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Friday, 23 June 2017

Beautiful burn survivor Turia Pitt and her long term boyfriend expecting first child

Australian burns survivor Turia Pitt has revealed she is pregnant with her first child with fiance Michael Hoskin.
Ms Pitt, who suffered burns to 65 per cent of her body years ago told 60 Minutes she was shocked to discover she was pregnant and she shared the news with her  fiance by leaving the pregnancy test sitting on the sink which he saw while brushing his teeth.
“When that first test came through I was just like "f***". Then I thought I needed to stay calm,” she recalled. 
Her fiance also spoke about how he found out he was going to be a father. 
“I had a mouthful of toothpaste,” Mr Hoskin said.
Turia and Michael have both chosen boy and girl names for their child who is due in December.

The news comes after the 29-year-old was seen out in Sydney wearing a grey dress with a baby bump visible. The athlete found out she was expecting only days before she was due to trek Mt Everest. She eventually had to forego to trek so as not to risk losing the baby. 
She said:
“I wanted to do the walk. I had to think about it because it's just not myself to shy away from adventure.”
Despite suffering horrific burns after she was trapped in a raging bush fire, Turia’s obstetrician is confident she will have no trouble carrying or delivering her baby.

When Turia was caught in the fire six years ago,  Michael stood by her and took care of her the entire time. She says she believes he’s going to be a great father and care for their child in the same way he took care of her.
“I know 100 per cent Michael is going to be an amazing dad, because for years he had to look after me. He was so caring and so patient and I think those qualities are really desirable especially in a parent.”

Watch the interview below:


Davido's driver said...

True love

Kiki Africana said...

9ja people see love.If na for una place,they for call family meeting

Anonymous said...

Did u seee how the media refers her to a beautiful woman, if na us Africans we would say she is ugly. The media has successfully brainwashed us africans to hate ourselves. Please dont forget that our Saviour is a BLACK MAN LIKE US!

MUFC said...

I love their story...

That man is a hero

Rosemary Merit said...

This is love in totality.

shade(LIE V TRUTH) said...

Wow, this guy is soooo amazing

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Na only oyibo man fit love like this. God please give me a white man with good heart as a husband oooo

rosy rosy said...

That is why I admire white people so much. Even when their partners are on wheelchair they never abandon them. We really don't have true love in Africa.

Desire said...

Awwwwn... So happy for her. At Least He Stayed... Mine dissapeared when he first saw my burned face and body at the hospital.

rosy rosy said...

He is not worth having u...U will surely get a better person.

Anonymous said...

stop generalising, oyinbo men cannot love a black woman this way.

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