said investigations have begun into the incident. 
Lawan said: “Are you saying raid or attack? In the Police Force, there is a difference between raid and attack. So, which one? If you call it an attack, yes; there was, and five people died.” 

Culled from The Nation


Anonymous said...

This is so sad, I pray for the injured ones for speedy full recovery. This is a clear example of the things we pay attention to.where are all the comments?we pay more attention to some vain celebrities that're so full of themselves, empty, boastful, and proud, but choose to ignore articles like this, simply because they happen in villages and suburbs.It's the same non- challance we see with the government in handling security issues, they're more concerned about what more they can steal and buy more material things. The problem as we can clearly see is not just our government after all, we Nigerians are our very own problem.It's ok to love the good life, but not at the expense of other people's lives. May the light of understanding be shed our way to know what to focus on and put an end to this menace.

Web_evangelist said...

I think i will cancel my flight schedule to kaduna this season.
Who wan die?

Grandad said...

The God of psalms 91 is about to begin his duty cos da blood of da innocent had been filled to da top.

Nigerian Jobs said...

May them rest in peace,FG please do something to stop the massacre in the north,its getting worse each day.Blogs like this should be more focused on that.

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