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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

“If you get this message it’s too late” heartbreaking final text of schoolgirl, 14, who killed herself over a sex attack that occurred when she was just 12

A 14-year-old girl committed suicide over a sex attack she suffered when she was 12. Before killing herself, she sent a suicide text in which she explained that her “body, mind and soul” had been “destroyed” in that attack.

Megan Hoyle was molested by a 17-year-old boy who was later locked away for the offence but she was unable to live with what had been done to her and it affected her for long.

Then her attacker's sentence was reduced on appeal and Megan felt let down that he got away with it and she could not handle it. Afterwards, she called her close friend Christopher Cozen and was heard sobbing and pushing pills out of a packet. Then she later sent him a text message.

She wrote: "If you have got this message then it is too late and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I broke my promise and I’m sorry I’m not strong enough. “I’m sorry I let you down when you were scared but I was broken. Don’t call anyone, don’t call an ambulance – don’t think, just let the drugs kick in and let me go peacefully.”

She went on to plead with Christopher in the text to help her friends in the aftermath of her death. She also apologised to her sisters Becky, 28, and Poppy, 6, and brother Lee, 25.

She said:
 “I’m sorry to whoever finds my body, I’m sorry to the people I’m going to leave behind and I’m sorry to the people this is going to hurt. Don’t let Kaitlin go off the rails as she is my best friend. Let Poppy, Summer and Archie know I adored them. Nobody wants to remember the family f***-up and that’s all I am. I was strong once and internally beautiful but that girl died when I was 12 years old, when he destroyed my body, my mind and my soul.

“Tell him he is the reason I am gone. I am sorry to my mum, she was like me. Tell my girls I’m sorry, my siblings that they will always be amazing even through the s***y fights. Go to Becky’s wedding for me please.”
The schoolgirl, known as Pud, was later found by her mother on her living room floor after taking an overdose of prescription medication at her home in Blackburn, Lancashire, England. She died in hospital four days later.

Megan’s mother Wendy Charnley, 46, told an inquest in Blackburn how the sexual assault had affected her daughter.

She said:
“Before the incident, Megan was happy, full of life and very bubbly. But after it, she was initially very withdrawn and angry and struggling with school and things. After the reduced sentence it made her feel let down.”
Meghan overdosed on February 20 after telling her mother she was feeling unwell and sick. Her friend, Christopher said he last saw her on February 19 and she complained that she wasn't doing well at school and mentioned making it all go away. Christopher made her promise not to do anything silly and she agreed. She has been described by her family as a ”vibrant, beautiful and funny’’ girl.


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