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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Kind-hearted guests kicked out of hotel for offering homeless woman their spare room (video)

Two guests were driven out of their hotel room for trying to let a homeless woman stay a night in the spare room they paid for.

Chris Sadler and Dale Barnwell had invited a homeless woman they met that evening near a Domino’s Pizza to stay at the Hampton by Hilton Birmingham City North in the UK.

They had paid for two rooms and decided to offer her a bed in one of the rooms but the hotel staff objected to their kind gesture and kicked them out of the hotel so that they had to spend the night in a car park.

Naratting the incident that led to them sleeping in a car park, Chris, a 32-year-old JLR technician, from Nuneaton, said: “We bought her some food and she told us her story and said she’d had some trouble in her life. I felt sorry for her so I offered her the spare hotel room.”

But when the woman got to the hotel reception, staff didn't let her in. An argument ensued, which was recorded and published online. Chris condemned the action of the hotel staff and said he only wanted to do something nice for someone.

Chris told the Nuneaton News: “I just wanted to do something nice, we had a spare room, it was already booked and paid for, but they wouldn’t let her in. They kept saying it was against company policy, so I asked to see the policy but they wouldn't show it to me. I kept my cool but we ended up sleeping in the car park.”

A spokesman for Hampton by Hilton Birmingham City North said: “The team at the hotel have been made aware of a video posted online featuring a complaint to security staff regarding visitor access during the night. The safety and security of all those at the hotel is a priority. With the registered guest having already brought a person back to the hotel that night, the maximum occupancy of the room type booked had been reached. Therefore the hotel team were unable to accommodate the guest’s request to provide access for an additional person.”

Below is a video of the men arguing with hotel staff.


Paulinus said...

the excuse that the hotel gave is a big lie! so if they had brought a pretty woman to their hotel room from an outing or club, would the

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hotel staff have rejected? the answer is no.

ken christy said...


Firstlady blessing said...

They should refund them their money, although I understand d hotel manager, no one can actually be trusted

Beauty Osas said...

Some people can be mean sha! What is their business if they decided to give out one room to whomever they want hence they've already paid for two rooms.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Beauty Osas said...

Silly excuse.

Agbomen said...

Nonsense policy, wicked pple everywhere.

Anonymous said...

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uniquechic said...

The homeless person culd even pose less danger than d well to do occupants a book shdnt be judged by its cover!!!its not dia bizz really...if dey hadnt mentioned her as homeless butpeople just a friend visiting for d night will dey object?

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