Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paul Samuel, SSII pupil, stabbed by Landlord

An SSII pupil of the Millennium Secondary School, Egbeda, Lagos, Paul Samuel, has been allegedly stabbed by his 35-year-old landlord, Olabode Ajayi. This is because he allegedly mediated in a dispute between his sister and Ajayi. The case, which is before an Ikeja Magistrate’s Court, is said to have Samuel as an accused person; something the family calls an anomaly that was done by the police.

The incident, which took place at No. 20 Oloye Street, Ejigbo Road, Shasha, occurred on March 26. An elder brother to Samuel, Ebong Everbless, told CRIME DIGEST that this would not be the first time Ajayi would be involved in an incident like this.

Everbless, who makes a living as a computer operator, said he was at his work place that Saturday morning when he got a call from his sister that Samuel had been wounded, prompting him to rush back home.

“I have lived in that house for three years now and my siblings live with me. That very morning, my sister Faith was at the backyard washing some clothes when Ajayi showed up with a cutlass and started making threats. He went to the clothes line and took off all the clothes my sister had washed and threw them on the ground. When my sister started shouting, Samuel who was inside, rushed out of the house to his sister’s aid,” Everbless said.

Samuel’s action was said not to have gone down well with Ajayi who allegedly asked him if he wanted to die. Everbless said, “When Ajayi said that, Samuel turned to go back into the house only for Ajayi to hit him on the scapula with a cutlass.” Samuel was immediately rushed to the hospital by his siblings and other neighbours.

“I rushed home immediately I got the call and met Ajayi sitting outside; he did not say a word to me. I too did not talk to him and instead went to the Shasha Medical Centre, where Samuel had been taken too. It was after that I went to the Afonka Police Station Shasha to make a report,” Everbless said.

At the police station, while Everbless made his compliant, he saw Ajayi being walked in by a policeman. “I told the lady attending to me that Ajayi was the person I had come to complain about. Another brother of mine had come earlier to lodge a complaint and Ajayi was being arrested.” Unfortunately for Everbless, the police did not work as he expected. “I was shocked to see Ajayi back home some hours later and when it was obvious justice wasn’t forthcoming, I went to the Area G command Ogba to lodge another complaint.

Ajayi was rearrested, but released a week later on April 3, Everbless said.

“I was told by the IPO, one Corporal Bello handling the case not to make any more trouble with Ajayi; I should abandon any plan of taking the case to court. The case was eventually taken to court two days after I complained to the Area commander; an action that greatly offended Bello,” Everbless said. His insistence on pursing legal redress has now turned the tables against him. The matter was brought before the Ikeja family court on the 14th of April but instead of a case of assault, the Bello had filed a case of affray in court and joined Ajayi, Samuel and Faith, as accused persons.

“I was warned that I would regret my decision and Bello made good his threat. On the day of the arraignment, imagine my surprise when I looked into the court and saw Faith and Samuel crying. I was outside and did not know that my siblings were now accused persons and were to be remanded in Kirikiri until their bail conditions had been met. Before my eyes, Faith was handcuffed,” Everbless recalled. With his lawyer unavailable, Everbless despondently left the court premises. “I didn’t know what to do, I was confused. I was still on the road when the Bello called me and said I should come and pick Samuel from the Area G command. It was later I learnt that Samuel was rejected by the prison warden that accompanied the Black Maria” Everbless explained. Being under aged, Samuel was to have been taken to a remand home but when the prison warden saw his swollen arm, he immediately rejected the boy. “Then Samuel’s right arm was so swollen, he couldn’t wear a shirt. When the warden saw the wound on his shoulder, he ordered the Bello to take Samuel back,” Everbless said. Ajayi is currently said to be remanded at the Kirikiri prison.

“Samuel has suffered both physically and emotionally. He is still unable to use his right hand as a result of that assault. Although he went back to school and tried to write his second term exams soon after the incident, he has since been unable to go back because of his hand,” Everbless lamented.

On his part, Samuel could barely speak to CRIME DIGEST; it seemed all his strength was geared towards enduring the pain he lives with. His right hand hung by his side stiff in a stiff position while he bore his neck stiffly too.

A source at the Ikeja Family Court told CRIME DIGEST that a witness summons had been ordered for Bello as he did not turn up for the last hearing on May 23. “The magistrate cancelled the bail that had been set for Samuel when his lawyer presented the facts. The court has directed Samuel to receive medical attention from LASUTH. The case has been adjourned to June 27 and the matter referred to the Directorate for Public Prosecution,” the source said.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Samuel Jinadu, however said the story brought before the police was a case of affray. “Samuel and Ajayi were both charged with affray; both parties were involved in a fight,” Jinadu said.

Source: Punch


Anonymous said...

Now you see why I said we operate a lawless country. I am so sick and tired of all the hatred and the cheating. we have local government, street cousellors that can raise this to the appropriate level but what do they do?

They just allow people to be vistimised bcos they dont want to be involved.

Seriously, I read your post some times back on the killing of 10 policemen by army guys. guess the reaction when I told my colleaguse, "they killed only 10?" I hate policemen with a passion

I pray God heals Sam's wounds and take care of the family. We can only pray and hope for a better day tomorrow. In the meantime, I need more policemen to be retrenched or something

Anonymous said...

WTF was that!!!

Femiluv said...

Linda, the least you could have done was post a warning of the gruesome picture! That's scary and not everyone wants to see that on the first page.

Anonymous said...

Is this from a war zone? What the hell?

Ade_Cool said...

Not even sure where 9ja is headed this days just so many random things going on..just one reckless mess!!..Ibadan..30 roasted to death..10 policemen killed..the rate of homicide incidents I bet must rank higher than SA(Johannesburg) or Mexico..if those deaths were properly monitored..

Ade_Cool said...

And the bloody crooked police put this kid in jail..with that injury..jeez!! wonder they get killed a random too..where are the YOUTH Leaders when you need Eko Hotel!!..

Anonymous said...

madam linda,rita dominic andm d rest of the niaja youths reps, where una dey case done come a real niaja youth needs ur help,fight this case n we will know u are a representatives this case is better than 52k oooo

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Why won't they stab him with a name like "Everbless"? Lol

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this picture is gory..was the stabbing at the back??

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Linda, dnt wanna see this again!