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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Jay Z is officially changing his name, his rep confirmed it

Rapper and husband of Beyonce, Shawn Carter, who is known as Jigga, Hov, and most popularly Jay Z, is reintroducing himself to the world and he is making it official.

The father-of-three will now be addressed as JAY-Z, all in capital letters in with a hyphen.

His rep confirmed the name change with the Daily News and said it will be used on his yet to be released album, “4:44,” which comes out on his streaming service Tidal on June 30. Of course, it's still going to be pronounced the same way but will be written differently.

JAY-Z promoted his new album on Twitter this week by spelling his name as JAY:Z to match with the “4:44” title.


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