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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wizkid, Banky W announce the release of first ever EME album

The first-ever EME all stars album is done and ready to be unleashed. Featuring solo and collaboration appearances by all EME acts and select friends of the house, the album, already titled ‘Empire Mates State of Mind’, is a 22-tracked LP that boasts some of the finest tracks to come out of Nigeria this year.

The label says it took almost one year to put the EME album together, and fans who have had a preview listen admit the materials are ‘a collector’s item’.

The album, to be released exclusively on Spinlet on Monday June 18, features the core EME Artistes: Banky W, Wizkid, Skales, Niyola, Shaydee, DJ Exclusive, as well as prime guest appearances from Affiliates such as Ghana-Based Rapper XO Senavoe and US-Based Singer/Actor Rotimi. The album also contains three fun skits by comedian Basketmouth.

‘We’re very proud of the EME Album. We took our time to put together a fantastic blend of our talents as a collective, while also showcasing what each artiste is able to do individually. It felt like the right time to drop this record; each artiste is bringing his/her A-game, and the production quality is out of this world. There’s something for everybody… songs to dance to, songs to listen to, songs that make you think… We’re very excited about being able to share this with our fans worldwide, and we hope that we’ve been able to live up to and/or surpass their expectations of us. Our work is done. All that remains is for y’all to sit back, relax and press play…” says Banky W who supervised the production of the album.

‘Empire Mates State of Mind’ boasts production from Nigeria’s finest talents including Banky W, Masterkraft, Legendary Beats, Spellz, Sarz, Shizzy and Kid Konnect.
The album is available, for free, from Monday June 18, on Spinlet, Nigeria’s premiere digital distribution platform. -
Track Listing

1) Baddest Boy - E.M.E feat WizKid, Skales & Banky W.
2) Get Down Tonight - E.M.E feat WizKid, Skales & Banky W.
3) Sun Mo Mi - E.M.E feat ShayDee, Skales & Banky W.
4) Hate (Part 1) - E.M.E feat BasketMouth
5) Roll It - E.M.E feat WizKid & Banky W.
6) Find My Trouble - E.M.E feat Banky W., ShayDee & Skales
7) Body - E.M.E feat WizKid
8) Ko Mo Le - E.M.E feat Skales
9) Dance – E.M.E feat Banky W. & X.O Senavoe
10) Don’t Delay Me – E.M.E feat Niyola
11) London Girl – E.M.E feat WizKid
12) Hate (Part II) – E.M.E feat BasketMouth
13) Dance For Me – E.M.E feat WizKid
14) Follow Go House – E.M.E feat Skales, ShayDee & Banky W.
15) My Baby – E.M.E feat Skales
16) Only You – E.M.E feat Banky W., ShayDee & Rotimi
17) Reppin’ EMEazzyyy – E.M.E feat Skales, WizKid & Banky W.
18) Wetin I Want – E.M.E feat Skales & Niyola
19) Change – E.M.E feat Banky W., Skales, WizKid, ShayDee & Niyola
20) See My Mama – E.M.E feat WizKid, Banky W. & ShayDee
21) Hate (Part III)  - E.M.E feat BasketMouth
22) Can’t Stop Us – E.M.E All Stars

Executive Producers: Segun Demuren & Banky Wellington 
A&R/Co-executive Producers: Stanley "Tino Bendel" Ekure & Tunde Demuren
Legendary Beats - Tracks 1, 18, 20; 
MasterKraft - Tracks 16, 22; 
MasterKraft & Banky W - Track 3
Spellz - Tracks 5, 6, 10, 11, 14, 19; 
Sarz - Tracks 2, 8, 13, 15; 
Cobhams - Track 9; 
Shizzy - Track 7; 
KidKonnect - Track 17

All Songs Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ EME Studios by: Suka "The Surgeon" Andrew aka Papa Ne 

#TeamEME: @BankyW @Wizkidayo @YoungSkales @ShayDeeBoi @IAmNiyola @DJXClusive

Photography: 'Anuel Modebe, Seyi Charles George, Obi Somto 


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! Can't wait

Lilspicer said...

Nice work for dose hatin better kiss my black ass(omo-iwo)says..soo...www.lilspicer.tk

Blunt Queen said...

Una weldone ooo . I hope skales shines on this one

MAXIMUS™ said...

Are my eyes failing me?
Pls is Segun Demuren (exec producer of this album) the Son of Harold Demuren (DG Nigerian Aviation Authority)?
If the answer is YES, I'm sorry to burst your bubble EME, but this album is going to crash - pun intended

*sips maltina - maltina cares*

Anonymous said...

not original Banky!! why use Empire state of mind...
you are better than jay and co. na!

Anonymous said...

wow,cant wait for the album to come out,these guys re d bomb!!!

HRHTega1 said...

I can't wait. *so excited* Banky is my husband to be,he just hasn't realised it yet.lol.

Anonymous said...

Banky is doing a good job by bringing this kids out,
Pls do anybody help me with EME or any record label contact ,just call me on 08064770820, i can do this for anything ,just want my voice to be heard not even the money

Anonymous said...

Lemme guess they also featured AUTO TUNE! :D

Anonymous said...

Na wa oh,Don Jazzy Sign female Artist Tiwa Banky Sign female,Don Jazzy move solar whatever Album Eme want move theirs,make I no laugh die too much competition,Banky you sign new acts when the old act Skales has barely moved an inch,look you have 200k + twitter followers same as wizkid and you all have endorsements what about skales who's been there?Banky is just phony for this one.Skales you need to step up and speak up before you become the loser

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff but i don't really care for anyone else in the grp but Djxclusive, that boi is hella fine *bites fist* if i catch him in a corner eh! lool,
Linda pls do a review on him;)

Ezems said...

We are waiting.

somewhereonlyweknow said...

Can these fools be a bit more original?? Next please!

Anonymous said...

Gud 4 dem, wetting ShayDeeBoi sabi sing?

Anonymous said...

Love dis guys mostly wizkid can't wait for d ablum to b out on sale

lakeside said...

Cant wait for this album..i m xpectin somthing quality since they took their time produce,unlike don jazzy's hurriedly packaged Solar plexus(too much autotunes)..*phew*

Anonymous said...

i wanna hope it comes out good...

Anonymous said...

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Tolumi said...

I tk it you mean da album will crash like the dana air plane asper harold demuren being fired frm his job as dg aviatn sector coz of da plane crash. You are funny

Unknown said...

Awesome..........really anticipating it......anybody remember Niyola *coughs*.....also,gotta hope DJXCLUSIVE drops some lines,whola!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this. Banky, keep up the good work. You have done a great job so far. God bless. Amen

Anonymous said...

Let's hope its not all autotune and it isn't crap

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, could you please correct the post to DJXclusive not DJExclusive.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry 2 say o, but is every1 in EME 4rm yoruba tribe? I'm a yoruba girl & could care less. Just noticed it & was wondering if Banky W is tribalistic

Anonymous said...

9ce one!!!!!more power 2 their elbows

Anonymous said...

Congrats ma swite@Wiz kid

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