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Monday, 19 June 2017

Man drives 3-inch nail into his nephew's skull for allegedly stealing N500

A young boy is currently in hospital, fighting for his life after his uncle drove a 3-inch nail into his head for allegedly stealing N500.  
Friday Paul, who is an orphan, went to live with his uncle and his immediate family in a room apartment at 6, Anjolarin Street, Odogunyan, Ikorodu, after his parents died about two years ago.

Over the weekend, the 8-year-old boy was accused by his uncle, Mr. Paul, of stealing the money he kept in the room; an accusation which Friday denied. This infuriated the uncle who then took the boy inside the house and tortured him. Afterwards, he drove a nail into the boy's head and he cried out in pain, attracting neighbours who then rushed to the scene.

When Mr. Paul saw what he had done, he fled the scene, leaving the boy to sympathetic neighbours who then rushed him to the hospital. Another group of neighbours caught up with the uncle and handed him over to the Police at Sagamu Road Division. The injured boy was rejected at the Ikorodu General Hospital where he was first taken to due to lack of funds, Vanguard reports. He was later taken to The Saviour the Rock Hospital where doctors are battling to save his life.

Friday was seen on Sunday afternoon, writhing in pain after the nail was successfully removed from his head. A neighbour told the paper that Mr. Paul was in the habit of maltreating Friday. The victim, who dropped out of primary school after his parents’ death, urgently requires about N100,000 for a surgery.


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