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Monday, 19 June 2017

How I slept my way to the Top

This is a sponsored post...
I am only 30 years old and I have just been made Administrative Director of the Oil Services firm I have worked in for 4 years. How did I do it? Well, it was not easy but I achieved it with diligence, hard work and with the help from my Sleep Doctor. Yes, you read me right!  I have a Sleep Doctor and he saved my career and even my life!
This is my story: My name is Aishatu Bello, a hardworking and fun- loving young, professional Chartered Accountant. I had just started my career and everything was going well for me. I loved my job, had a warm, loving family and a gorgeous Fiancé. But something was wrong: for many years, I had suffered from headaches, insomnia and daytime sleepiness. I even had some scary episodes where my heart would begin to race and pound and I would break out in a cold sweat. I was only 28 and yet it looked like I was going to have a heart attack! Soon, I started falling asleep at my desk, couldn’t keep up with my duties and let my team down at some very important presentations with my forgetfulness and lack of coordination.

After another presentation to the CEO ended badly because I came in late, having overslept, I knew I needed to take action or risk losing my job. In this economy?!! I began to do some research online and what I found out made me suspect that perhaps I had a Sleep disorder. Embarrassingly enough, my Fiancé had also recently told me that I snored badly.  Eventually, I stumbled on the website of a specialized sleep clinic, to my joy and surprise, I discovered that they had recently opened a clinic in Nigeria.

Due to my busy schedule however, I kept postponing going to the clinic. Also, I did not really feel like a sleep disorder was that serious. How very wrong I was!!

Anyway, a few months passed and my health really suffered. I was tired, always cranky, unable to concentrate and worst of all, began gaining weight! I slept poorly at night and woke up tired.

Finally, one day while driving to work, I had my worst scare yet. My heart suddenly began to pound and I thought I was going to faint at the wheel. I barely managed to park the car and called my Fiancé to come and drive me home. I had had enough! That same day, I called Sleep Inc. and made an appointment for the next day.

At the clinic, the doctor asked me some questions and told me that I had classic symptoms of someone suffering from a fairly common sleep disorder called Sleep Apnea. To confirm this diagnosis, they hooked me up to a sleep monitor and sent me off to one of their comfy private rooms to sleep for a few hours. When I woke up, the data gathered from the monitor was quite telling: it showed that while asleep, my blood oxygen levels underwent a steady decline. No wonder I felt so ill!

But scarier still, the machine showed that I actually stopped breathing a number of times! Needless to say, this was a very bad sign.

From that moment on though, it was plain sailing. They fitted me with a mask connected to a portable (CPAP -Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine - and that night, for the first time in years, I had a great night's sleep. CPAP provides the most effective therapy possible for Sleep Apnea. They are comfortable, lightweight and engineered for maximal effectiveness. They guarantee a steady flow of oxygen while you sleep, giving you a healthy and comfortable night rest.

CPAP Machine.
The next day, I was a whole new person, full of energy and bursting with joy. Headaches and heart palpitations dramatically reduced –  I was on the path to a whole new healthier life! To my utmost relief, my Fiancé also confirmed that I no longer snored! I became more productive at work and quickly became the acknowledged "MVP" of my team. We met and exceeded all our quarterly targets thanks to my hard work.  Two promotions later, I was named Administrative Director of my company in February 2017 - the youngest person and first female to attain that feat in the history of the company.

So, you now understand why I always say that I slept my way to THE TOP.
Proper diagnosis and treatment of my Sleep Apnea corrected all of the frightening symptoms that almost turned me into an invalid at a young age.

About Sleep Disorders:
•    To understand why sleep is important, think of your body as a factory that performs a number of vital functions. As you drift off to sleep, the body begins its night-shift work: Healing damaged cells, boosting the immune system, as well as recharging the heart and other parts of the cardiovascular system for the next day.
•    Sadly, quite a number of people are not getting the quality sleep needed to truly receive the health benefits of sleep because they suffer from a number of fairly common but undiagnosed sleep disorders such as: Sleep Apnea Syndrome, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Restless Leg Syndrome, REM behavior disorders and other parasomnias. The most common major disorder in the spectrum is Sleep Apnea. This is a dangerous condition that has potentially catastrophic consequences. It is associated with significant risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus and stroke amongst other conditions.
The predominant symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (a type of sleep apnea) are snoring, fatigue, daytime sleepiness and decreased cognition over time. The good news is that the disorder is easily diagnosed and eminently treatable. However, it requires a heightened awareness as well as proactive effort by the patient and healthcare provider for early recognition and treatment.

Increased risk factors for sleep apnea include Obesity (BMI >30), hypertension, large neck circumference (>17” in men; >16” in women), excessive use of alcohol or sedatives, smoking and family history of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). 30-83% of patients with hypertension have sleep apnea, 86% of obese type 2 diabetics suffer from sleep apnea. There is also a very significant Stroke risk.

Anyone who suspects that they have any of the listed risk factors, should seek further evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider for possible referral to a certified sleep specialist. Delay is dangerous.

Sleep Inc is located on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. The clinic is purpose designed for the care of patients with respiratory and sleep disorders and is "configured with best-in-class diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to aid in the diagnosis and delivery of cutting edge therapy.



 Sleep Masks

Dr. Sola Oguntolu, Chief Circadian Officer

Dr Yemisi Adesanya, Medical Officer

Address: 49 Bourdillon Road, Duplex B, Ikoyi - Lagos, Nigeria.
Website: easysleepinc.com
Email: info@easysleepinc.com
Tel: +234 810 800 4400


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