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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Photos: When she said 'uncle', I got turned on - Man,57, confesses to raping, choking 11-year-old girl to death

A man suspected of abducting and murdering an 11-year-old schoolgirl in Thailand, confessed to the police on Thursday afternoon, June 22.

Wichai Chotisena, 57, said he picked the girl up from her school Tuesday, June 20, sexually assaulted her and then choked her to death when she tried to escape, at a news conference held at the Pluak Daeng district police station in Rayong province.

“When she said, ‘Uncle jaa,’ I got turned on,” Wichai said. “I didn’t rape her, but stuck my finger inside.”

A school security guard saw Wichai pick up the fifth grader from her school in Rayong. The guard knew the man wasn’t a relative, so he went to the police. The girl’s mother also posted messages across social media informing her child was missing.

Wichai has been charged with murder. Police said they are still weighing whether to charge him with rape or indecency. According to legal precedent, sexual assault can only prosecuted as attempted rape if there is strong evidence of intended penetration by tongue or genitals.

The school guard helped lead police to arrest him Wednesday before the girl’s body was found later that night. He had initially denied killing the girl, saying she had fallen from his motorcycle.

According to a reporter on the scene, police said they won Wichai’s confession by playing “Crying Mother Earth,” a traditional, sad song customarily played at funerals.

Wichai said he was drunk Tuesday when he picked up the girl from her school on his motorcycle. After he stopped his motorcycle and assaulted her, Wichai said she screamed for help and told him she was in pain and tried to flee. He said the girl only ran three meters when he caught her and strangled her.
“I didn’t mean to choke her to death,” Wichai said. “I was afraid someone would hear.”
Wichai said he then undressed the girl for fear someone would recognize her school uniform before he dumped her body behind a construction site. He put her school uniform in her backpack and dumped it nearby.

Wichai said the girl’s father was a friend, and he often took her out to eat sweets

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tsalz said...

Evilman gang

Anonymous said...

Heart wrenching

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Beatrice said...

he didn't mean to choke her even after he had raped her? well

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it is up to him and the court to decide. but it is obvious that he is going to get the dreaded death penalty.

Esther Norah said...

They even gave him water to drink. Her mother will mourn her for ever bcos of ur evil ways, die in jail period

Anonymous said...

Wichai said. “I didn’t rape her, but stuck my finger inside.”- that's what I call rape. Please don't hesitate to use the death penalty to remove him from this world

Eddy Ogbunambala said...

Evil šŸ˜ˆ

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Just negodu

... Merited happiness

Agbomen said...

Ha! Sick perverted imbecile. God will punish you.

James said...

Her father's friend?
Once again, humans showing what scum they are at their core.

Prince lexton said...


Silver Lining by Uche Ohia said...

Chai! Some men re beasts.

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