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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Become our partner in Dagote Cement distribution. Invest with Darolls and get steady returns

Over 7 years now Darolls has been keeping to its promise and we thank our esteemed customers and partners.
Darolls Nigeria Ltd is a major player in the real estate sector and also a mega distributor of Dangote Cement with code 1018954.  (Please watch attached video)

You might have heard about lots of investment online which turned out to be scam...we urge you to be careful!
Ours is not a donation platform, neither can you make overnight wealth with us. We are a REAL business entity and you can make reasonable returns on your investment (ROI) with us. GUARANTEED!
We are offering up to 10% monthly interest on all Investments received in June, 2017.
Please note that the moment you invest with us, you shall receive a certificate of investment (investment note)from our company. This is to secure your investment!
It's a big opportunity for us to have you on board and  become our partner. We get huge orders and make good profit supplying Dangote Cement nationwide.  Let your money work for you. Share from our profit... Invest with Darolls today!
Now you can significantly increase your investment income without having to lie awake at night worrying whether your money will still be there in the morning. We promise you value, security and steady returns.
Thanking you for your trust and for the good choice, we promise the same to meet all your expectations! (Please see attached video)
Minimum investment: ₦100,000.
Please call: 07062366324, 07081490286
Watsapp: 07081490286
Darolls...your preferred business partner.


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