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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Pics: ISIS hostages killed by explosive necklaces/blown up by rocket launchers

The Islamic State has released a series of sickening execution videos purportedly showing rebels being slaughtered by rocket launchers, explosive necklaces and blown up at sea. The terror group has infiltrated Yemen, which is embroiled in its own civil war, where Houthi rebels are fighting the government and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The footage opens with scenes of warfare in Yemen before six alleged Houthi rebels in orange jumpsuits are forced to march to a rocky hillside.

They are then fired at by what is apparently a Katyusha rocket launcher, detonated remotely, and blowing them to pieces.

Another group of Houthi rebels were seen being led onto a boat in single file and wearing shackles before it is pushed into the sea.
Moments later the boat is obliterated remotely, killing the six men on board.

In one of the videos four rebels are seen wearing mortar shells tied around their necks like a piece of jewellery before they are blown up.

A fourth propaganda video shows nine men with their hands tied behind their backs being taken to a remote outpost in Yemen before they are beheaded.
The terrorist organisation, which has territory in Syria , Iraq and Libya, has spread to Yemen in recent months as the country fights its brutal ongoing sectarian war.


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