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Friday, 28 April 2017

See the genius way this father stops his new born daughter's cry in seconds (video)

Daniel Eisenman is a new dad to an adorable girl but what makes him special is the way he consoles his daughter when she's crying and he swears it's a method that works. Daniel adopts some Buddhist practices to help him relax and he uses such methods on his daughter whenever she's fussy.

The hands-on, new dad, who lives in SanDiego, can be seen in a video, cradling his crying daughter. 
He immediately begins to the Om, a sacred sound Buddhists and Hindus make deep in their throat, and surprisingly, the baby stops crying and goes to sleep immediately. He shared another video where the Om worked in getting his daughter to stop crying and he said it works all the time.

Daniel disclosed that he and his daughter's mother did the Om for their daughter when she was in the womb. When it was time for her to be born, her birth was done in their living room while Thai Buddhist monks were chanting the Om over YouTube.

A theory for why his baby responds positively to the Om chant has been put forward and it was explained that the sound worked because it sounds like what a baby would hear in the womb. One person responded to the video on Facebook saying that baby Divina must have been a Buddhist monk in a past life. Some people claim they tried the chant with their babies and it worked while some others said it doesn't work for them.

Watch the video below


NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

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Om? wtf is that?

Guineacar said...

Magic! !!

Unknown said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new in what he did in making the baby quiet and sleep off.
It's documented fact that balanced noise can put a baby to sleep or infact sleep deeper.
Try to turn on a vacuum cleaner while a baby is sleeping, it won't wake them

Unknown said...

I love this

Anonymous said...

The Baby is not hungry. No amount of trick can stop an hungry baby from crying.

Anonymous said...

Even d ohmn made me feel sleepy

caroline said...


Anonymous said...

Just did the stupidest thing ever! Me wey I no fit "om" opened d video with my sleeping 3months old on my chest... let's just say she is wide awake and fussing. It was the baby's cry that woke her

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