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Monday, 19 June 2017

Stonebwoy's heartbroken girlfriend emerges 2days after his wedding, accuses the singer of playing and dumping her after proposing.

Following Stonebwoy's lavish wedding to his wife Dr. Louisa Ansong last Friday, a lady claiming to be his ex-girlfriend has surfaced and is accusing the singer of failing to marry her after he proposed.

The lady who identifies herself as Betty Ama Fiona, a resident of Tema, claims that she was issued stern warnings by Stonebwoy’s colleagues to stay off the wedding or incur their wrath according to a letter published on
In the letter, she claimed to have met Stonebwoy when she played a part as a vixen in one of his videos.

She stated that on the 3rd day of the shoot, Stonebwoy proposed to her and they started dating in 2014 but asked her to keep the relationship private and away from media attention.

Read full text of the emotional letter below;

I’ve read and seen the many articles you’ve done on the dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy’s marriage. I appreciate your good works. Your blog- became the good source to some of us to feed our eyes with what was going on as I was given a stern warning by Stonebwoy’s crew member not to come there.

I have been crying since I saw the date of his wedding was published on your site and still can’t hold back my tears when I saw his wedding pictures yesterday.

I met Stonebwoy when I got the chance to feature in one of his videos.I must say, He is among the few celebrities I’ve met who carries himself very well. Respects himself and those he works with. Except on few occasions, he goes overboard when he gets angry.

To cut a long story short, he proposed to me after the 3rd day of the video shoot and we started dating in 2014.He wanted us to remain private as according to him didn’t want the media attention on us and I think he’s good at how he does it is just that he did to me and everyone with the secret relationship with the Doctor, Louisa is painful

We made love on several occasions, and though he didn’t promise marriage —what I find disturbing is why he didn’t even tell me about his marriage to the Doctor.

He cut off contacts suddenly and within a week I read he is getting married to the Doctor. Thought it was not true. Made several attempts to reach him but to no avail, until I finally saw the pictures on your blog yesterday.

I watched the video and looked at the pictures with tears in my eyes. No wonder, he heavily guarded the premises with security. No chance was given to likes of us to enter.

I know people will say a lot of things about me for writing this to you.But Editor, this is the only time I feel I can make my case known or share my feelings.

There are a lot I did and planned with Stonebwoy and now I feel he used me and perhaps married the doctor for his own peculiar reasons.

Can you publish this for me for Stonebwoy to answer why he didn’t tell me or did this to me? Nevertheless, I still wish them a happy marriage.That’s life! (letter curled from )

Stonebwoy who no doubt is enjoying his present status is yet to react to the accusation.


Alloy Chikezie said...

Why's she coming out now?
What God has joined together, let no man separate.

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Hrm paul said...

U are just a video vixen d name vixen na just glorified name for ashi who wants to marry a vixen.All they do is shake their as an go naked.He used u and married a Doctor simple as dat he didn't promise u marriage

kelly wester said...

God bless u girl for ur understanding. God will give u ur better are always who they are.

Gidi Press said...

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Andre Cooper said...

Harsh but true!

Anonymous said...

sorry deary..take heart..

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

My dear what's done is done. Nurse your broken heart and move on pls.

Long live LIB

Anonymous said...

You were just his side chick, nothing serious, so calm down and find another artiste but this time make sure you become a baby mama . Lol

Sweetchild Sweet said...

I feel for you so much for your calm explanation. Most times what's good to us might not be good for us. Free him. Also ignore the cold hearted comments from the tribe called "Angry People"...Be good & let it go.

ogholi victor said...


Anonymous said...

Y'all should feel sorry for Doctor. He was doing someone else right up to their wedding. And he will continue afterwards lol!!
Young lady, carry go. You lost nothing.

Isaac said...

she was just his side chick, nothing serious, so calm down and find another artiste but this time make sure you become a baby mama. He used her and married a Doctor.

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Anonymous said...

ok good.
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Anonymous said...

Lmao @baby mama...Hu takes a video vixen over a doctor, them swear for am??? Girl, search urself, I guess u dumped and broke a guys heart when stoneboy showed interest, abeg observe ur karma , it has come calling

Nnamdi Oguchi said...

Made love?! dear..he had an itch and you scratched

godwin peter said...

Babe, coming out publicly to tell us this shit, shows how shameless you can be. Were you not leaving another man to twerk for stoneboy in his video? You forgot he was a celebrity, all girls eyes is on him. You were not even playing the part of a house wife,you were just fucking around, giving him all the doggy styles. Thinking you'll win his heart. My dear, clean your eyes and stop wailing. You failed!

Anonymous said...

Its d wife u should pity. She married a man hoe. I guess he will soon take a second wife cos he will go and beg her and dumb woman will agree to becomin side chick/2nd wife.

Queen said...

It's easy to call someone a side chick, cool down until someone does that to your daughter, then you will know how that feels.

Lisa said...

But I'm a bit confused. You said he proposed after three days but then a paragraph later, he never promised marriage. But you also started dating after he proposed...???? I'm confused o. Please in which culture does a man propose, then start dating...but no marriage attached to proposal. What did he say during the proposal?? What did he propose? Sis, next time a man tries to use you to do chewing gum, kindly decline. For your own health.

ken christy said...


Manuel Kunmi said...


nnamdi nwagboso said...


Vivian Reginalds said...

LOL Na today?
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

You alone made a different comment and the most reasonable one for that matter. Let's watch this marriage, it won't last. Bcos the guy is a player, sharp bad guy. The doctor will soon get fed up.

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