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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Photos: The teenagers who were publicly flogged by Bishop Obinim, for fornication and attempted abortion, are now parents

The teenage lovers who were flogged in church by Ghanaian pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim for attempting to terminate pregnancy have welcomed their child.

In the video which went viral on social media last year, the Founder and leader of International God's Way Church, who refers to himself as Angel Obinim, was seen whipping a teenage girl and her boyfriend with a belt allegedly for fornicating and attempting abortion.

The video caused outrage in Ghana, with many calling for the arrest of the controversial pastor. Human Rights Lawyers Francis Xavier Sosu and two others even have filed suits against him. 

LIB recalled that mother of the young boy said she will invoke curses on those calling for the pastor’s arrest while the mother of the girl said the beating wasn't enough.

Madam Akua Bempomaa said she was very excited to watch ‘Angel Obinim’ discipline her son.
"He is our father, he has been taking care of me and my son since my husband died. He is the one paying my son’s school fees and has the right to discipline him when he goes wrong,"

She called on all who are condemning the pastor for ‘putting the children in their right place’ to rather commend him.
"When my husband died and we needed help, no Ghanaian intervened, not even my family. Angel Obinim took u in and enrolled my son in school so they should leave the ‘angel’ alone."

On her part, the girl’s mother, who is also a member of the church feels the belting was not enough.
"Papa should have beaten her more. Imagine what would have happened if the prophecy had not come and she drunk the medicine to abort the baby,’ she added.

Justifying his action in one of his numerous interviews, the controversial man of God said he did it to instill discipline in the teenagers, adding said his father Jesus Christ revealed to him while he was prophesying that the two teens were planning to terminate the pregnancy.

The young parents and their baby are being cared for by Bishop Obinim.


joyous baba,LindaIkeji First cousin said...

issokey! congrats to them.

Esther Sylvester said...

The new father is a student?

LoL. That is St. Peters Mission School, Madina's School uniform.

Like really? Hope he is able to make a good parent eventually


Congrats to them.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

Eddy Ogbunambala said...


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ChuksLovesNigeria said...

he ate the apple (MKPURU OSISI UDARA) in the middle (MIDDLE- FRONT HEAD OF A WOMAN TO HER TOE{THE MIDDLE}) of the garden (BUSH/HAIRS{PUBIC},AJI IFE) of Eden, at a very tender age!!! they even wanted to vomit the apple (MKPURU OSISI UDARA), but no succor came! And Bishop Obinim ask 'Adam Adam Adam, where awaa, he answered 'I am naked

Hrm Paul said...

The bishop did well at least he saved d life of d baby

Vivienne B said...

God bless you PASTOR Obinim. I don't know you although most things I've heard/read about you online aren't good but you did the right thing and you're still doing the right thing

Anonymous said...


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