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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Buying Real Estate with Pennek

Buying real estate is one of the wise investment choices to make,the safest and least risk-involved way to purchase real estate is to pay for it in full. It just gives you more control over decisions concerning your property. At Pennek Nigeria, we give you that ease and freedom to do whatsoever you want with your properties. 

Ever ordered for something online and when it gets delivered to you it is completely different from what you expected? Most times that’s the way it is with already-built properties, because these properties are built to follow a general style and not your specific taste it might not meet up completely to what you envision your dream house to be like. Pennek Nigeria is offering deluxe plots in the Pen Gardens and Lekki Southern Villa located in the best neighborhoods and with various amenities to be provided. We are giving you the opportunity to build your structure to your very own taste and providing you with the best facilities at the same time- talk about 24 hour surveillance equipped with CCTV Cameras, Good road network, Water Supply and many more. It’s comfort and ease together in one package.

We also offer you ease in your payments. We know that building a house is one of the most important financial decisions anyone can make and is usually expensive too, so we try to make it as stress-free as possible for you through our flexible payment plans. Your financial well-being is important to us.
Lastly, the transparency of the entire buying process is very crucial. If you’re investing so much in a property you want to be sure its legit. Every step of your transaction with us is properly documented. You are in safe hands.

Lekki  Southern Villa  phase 2 is at shapati town, just behind the Beechwood estate and also few minutes away from Mayfair gardens and Lakowe lakes. it is actually 18-20 minutes drive from VGC.
Lekki  Southern  Villa phase 1 is just 12 minutes drive from VGC. The Estate is at strategic proximity with major Developments and Estates like Emperor Estate, The New Shoprite, Fountain Spring-Ville, Diamond Estate, Pearl Garden, and the Monastery. 

PEN Gardens phase 2 is located near the new Lekki  Airport in Ibeju-Lekki
PEN Gardens phase 1 is at the most talk about Lekki free trade zone which is the new investment, business & tourism haven of Lagos State, particularly in line with the Mega-City status of Lagos.

For Details and Flexible Payment Plans
Call us today for enquires and to book for site visit.
HOTLINE: 0700PENNEKNIG (0700736635644) 
08186692072 - Jennifer,  08032692422 - Isabella
08122493114  -  Chima,  08122493117 - Abiodun

Southern Villa Terraces coming soon……


Davido's driver said...

Will buy later

Davido's driver said...

Happy birthda O.B.O the greatest

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NaijaDeltaBabe said...

God wee provide

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#It wiLL oNLy gEt beTTer
#IT MuSt enD iN prAise

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I wil patronise dem by January
Not bad at all


edDREAMZ said...

Oky seen.... #NowPlaying>> tattoo: jason derulo....

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Sai baki kawai! This Davido driver. Lol

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That place is far

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Okay seen and noted!


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Issokay seen, thanks for the info. Linda take note!

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Issokay seen, thanks for the info. Linda take note!

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Jasmine Joseph said...

Ok, cool

His Excellency said...

can they give us more specific position coordinates, cos the area around the proposed lekki seaport is about 40km into the forest, 6° 25' 57.52" N 4° 1' 57.73" E

Unknown said...

Nice post. I noted this information.Thanks for sharing.
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