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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Kendall Jenner's tummy baring photo leaves fans wondering if her belly button is normal

Kendall Jenner shared a very beautiful tummy-baring photo on her Instagram account and though the photo was really lovely, most of her followers had their attention on her belly button and wondered why it looked different.

A number of them accused Kendall of having a fake belly button that had either been surgically modified or photoshopped. 

"Why does her belly button look like that? Photoshop?" one wrote.

Another called out the entire family for being fake, writing: "Even the belly button is fake this family is obsessed with plastic."

"Dont go fake on me like the rest of your sisters," said another.

One person commented on the length, writing: "Yo longest belly button ever."

Is it possible that there are belly buttons that naturally look like that?


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