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Friday, 28 April 2017

Read the bestselling book in Nigeria today ''Against The Run of Play

 The 2015 elections in Nigeria was the first time in our history that an incumbent President had ever lost to a challenger. In his latest book "Against The Run Of Play," renowned political writer Olusegun Adeniyi goes behind the scenes to find out why this happened. Sign-up with this link to get N150 free credit and start reading the book here today!

 WARNING: Do not read this book is you are looking for the usual political stories that are light on details and heavy on assumptions. Because, this book is different! It is littered with never before heard quotes from political leaders!


Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Accuses America Of Interfering With Election
"President Obama and his officials made it clear to me by their actions that they wanted a change of government in Nigeria. They even brought some naval ships into the Gulf of Guinea in the days preceding the election"

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Disappointed With JEGA
“I was disappointed by Jega because I still cannot understand what was propelling him to act the way he did in the weeks preceding the election. As at the first week in February 2015 when about 40 percent of Nigerians had not collected their PVCs, Jega said INEC was ready to go ahead with the election. How could INEC have been ready to conduct an election in which millions of people will be disenfranchised?”

Kashim Shettima (Gov of Borno State) Calls GEJ Helpless

“Not only did he agree to the idea of a one-on-one meeting, President Jonathan actually held me be by the hand as he led me into his office. But the moment we entered, all the others at the meeting also followed. At that point, I saw a leader who was helpless”


Patience Versus Amaechi

“Dame Patience snatched the microphone from him and shouted “Listen, you must listen to me!””

Tinubu Deal With GEJ To Not Actively Oppose PDP In 2011 Election
“Tinubu listed some of the conditions, including: the construction of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, granting of special status to Lagos in the true spirit of fiscal federalism and the designation of Lagos as an Oil-producing state”

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Anonymous said...

Please it's better you don't read this book at all. Sure afterwards you will hate the South South Lord. Oya come for me.

Anonymous said...

Silence would have been better. Nenegeorge what do you think?

Get a bigger penis here said...

okay.. noted.

Anonymous said...

Weakest leader ever.

Unknown said...

People who comment without digging for knowledge are like boko haram islamic terrorists who believed 77 virgin are waiting for them in paradise.

AGB said...

The DAMN WEAKEST ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Segun Adeniyi! What really happened to you? You and Reuben Abati are a disgrace to your fellow editors and journalists in general. You all did very sloppy jobs and betrayed the trust of nigerains. Why should we read your lies? Once bitten, Twice shy.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan keeps blaming Obama, Cameron, Muazu, Tambuwal and many others for his loss, but he never for once acknowledged his own failings as a leader and that he took the ordinary average Nigerians for granted preferring the deceitful sycophancy of millionaires and thieves. This shows he has still not learnt anything about political leadership. He ought to apologise to the ordinary people and accept that he failed them.

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