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Monday, 19 June 2017

First photo of the Finsbury Park terror suspect taken after he ploughed into Muslim worshipers outside a mosque

The suspect who ploughed into Muslims outside a mosque early this morning was photographed looking battered and bruised. The photo was taken by Ahmed Moor, of Liverpool, soon after the attack.

Following the attack which left one dead and over 8 people injured, the 48-year-old suspect was pinned down and beaten up by angry people at the scene as they held him for at least 15minutes before police arrived and arrested him. It was during this time that Moor took a photo of the suspect.

"There was about five to six people holding him down," Mr Moor told The Mirror. "Some people hit him while he was on the floor. The Imam stopped them hitting him."

In another photo, the man was seen at the back of a white police van, blowing a kiss and laughing with his face plastered to the window of the van, looking out at onlookers.


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