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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Memorial for slain 17yr old Muslim teen set on fire in Washington, DC

A memorial for 17 year old Muslim teenager, Nabra Hassanen, who was killed by 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres, an illegal immigrant in Virginia on Sunday, was reportedly set on fire on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.
The memorial was located in Northwest Washington's DuPont Circle where Vigils for Hassanen, were organized in D.C. and across the country.

District fire officials responded to the incident early Wednesday morning.

Hassanen and her friends were returning from a Ramadan prayer session when she was kidnapped, beaten and killed by Torres in what police believe to be an incident of road rage.

Authorities arrested Torres for the death of Hassanen.
Darwin Martinez Torres s being held on a second-degree murder charge. Police said he beat her with a baseball bat early on Sunday, drove off with her in his car and assaulted her again , they have not said how, before dumping her body in a pond near her home. His public defender’s office has declined to comment.

At her funeral on Wednesday an overflow area was not enough to accommodate people who came in solidarity. The crowd overwhelmed suburban traffic and cars jammed into neighborhood streets more than a mile away to park.

Source: Fox5


Anonymous said...

This fine girl would've made a beautiful bride

DoInZ said...

She doesn't deserve to die this way!She doesn't even deserve to die at all!They ain't the radical Muslim!RIP!

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Raphael Glory said...

very painful.... May Her soul rest in peace but i suppose her people will go retaliate and teach them how to kill? If it's Igbo's who do them n wronged than developing their lands then they will know how to kill them like chicks.

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