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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Update: 1-month old Kenyan baby who resurrected from death has been finally buried after she died the second time

Earlier this week, we reported the story of a one-month-old baby who shocked mourners after she resurrected minutes before she was to be lowered into the grave in Kenya. Read here

According to Kenyan website, The Star, a relative of the family, Major Mbenga, who had initially said the family would have to plant a banana tree in the grave after the baby ‘resurrected’ in accordance with the Kamba culture, to prevent unexpected deaths in their lineage, confirmed that she has been buried in the grave after she died for the second time.

He said the ritual didn’t last long because the infant was buried in the grave which had been prepared, and the banana trunk was uprooted.

Mbenga who also couldn't believe that the baby had come back to life said after she ‘resurrected’ she was taken to a private hospital in Mwingi where she died.

Medics who took care of the sick infant did not comment on the claims of ‘resurrection’ and treated the baby the way they would treat any patient.


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