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Saturday, 16 August 2014

MTO claims Beyonce's family member snitched to them about what's really going on with the couple

MediaTakeOut claims to have spoken to a member of Beyonce's family who wanted to clear things up and explain what's really going on in the power couple's marriage. The source supposedly said all the stuff in the media about Beyonce, Jay Z and reasons for the fight in the elevator with Solange are false and did the interview with MTO to clear things up. Erm, well, read for yourself below...

On Jay Z and Beyonce's relationship, in general:
[Jay Z is] a rapper so all that tough exterior is all a lie, he's extremely soft. Esp towards her. So the tabloids are wrong. He's not the controller, if anyone is, that's Bey. Jay is extremely jealous too. Hates to see her getting too close to men. And with her job, she can't help it so this causes problems between them. But they fight one day n the next day, they are all over each other, hugging, kissing and all that. Its sad that people say they are all about business because I've seen first hand how close they are.
On Bey's miscarriage:
Bey had another miscariage. Jay got mad because the dr said she was over working and she refused to slow down. This was the beginning of their problems. Jay told her to end the tour but she said she couldn't . . . the problems went on cos she won't end the tour.
The elevator incident:
That in no way had anything to do with either of them flirting. Though they had their issues. Solange has a very bad attitude. Bad temper n uses kinda mild drugs. Jay made fun of her bf and she was high so she started all that. Bey didn't step because they were aware that elevators have cameras and she kept telling him in there not to hit her back or do anything stupid cos its him the world will judge not Solange, that julius will handle it.
Jay felt embarrassed when it leaked n wanted to address it in the truth but Bey said they would be embarrassing Solange, wanting to get in her good books, Jay was cool with that.
On what's the current state of their relationship:
Bey stopped letting Jay touch her . . . So Jay got worried about their marriage n involved counsellors. She told him the marriage wasn't working n they should separate, he didn't want that cos that would mean she could date. And separations usually end in divorce.
He couldn't stand another man touching her. So Jay's [closest friends] advised him to get her pregnant. . . Things were still bad as at the first show, even the 2nd. After that things got better and she allowed him have his way, since then, they've gotten closer. Jay told [his friends] that the tour healed their marriage. And they are trying for their 2nd baby now.
Jay and Bey want to take a year off music and be a family. Well, that's that...


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