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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dana Air Donates Relief Materials to Crash Victims

In demonstration of their deepest sympathy to those affected by the ill-fated Dana flight J9 992, top management of Dana Air Limited on Friday, June 8, 2012 visited some of the displaced residents of Iju-Ishaga, Lagos, where the aircraft came down on Sunday, donating relief materials to them.
Also, a team of Counselors, Psychotherapists were deployed by the airline to assist and manage trauma, anxiety and associated ailments of families affected during the crash.

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In his remark during the visit, Gautam Hathiramani , a Director at Dana Air, noted  that the airline operator appreciates the difficult  times presently being experienced by the affected families as a result of the crash, promising that Dana Air will not relent in ensuring support  to the displaced families.

He said that it became necessary to deploy the services of Counselors and Psychotherapists to the affected families to ensure that they are in stable conditions after the shock, and also help manage their trauma, anxieties and fear.

The director said that all the displaced persons would be provided with temporary accommodation to suit their respective needs, whilst relief materials would be extended to them on continuous basis. “Our chairman and other senior management have been at the site to condole with the families of the victims. We would continue to visit and assist them where necessary to ensure that their needs are met until there very stable,” he said.

Reacting to the visit by management of Dana Air, the Community Development Authority (CDA) chairman, Iju-Ishaga, Mr. Onowo Adewole commended the management of Dana Air for the gesture, promising to ensure that the community cooperates with the airline in its bid to ensure that displaced people are adequately rehabilitated.

Also in her remark, one of the victims, Chinyere Okafor, who spoke on behalf of  all the victims of the crash, thanked Dana Air for coming to their aid, noting that though both the airline and the victims have suffered untold losses as a result of the crash, the steps so far taken by Dana Air shows its heartfelt concern for the affected people. 

Materials distributed include mattresses, food items, clothes, and kitchen utensils, among others.

Crash of DANA Air Flight 9J 992 on Sunday, June 3, 2012
It is with a very heavy heart that we, the Dana group family join friends, colleagues, relations, families and the entire Nigerian nation to mourn victims of the ill-fated Dana Air, flight 9J 992, with Registration Number 5N-RAM, from Abuja that crashed at Iju- Shaga, a Lagos suburb as the aircraft made to touch down at the Murtala Mohammed Airport 2, Lagos. The tragic loss of all the 146 passengers on board and the crew including; 1 Dana Air Flight Engineer, 2 Pilots and 4 Cabin Crew and families who were in their houses at the time of the accident is the most traumatic experience for members of families, relations, the Dana group the Lagos State Government and the country at this critical period of the year.

Though the lives of some of Nigeria’s best and brightest have been cut short as a result of the incidence, we are deeply touched by the sorrows of many whose dreams, family prospects and expectations have been terminated.

At this point, much words or rhetoric would not do much in healing the wounds and pains of those affected directly by the unfortunate incidence; it is our hope that the Almighty God, who sees all and knows the end from the beginning, would provide even better succour and fortitude for the bereaved to bear their losses.
We extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the affected. We also want Nigerians to know that we do not place people above money hence, we are more concerned here with lives than any other activities or losses we have encountered as a result of the crash.

Presently, we are working with various investigative organs of the regulatory bodies to find the rout cause of the crash. Already, the black had been recovered and we hope to share information on what happened in no distant time. We are also working with families of the deceased and those who are presently receiving treatment at the hospital. Our management have been at both the site and hospital to addressed issues with families of the deceased even as plans are on to address issues with the statement government and immediate community where the incident took place.

Our Insurance companies are working round the clock  to find tune processes and once there is the green light, all claims regarding all lives lost, injuries and properties will be adequately addressed. 
In the interim, we have set up a crisis management unit at the Dana Air office, MMA 2, Lagos for enquiries of any kind.  The general public and the media can direct all enquiries to ….. , while a toll free line will soon be opened to address all enquiries.

In accordance with international protocol governing aviation accident investigations, all information about the investigation will come from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. Dana Air will however provide information relating to the flight itself and updates on steps being taken.

It will also be pertinent to say that at Dana Air, we place a high premium on safety and we adhere strictly to the maintenance schedule of all our aircrafts as prescribed by the manufacturers, and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. More detailed and scheduled checks are, however, carried out at MRO facilities abroad.
As a matter of fact, that particular aircraft had its last 400-hourly check (A-Check) only in May 30, 2012 while the statutory annual maintenance (C-Check) is not due until September 2012. The Certificate of Airworthiness issued by the NCCA after the last C-Check was still very valid as at the time of the incident.
We deeply regret the incidence and hope Nigerians would join us in rebuilding to the best of our ability all that has been lost as a result of the crash.
Once again, we at Dana Air extend our profoundest condolences.

Jacky Hathiramani
Chief Executive Officer

Public statement from Dana
Dear Concerned Public,
Following the crash incident of Sunday, June 03, 2012, involving a Dana Air Plane, it has become imperative for us to communicate the latest developments to you:
  1. We immediately deployed Men and  Materials to the Crash site at Iju-Ishaga, the crash site in order to assist search and rescue operations
  2. Senior Management of Dana Air were also immediately on ground as part of the search and rescue efforts
  3. We are working with Government and Key Regulatory Authorities in the Nigerian Aviation Industry to uncover the truths regarding this tragic incident
  4. We are also working closely with the Lagos State Government on the relocation of displaced families at the crash site and have sent relief materials to displaced families
  5. We have opened an incident response centre and have deployed an Emergency Management Team
  6. We are working closely with Medical team for DNA procedures so the remains of the deceased are properly identified and prepared for burial
  7. As part of our incident response,  we are in talks with Trauma Managers and are opening a Public Enquiries Toll-free lines so we are able to pass on information and retrieve critical information

It must be noted that these are very trying times for the entire nation because of the loss of precious souls as result of this sad incident, we therefore urge the Media, Citizen Journalists and the concerned public to avoid rumours and speculations but rather seek insightful information which will help heal the nation and uncover critical details as to the cause of the crash and the possible ways of ameliorating the pains of the victims.
At Dana Air, we remain eternally committed to a resolution and healing process not just out of duty of care but more importantly because of the loss of priceless souls in this sad incident and are open to public scrutiny of our actions going forward.
Dana Air wishes to thank well-meaning Nigerians and Institutions who are standing side-by-side with us in the management of this tragedy. It is our prayer that affected families will find divine succor to sooth their hearts as we deploy all the resources at our disposal in the recovery process.


Anonymous said...

i beg do what u have to do and seize to operate

Anonymous said...

I will still never enter these airlines again sha: Sosoliso, BellView and Dana Air

May God help us

Anonymous said...

They only gave a container to about 8 families to live in and bring cake and coke everyday for them.

Lilspicer said...

Who cares abeg make dem go sidon for gutter..i dey go buy ticket for dana self..(omo-iwo)says so via blackberrybold.5 www.lilspicer.tk

Anonymous said...

A little too late considering this could have been avoided if not for greed and corruption and my dear friend Maimuna would have been here

Anonymous said...

sosoliso and bellview are no more and dana has just been grounded so where u wan enter these planes.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people!


Onyinye Udeh said...

what kind of relief can these fools offer? they will end up treating the people like dogs, giving them a shack for accommodation and suppling them Agege bread and coke for meal.

Sadly our govt will sit back and watch them get away with this, while some wicked Nigerians will still make lots of money from these poor people's misfotune.

May God help us.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of a great number of Naija peeps, I say F.U.C.K Y.O.U!!! Too little, too late. The plane should never have left the ground in the first place. Awon oloriburuku.

Readers, please forgive my cursing. It's just that everytime I think of Maimuna Anyene and her family, I start crying and I don't even know her! The pain is just too much....

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, Bellview is now first Nation airline. And its still functioning

Anonymous said...

Please give us your VOICE & share! Sign this Petition to make sure Dana Crash NEVER repeats! http://www.change.org/petitions/president-of-the-federal-republic-of-nigeria-investigate-evaluate-the-nigerian-aviation-industry-safety-standards #WeAreAllAffected"

Anonymous said...

I feel u dear,10 pple from one family*TRAGIC*!2 even tink dt her lovely kids wre comin 2 naija 4 d 1st time...d story brot so much tears 2 ma eyes.may deir souls n other souls dt wre affected rest in perfect peace,Amen!

Anonymous said...

Interesting !!!!........ I didnt know that Bellview is now FirstNation Airways Ltd . Thanks for letting me know as my legs will never be found on that airline.

I have flown Bellview london to lagos before. That airline was so useless and the staffs instead of weighing the luggages were collect 20 pounds as bribe and passing the overweight bags through. Isnt there a safety reason they have baggage allowance . Everything about that flight in terms of safety was a BIG FAT JOKE. its no wonder these plane crashes happen. No Ethics and moral standard.****HISS****


Anonymous said...

I hate toxic informatn.if u don't know somthn,keepn quiet shows u respect yourself

Anonymous said...

Nigerians will never change,imagine dat victim thanking dana still 4 d stupid relief materials,he still has d guts to say d media sld stop der sniffing 2 knw d cause of d crash,dis jackychan must really b a blood sucking bastard....well I smell bribery.am sure he has paid some ransom 2 d govt 2 talk nonsense like dis

Anonymous said...

o REALLY . First National is former Bellview , just saw that on wiki .Thanks for sharing
Okay oo, make we dey know these rebranded things na. Why did they keep that quiet

Anonymous said...

my question the family that came from the usa and all died who will get their compensation?

secondly when will the report from the BLACK BOX be published is going to be publicly published or will be for a certain people. why would the government allow INDIANS own a buiness in NIGERIA , you would never be given such opportunity their countty

Anonymous said...

@2.17pm why should someone keep quiet . Mind your self o and na you need to respect yourself .
***Bellview is now first Nation airline***.

Nigerians ,Please any useful information should be shared, if its kept a secret then there is something to hide. Hush hush is what is killing our people for nothing .

Dana management wanted to keep quiet and used a faulty plane , see what happened The Anyene and their cousin Oluchi Onyeyiri, Dunni Doherty , Wale Eribake, Amaka Ojugbana and her son, Mr & Mrs Awani . The list goes on and on.....so many young promising life just gone like that

You better respect yourself , with your mouth like toxic. HISS

On another note , RIP to all who died, May you find rest with God and away from this sinful world

Anonymous said...

So bellview is now first nation??? Chai!! I almost died of heart attack d day I flew first nation..dat airline is crap

Anonymous said...

Ehnnn who is this 2.12pm telling someone to be quiet and hating toxic information.... who cares what you hate. Madam/Sir is there any skeleton in your cupboard that you dont want out . Transparency is the way forward and sharing information is key. Havent ENOUGH people died because of our shady ways ????

Anonymous said...

Toxic information....hummm do you have something to hide Mr RespectYourself June 13, 2012 2:17 PM

Anonymous said...

How can keepn quiet shows you respect yourself. Na wah for my people ooooo. That how we will continue to keep quiet and our people die all for nothing . Please what was the toxic information shared here in any of the above comments that someone needs to keep quiet if you dont have something to HIDE.
### Please biko pass the mic and park for corner .

Anonymous said...

FUCK U ALL @DANA AIR!!!!!!! U are trying to by sympathy to help with the innestigations its a pity we still have shallow minded nigerians who will fall for this trick,How am i sure a Nigerian isnt even their advicer,The blood of the dead will never leave your conscience once again go to hell and burn to ashes.P.S Get the fuck out of our country!!!!!!!!NDI ARA.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous at June 13, 2012 11:52 AM- Bellview and Sosoliso both died with their victims too- but unlike the unfortunate people these airlines killed, they are now back under a new brand and I daresay Dana Air will do the same too- simply rebrand and carry on flying.

Anonymous said...

they need to get them fucking houses!ARE THEY MAD

Anonymous said...

If u run away from airline A, how r u sure Airline B, is safe. Everything is in God's hand. People die on the road everyday,yet no compensation or relief for their family. People that have never entered planes, complain the most.

Anonymous said...

well what do you expect, when some of you fail to see the opportunity in your country and take charge and start owning business instead letting indians,chinese and white people come and take control

omotola said...

Linda, I really need you to share our story. These Dana executives are heartless. After taking away our brother Ike Ochonogor, they sent some people who didn't even have Dana ID cards to give the family an unsigned condolence letter.They had the audacity to even bring along a photographer to show us recieving the letter.We rejected their letter and thanked them for further grieving us. Yet see their ec=xecutives shinning in public and we have government? Who will take the blame for the crash? Is this how we will sit and allow this pass like Bellview and Sosoliso?

Anonymous said...

why do we post comments and you dont post .......... lossing patience with you linda..HISS

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm,na beta thunder go fire these Dana director's ass..E beta mk dem no do anytin dan provide container 4 pple 2 sleep as if say dem be fish..I don't even knw why God is patient on releasing fire on all dz wicked 9ja leaders we've got.They don't give a damn abwt d pple(citizens) at all.They are all concerned abwt money d@'ll mk dem burn in everlasting fire cuz na all 9ja leaders dey owe house rent 4 HELLFIRE and dey'll pay mischieviously..Dana pple too knew d@ plane was not in gud condition ooo bt still dey allowed it 2 fly,no be dem I go blame na our bad govt.Common Southafrica there wey be say na 1994 dem get liberation are doing perfectly better than us.Everybody that is making,has made or will make Nigeria to suffer lossess will never live to reap the friuts of their wicked nd selfish labour(Amen).Lindaabeg,na beg I beg u,post ma comment ooo

Anonymous said...

I hear First Nation used 2 b Bellview, pls is dis tru? I flew wit dem 4 d 1st tym in Jan n d flight was very smooth. D 2nd tym I flew wit dem was in april abj-lag, n it was a nightmare! Was on d flight wit my sis n aunt n we jst kept lukn @ each oda hoping 2 land safely while sayn silent prayers.

Anonymous said...

Linda you dint post my comment do i will repeat it......FUCK YOU DANA AIR #thatisall

Anonymous said...

Hmm! My dear! Same thn experienced on deir flight 2 lag! 55mins felt lyk eternity! D moment d plane landed n parked I dashed out of d plane! Was rilly scary!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon June 13, 11.40pm, i feel you. LWKMD @ holding hands with your sisters praying silently. LOL. God will always protect and deliver us from corrupt leaders, Amen.


Anonymous said...

Na wah oooo....so sorry for your loss. May IKe soul rest in peace. Nigeria is so useless that these management kill people and can get away with it so easily, all because of greed and corruption . God is not sleeping sha ,

Mmakamba said...

Anonymous june 13 11.521m. are u sure that u hvnt entered any of those airlines? one of them is still functioning under another name.so dont be too sure.

Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok said...

Oh SHUT UP Dana Air!!! Please!!! Honest, this 'apology' is just rubbing more salt into the wounds. Keep your relief or blood money. Can it wake that lady and her 4 beautiful kids, mum and hubby that came in from the US? Can it resurrect Pastor Ayo and his wife whose three children are now orphans? Can it resurrect Pastor Akin? Can it resurrect Nadine whose 3 year old son is now left without a mum? Can it resurrect all those innocent babies and all the people that lost husbands, sisters, brothers, wives, relatives, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and so on? Please SHUT UP and get out of business for good! I hope you know where to shove your 'relief materials'! RUBBISH!!!


Sorry for the rant @ Linda. I haven't really been myself since then and am struggling to return to work normally, as every time I see any news on this, I start crying again and my day ends. Tell me, who can ever console the guy whose sister, nieces, nephews, mum, brother-in-law came in from the US for his wedding? Look at those beautiful twins and their handsome brother. God dey...

Anonymous said...

This PAIN is unbearable!!!!!
F**K Dana Air "Relief Materials"
Lost a friend in Sosoliso Air crash.
Now another in Dana.
When will this stop?
The Owners of the Airline are different but the constant in this whole Matter is Nigerian Aviation which remains cancerous.
Let the individuals responsible for taking bribes to approve these planes be publically shamed. The people that ok'd the flight to take off, knowing the plane's problems exposed!!!!
As long as they can remain Anonymous, then nothing will change.
The Pain, the pain, when will it stop!!!

Anonymous said...

Let the inncent blood that was shed in Dana air crash rise up and strangulate the guilty ones! IJN!

Anonymous said...

Seriously o,dis whole dana officails nid 2 b sued nt in 9ja buh in the us...

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