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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Over 789 commercial sex workers, destitute repatriated to states of origin - FCT Minister

The FCT Administration has revealed that over 789 prostitutes and other destitute, have been repatriated to their various states of origin.
Minister of FCT, Muhammad Musa Bello, who disclosed this while speaking to newsmen at a media parley, said:

"789 beggars, mentally-ill and other social miscreants have so far been evacuated from the streets of the FCT. Majority of these numbers were repatriated back to their respective neighbouring states after proper profiling and rehabilitation”, pledging that government was determined to ensuring that “women, youths, children and vulnerable in FCT are adequately catered for."
Acting Secretary of Social Development Secretariat (SDS), Mrs. Irene Adebola Elegbede, who spoke on behalf of the Minister, ‎said it was almost impossible to eradicate prostitution from the territory.
"You cannot eradicate the profession; you can only try to contain it. It is the oldest profession. We are trying to discourage commercial sex workers in FCT, but they are smarter than us, they work as cartels.
“When you dislodge or arrest them in a particular place, they migrate to another place. We arrested some in Apo, within a twinkle of an eye, able bodied men were begging us to release them. We need to cooperate; if everyman decides to be discipline, we won’t see them.
“We should collaborate to reduce their numbers on our streets. If there is no demand, there won’t be supply. We even trained some of them in ‎different vocations as a better alternative to prostitution and gave them start off kits but after some months, and gave them a startup capital, but surprisingly, we saw them on the streets again.”
Mrs Elegbede also urged members of the National Assembly to expedite action on a stiffer legal framework that would help in addressing the daunting challenge of miscreants and commercial sex workers.
"We have a mobile Court where we take them to; to serve as deterrent to others but you will see human rights activists coming to pay for them. Initially the fine was N200 but it was increased to N2,000. And after they are released,"


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

So easy

... Merited happiness

Manuel Kunmi said...


Vivian Reginalds said...

LOL good
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

oiza said...

Good! But these Hausa Bergers are every where in Lagos. Epecially in agege,They are just too much! I think Lagos state should do same

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is what this buffon of a Minister can do in the FCT, clearing beggars and prostitutes. Its good to clear beggarsfrom the streets. How about the places begging for infrastructures and abandoned projects like Kyami dsitrict, Kagini, Jahi, Katampe Kuje link Road to Galadimawa, to mention but a few. You don't know that most District do not have infrastructure? Go to Lokogoma, Kabusa, Goderb Area around Life Camp, Apo where you have millions of FCT residents living. Oh! how about the banning of herders in the City center and still roam the street? Haven't seen a Minister of FCT like this weakling. Thank God this administration is coming to an end soon.

Eeyore said...

They piss on us and tell us it's rain. Nigerians are now repatriated inside Nigeria? Doesn't the constitution protect your right as a citizen to settle and live anywhere in the country??

Uju.O Uju.O said...

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kas Igies said...

Oga, so this is your achievement since you got the appointed, clap for your self.

Alhaji BigShow said...

So to repatraite ashawo now Don become achievement since ur appointment. Continue.

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