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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Jide Odukoya, popular wedding photographer joins Tuteria along with other expert tutors, teachers & trainers nationwide

Some of us may have heard about Jide Odukoya, the popular Wedding and Events Photographer in Nigeria – but what you may not have heard, is that you too can now learn how to snap breathe-taking photos directly from him! And it’s so so easy. Here’s how it works:

You simply go to his profile on Tuteria, book lessons with him and you’re done! You’ll receive his Lekki studio location and then arrive there at your scheduled lesson date to get your photo-snapping juices flowing while learning from Jide himself! Isn’t that awesome?

But that’s not even the half of it, there’s more – much more actually.

What if instead of photography, you’re more interested in learning how to design crafty beads, make tantalizing cakes, speak a foreign or local language, fashion designing, using various computer packages or even playing the piano or any other musical instrument all by yourself – or for your kids?

What if you’re preparing for important exams like Common Entrance, JSCE, SSCE, GMAT, GRE, ICAN, ACCA, PMP, IELTS etc, and need expert help to get your desired score? Or your kids need extra help with various subjects from well-experienced and fully-vetted home tutors who are proven experts in their fields and know how to produce amazing results with kids like yours?

Just like you can hire Jide on Tuteria, you can also find experienced tutors and trainers to help you master the subjects, skills or exams that matter to you – anywhere in Nigeria!

Since its inception in December last year, Tuteria has attracted some of the choicest talents nationwide and is fast becoming Nigeria’s trusted name for reliably and easily finding quality tutors, teachers and trainers for one-on-one lessons in almost any subject or skill.

They verify each tutor’s online and offline identities, conduct competency assessments, get up to 2 guarantors for tutors intending to teach students under 18 and also facilitate background checks on behalf of clients; as well as create lesson schedules, process lesson payments and monitor delivery so that you get quality service and can account for every lesson paid for.

Interestingly, they made it easy for clients to rate tutor’s performance after each completed lesson and only tutors rated above 70% are allowed to continue. So your tutor will either be newly approved or rated above 70% by previous clients. You can also review each tutor’s verified photo, credentials, teaching experience and work samples before proceeding with the lessons!

So, the real question is: what do you want to learn?

Tuteria Nigeria is founded by two first-class graduates of the University of Lagos, they operate centrally from Lagos and connect clients and tutors nationwide. They are also supported by Microsoft Nigeria and have been featured on Channels TV, NTA, Aljazeera and CCTV. So you can be sure you’re dealing with a reputable company with high standards for excellence and transparency.

To get a really good tutor near you for any subject, skill or exam, simply visit their website at tuteria.com and place a request. You’ll need to pay a one-time refundable fee of N1000 to help them process your request, and they also have juicy discount packages which you can take advantage of to pay less for lessons when they’ve found your perfect tutor.

If you’d like to make further enquiries, feel free to call Godwin on 09094526878 or 01-2930329. He is Tuteria’s Tuition Manager.
So now you can learn what truly matters to you or easily find the very best tutors for your kids, even if it’s dancing, swimming – or cooking. Thanks to Tuteria!


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Nice one, wonderful innovation.


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Juliet Iwuno said...

Good for him. All the best to him. Linda take note!

Juliet Iwuno said...

Good for him. All the best to him. Linda take note!

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Good 4 him
He is marking his biz so it's none of my biz
Nice one shaa

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# oneandonlynwa@gmail.com#

Amaka Ngenegbo said...

That's interesting. I hope people take full advantage of this!


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