Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nigerian High Commissioner's Official Response to Battery Allegations

The Kenyan ambassador who has been recalled has sent out an official statement in response to allegations of wife battery. Ambassador Wigwe in his response denied battering his wife. He claims it was all a set up by her for financial reasons. These two people have been married for over thirty years, have five children, four grandchildren and they are doing this to themselves? Incredible!!!

Read the official statement he released to the press after the cut...


I married Tess Iyi Wigwe (nee Oniga) under native law and custom on 9th April 1978. The girl I married was famous for her temper and fighting ability. With my gentle and unassuming nature, I honestly believed that the sharp contrast in our characters could neutralize and complement each other. It was a grave error of judgment.

I joined the Nigerian Foreign Service in April 1984 after teaching at the University of Jos for some years. My first posting in 1986 was to Tokyo, Japan. I was in charge of Commercial and Trade Matters. One night in July 1988, I took my female colleague from another Embassy out for dinner. It was actually the first outing. After dinner, I took her in my car in order to drop her off at a train station. As we drove through town, a car which I quickly recognised as mine (I owned 2 cars) and being driven by Mrs Wigwe pulled up beside us at a traffic light. Mrs Wigwe hurled air freshener bottles and any other objects she could find in the car to hit us. I later came down from the vehicle and explained to her who the lady was. But she did not believe me and instead chased me through the city shouting abuses at us and throwing objects at us. When I got to a train station, I opened the door and let the lady out. Mrs Wigwe abandoned her car in the middle of the road causing a big jam as she ran after the lady. She caught up with her and after interrogating her, seriously assaulted her, and beat her so mercilessly using the woman’s umbrella that the woman passed out. Mrs Wigwe fearing that the lady was dead fled the scene taking with her the woman’s hand bag. Good Samaritans took the lady to hospital where she spent one month in intensive care. I was made to pay the woman’s hospital bills. The morning after the attack, Mrs Wigwe traced me to the Embassy where I had taken shelter and took a huge stone and smashed the windscreen of the car to pieces. Mrs Wigwe never admitted to taking the handbag and its contents. However, months later, the wife of a colleague with whom she had left the handbag, confessed. This gross act of violence visited on an innocent woman, so angered the Nigerian Ambassador and the entire staff that it was decided that Mrs Wigwe should be punished severely to deter other wives with such inclinations. Accordingly, she was suspended from post for 3 months and repatriated to Nigeria by the Embassy in October 1988. She spent a total of 6 months at home coming back only in April 1989 when my posting came to an abrupt end following the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to recall over 150 officers worldwide who had spent 24 months and above at post in the wake of the structural adjustment programme of the government of the day.

That premature recall had a serious psychological impact on my very young family of 4 and I decided to take a one year study leave at own expense ostensibly to pursue a post-graduate diploma in journalism in London, but strategically, to insulate our children from the disruptive effects of the unpredictable posting policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I therefore took my family along with me at great cost. When I left England in February 1992, I left my family behind. In 1993 I was posted to Warsaw, Poland but my family remained in London for the sake of the children’s and Mrs Wigwe’s education. Having learnt a bitter lesson from Tokyo, I unilaterally decided that Mrs Wigwe must not live with me at post in Warsaw. Instead, I encouraged her quest for higher education since she had only secondary education when I married her. She graduated from Middlesex University in July 1998. I paid her fees through university from 1993 and law school. At the end of my posting in October 1998, I returned to Nigeria. The family, now well established and settled, remained in London. Between 1998 and 1999 I made regular visits to the family. In November 1999, Mrs Wigwe visited me in Abuja and we travelled to her home town. We had a very serious misunderstanding. We returned to Abuja and she travelled back to London. When she returned to London after two weeks, she informed me that she no longer wished for me to come to London as previously planned to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays. All my efforts to reach her by telephone, fax and mail were unsuccessful. The situation continued until 2002 when on transiting London en route New York for an official assignment in July 2002, I discovered that Mrs Wigwe had brought her male lover, a Nigerian of Yoruba tribe, to live with her and the children in the family house. The children told me how they had bitterly resented her and her lover. But she ignored the children and co-habited with her boyfriend in the family house for close to a year. To all intents and purposes, we were still husband and wife; we were not even officially separated! It was then I knew the reason why I had been barred from visiting the family since 1999. Consequently, and bruising from the humiliation she had bestowed on me and the children in particular, I hastily remarried in December 2002. I married my colleague in the service whom I had not actually known for more than six months. By mutual consent in December 2006, we decided to separate amicably and to remain friends which we are to date. As the marriage had no children it was quite easy for us to part. I remained a bachelor.

Following my nomination as ambassador in September 2007, I called Mrs Wigwe on phone to offer her an olive branch and to ask her to join me, if she so wished, to associate with my new appointment. It was another grave error of judgment. Although I never intended that we should live together under the same roof again as husband and wife given our antecedents and the coldness of feelings that mutually existed between us after many years of separate lives. I was only prepared for her to have a sense of belonging and attachment to my new status considering also that we have 5 children together. I thought the honour was due to her. She accepted and travelled to see me in Abuja in April 2008. Our first encounter after many years, proved to me and I guess to her, that we could truly no longer call ourselves husband and wife. Nevertheless and much to my shock and deep apprehension, she decided to take a leave of absence for 3 years from her employer in London to join me in residence in Nairobi. She insisted that I should take over her monthly expenditures in London including an ongoing mortgage for the family house I had myself helped her to buy in 2004 after she was on the verge of losing it due to lack of funds to meet her housing loan requirements. I did this in spite of not being married to her. I did it for the sake of the children. I could not contest her decision to come and live with me in Nairobi thus I let her come. But, it was clear as crystal that our differences and her mistrust of me and our mutual dislike for each other’s company were insoluble but above all that our long evaporated love would never come back. Thus, we have been living in separate bedrooms connected by an inner door that is firmly and permanently locked from her side of the border. We decided to live with as minimal contact with each other as we could manage. Because she often refused to open her door, we developed the art of communication by notes pushed under the door. She liked it so much as it often allowed her to state her endless money requests without having to justify them. We hardly engage in conversations except when she needs money. Our irregular engagements in the act of conversation often end up in a quarrel. In public we manage to present a united front but those who are close to us know that we were only putting up appearances. We did fairly well and were just longing for the end of my tenure as ambassador so that we could resume forever our separate lives. That long hoped for time is nearly with us and hence the deep anxiety on the part of Mrs Wigwe who for 3 years has lived in reasonable comfort and financial security, with a Mercedes Benz car and a driver to complement her status. The end of my tenure would mean a return to financial stress and anxiety for her. Mrs Wigwe is in a desperate mood. I am reliably informed that most of the GBP 1,700 mortgage (about $2,800) that I have to cough out every month from my meagre Foreign Service allowance and remit to her account in London through my Barclays account in Nairobi, was allegedly misappropriated by someone she trusted in London and that to date the mortgage in London is in tatters and Mrs Wigwe has suffered a loss of GBP 10,000. Besides this loss, Mrs Wigwe claimed that she had lost $6,000 in cash from her bedroom in 2009 and most recently another $3,000. The houseboy then in 2009 was accused of stealing the money from Mrs Wigwe’s 24 hour locked bedroom. The servant pleaded his innocence and the money was never found and police abandoned the matter and we sacked the servant. The latest theft of $3,000 again from her heavily locked bedroom sometime this year remains a mystery. She did interrogate the new servant and even followed him to his house to interrogate his wife, but nothing came of it. Mrs Wigwe is in a desperate state financially. This is the motive for the onslaught against me in a desperate attempt to tarnish my image and reputation and to get monetary compensation that will restore her big loss and sustain her for a long time. That is why she has carefully chosen the words she used in the story that appeared in the Star where she was talking of spine and paralysis. Mrs Wigwe is an avid watcher of the television channel Crime Investigation. She hardly watches anything else. She had obviously practised and rehearsed her lines and actions for months in her premeditated assault on me on Wednesday 11th May 2011. Concerning her wish for spine injury that would lead to paralysis, I can only pray God to please graciously grant her wish so that she may truly know what it is to have spine injury.

On Thursday 26th May 2011, the Star, a Nairobi based tabloid, published a story in its front page with photographs showing a badly bruised face of Mrs Tess Wigwe and an allegation that I, her husband, had inflicted those injuries on her face. It was alleged that I had beaten my wife because she had responded to a “note” from me requesting to be served food. It was alleged that I had so beaten her that she suffered injuries to her spine and she was in danger of being paralysed. Many other allegations dating back to many years then followed in her premeditated attempt to build a solid case against me, including the foolish allegation that I used to bring women to the Residence in 2008 and the blatantly false information that she left me in Nigeria in 1999 and went to England to study and live.

In response to these allegations, I wish to state quite categorically that I did not beat my wife and that I did not ask for food either in writing or verbally. What happened that fateful Wednesday night was shocking to me and clearly fits into a pre-planned mould cast by the avid Crime TV watcher..   I had returned home late at night after attending the launch of a new product, Go Places, by Kenya Commercial Bank which was held at the Hilton Hotel. As is my practice, I went straight to my room and began to take off my jacket. Mrs Wigwe matched into my room shouting on top of her voice (that is how she speaks to me) that if I knew I would not be eating at home, I should tell her so she does not have to prepare any meals for me. I was stunned as indeed I had been eating regularly every day when I come home from work. I took it for a joke but I saw she was going on and on and would not let me put in a word. Her loud voice attracted my daughter Ada who came over to my room. Upon sighting my daughter I told her to please convince her mother that I had been eating food I met in the fridge every day at least for the past two weeks. Mrs Wigwe was taking none of that and insisted and before I knew it she was abusing me and calling me names. I naturally got angry and told her that if she were indeed taking proper charge of her kitchen then she would have noticed that I do eat what has been prepared for me. She took offence with my comment and became agitated when I asked her when or what has prompted her sudden interest and care for my welfare.
In her characteristic manner, Mrs Wigwe lunged at me to slap me. I tried defending myself and indeed my daughter came in the way and as we tussled and jostled around the door to her own bedroom where a massive wooden shoe rack was standing, Mrs Wigwe received a cut. Once she felt blood on her right side of face, Mrs Wigwe used her right hand to rub the blood and smeared her entire face with it. She ran into her bedroom and produced a camera and in the presence of my daughter and I, Mrs Wigwe photographed herself, taking two to three shots. She was shouting that she had got me, and that the whole world was going to see her bloodied face; that she was going to send the picture to Abuja. As my daughter and I tried to push her into her room to prevent her from coming to fight me, my daughter’s hand was caught in the bedroom door and she gasped in pain. Mrs Wigwe also grabbed her phone and called her friend Yvonne to come and take her as she had been injured and bleeding. My son Nelson, who also joined in the effort to restrain Mrs Wigwe, offered to wipe the blood but Mrs Wigwe refused. With camera in hand, Mrs Wigwe ran downstairs and outside the building and for the next one hour was hurling abuses at me and shouting obscenities about me and my family and friends. It took the combined efforts of the Security Guard, the Cook and my son Nelson Ikenna to hold her back and prevent her from re-entering the house which I had now safely locked. In frustration that she could not re-enter the house, Mrs Wigwe who claimed in her report to the Star that she had suffered spinal injury, managed to wrestle with three able men and finally broke loose to carry a flower pot to smash the big glass window of the room we use as gym. She carried the flower pot and threw it at the glass window, shattering it. Not long after, her friend Yvonne arrived and together with my daughter they drove off. No ambulance was needed to convey Mrs Wigwe to hospital. Mrs Wigwe did not first rush to the Police to report the incident and show her injuries to the police. Mrs Wigwe only reported to the police on 27th May! That speaks volumes. She went to the police after people had begun to doubt her story! The first wave of shock when the story first hit the headlines had begun to give way to sombre reflection and analysis. As the children and house staff began to contradict her story, she decided it was time to make a statement to the police. She began to focus on her dual citizenship and what the British government might do for her.

Yvonne later sent me a text message saying Mrs Wigwe and daughter had been admitted at Aga Khan Hospital. I sent Mrs Wigwe a text in the morning advising her to get much needed rest. I also wanted to go and see her but she bluntly told me to keep off and to await a letter from her lawyer and to watch the news for what was going to happen to me. I had advised her to take the period to rest properly in hospital having noticed that since January she had lacked proper sleep following the devastating news of the alleged misappropriation of GBP 10,000 by her trusted friend and the “theft” of $3,000 in-house. Of course, she was not aware that my son Nelson to whom she had confided about the loss in London had intimated me I had sworn to secrecy before not to divulge the information. I continue to pretend ignorance of what has been ailing her and almost confining her to her bed for months. In addition, my son had also informed me that while I was away on consultation in Abuja, Mrs Wigwe had told him that somebody had hinted her that I might have purchased a house in Nairobi. She had said that she was investigating it and if found to be true, will engage the services of a lawyer to ensure that her name was appended to the property. She thus began calling my staff in the Embassy but got no positive response. She quizzed Nelson and found out he knew nothing of any such enterprise. She could be scheming to lay her hands on the property if it is indeed true. It is instructive that on the night when her spine was broken and she had severe waist pain, Mrs Wigwe remembered to mention the house issue among the tirade of words that were flying out of her mouth like a practised actor. Her greed would not allow her to note that she alone owns the house in London and in her village which was built entirely with my money while serving in Tokyo. Considering the odds staring her in the face as my tenure in Nairobi draws to a close, Mrs Wigwe is in dire need of a way out.

My daughter Ada was discharged from hospital after several x-rays revealed no damages to her bruised hand. Mrs Wigwe remained in hospital until Saturday 14th morning when Yvonne sent me a text to say that she had been discharged and I needed to pay the bills. I was in church when the text came and I went straight to the hospital and paid the bill of ksh 27,800 (about $330) and even took her x-ray result. She had only taken the pain killer prescribed for her and had not taken the x-ray result. Her spinal injury was miraculously healed within 3 days. From hospital she went straight to Yvonne’s home and remained there. I travelled to Abuja on Wednesday 18th and came back on Wednesday 25th. When she heard news of my travel, she returned to the Residence as I was to learn later. As I had locked my bedroom from the front door, I was shocked to discover that my drawers had been ransacked and 1 (one) Rolex watch, 1(one) Accurate gold watch and 1(one) gold ring with precious stone had been stolen with their cases. Mrs Wigwe is the only one with a key to the connecting door to my room. She prevented me from keeping a spare. Only she has absolute access to my bedroom and she enters there at will including when am fast asleep. Why did she have to remove those items if not to sell them and make some extra cash from them? Secondly, when I entered the pantry next to my bedroom, I noticed that 1 (one) trunk box and over 10 (ten) empty suitcases belonging to me had disappeared and the room was desolate. The trunk box was full of my stuff but she had recklessly emptied them and forcefully repacked them into the other two boxes. I asked the houseboy who confirmed that Mrs Wigwe had packed all her personal belongings into the suitcases and locked them in the store downstairs. I went downstairs and noticed that she had removed her pictures from the various room walls. In spite of all these, I found Mrs Wigwe very much living in the house, locked up as usual in her bedroom!

On the same day that I had returned to Nairobi having flown with the night flight from Lagos, I went to work and a little after 11 am I received a call from an unfamiliar number. It was a man from Radio Africa, publishers of the Star. He mumbled something about a letter with very bad photographs of a woman sent in by a woman lawyer in respect to my wife. I was shocked but I told him that I recall that Mrs Wigwe had sent me a text on 12th May saying that I would soon hear from her lawyer. She had also told me that she was going to send pictures around. I instantly denied inflicting any such injuries as he was describing and requested him to call me back so we could set up a meeting to discuss the letter since I who was supposed to be the accused received no such letter from any lawyer. He hung up. The following day, very early in the morning, I could hear movement from Mrs Wigwe’s room and I could hear that she had ran downstairs and back upstairs. As I went into the bathroom, a friend called me and advised me to check out the Star newspaper. I ran downstairs to pick up the newspapers of the day from the front door only to discover that Mrs Wigwe had earlier picked them and returned to her room.

When I finally saw a copy of the paper in my office, I was aghast at the strange photos of Mrs Wigwe and her “battered face” and worse still to read of severe injuries to her “spine” which according to the report could leave her paralysed! I was also shocked that the story of how the argument started had been shamelessly and fraudulently altered. I was shocked to read that my two children took her to hospital. I was shocked to hear that I had beaten her up in 2008 because I had brought women to the Residence. And many other concoctions of our story over the years completed my day of mystery and entry into the world of absolute scandal and blackmail, with intent to extort money from me.

I affirm on my honour that I am not a wife beater. I affirm that in the many years that I have known and lived with Mrs Wigwe, she has always been the aggressor. That Mrs Wigwe is prone to using her fists first rather than engage in a debate or an argument to prove her case. If anyone is guilty of violence in my home, it is Mrs Wigwe. If anyone is a victim of domestic violence it is I. I have lost many spectacles over the years following Mrs Wigwe’s direct hit on my face. I sleep every night afraid that she may enter my room and stab or strangle me in my sleep. I am for this reason half awake all night. I do not take phone calls when I enter the Residence. Every call I take is suspected to be from a woman who must also be my girlfriend. So even for official calls from colleagues or from my host government or my own government, I have to go downstairs where she cannot hear that I am making a call. On some occasion when I would have fallen asleep and had forgotten to turn the television set off, she had stormed into my bedroom with lights blazing, to accuse me of making a call. On such occasions, I normally summon all the humility and composure in me to endure the unwarranted interruption of my sleep in order not to provoke an argument. Mrs Wigwe removes the photographs of people she does not like from the album of official events organised by the Embassy. She had also asked that DVDs be edited to remove the people she no longer considered as friends or people she said did not greet her in a respectful way or people whose affinity to me could not be sufficiently established. Most recently, she abused officials of the Association of Nigerian Women in Kenya (ANWIK) and prevented me from attending the Nigerian Family Fun Day on Easter Saturday 23rd April 2011, organized by the women because she was angry that ANWIK which is registered with the High Commission did not consult and get her approval before approaching the Embassy. The women had apologised and pleaded and even bribed her with a free special dress which she had accepted, but in vain they pleaded. On the day of the event we were not there and my colleague from Ghana had to stand in for me!

On the level of public conduct, Mrs Wigwe has so intimidated and assaulted many people in Nairobi, men and women and staff of the High Commission alike that the High Commission no longer holds dinners, luncheons and other mandatory functions in the Residence. If in doubt, please ask around Nairobi. Mrs Wigwe has assaulted and abused so many people at public gatherings in Nairobi that people fear to greet me when we meet at public functions. Mrs Wigwe hardly supports me in my work. Although she struggles to have a copy my weekly programme and quarrels when my staffs forget to leave a copy for her, she often criticises me for attending too many functions. When people commend me for the work that I do she feels offended and often complains that I am the reason why people don’t notice her. I have tried in vain to encourage her to do more social work or to consider doing a post graduate course in any of the universities in Nairobi, as a way of keeping her occupied and fulfilled. But after three years living in Nairobi, she has not added any educational value to her degree.

On relations with staff of the Mission, Mrs Wigwe is a constant irritant. She considers herself as the ambassador and I her weak deputy. She calls staff and directs them on what to do. She intimidates the local staff and threatens to sack them and when I refuse to do so, we quarrel.

Mrs Wigwe is in dire need of psychiatric examination or what religious persons may call spiritual deliverance, but over the many years and on each occasion when I or those close to us have advised her to do so, she had always ended up insulting us. But this woman needs help. Every woman who shakes hands with Dr Wigwe is a threat to Mrs Wigwe. Even my female colleague ambassadors have not been spared. Mrs Wigwe’s ten finger nails are painted and coloured differently ranging from blue, red, brown, and gold to yellow. A different colour and pattern for each finger nail. Everybody sees something funny in that especially for a woman her age and status, but only Mrs Wigwe sees it as most fashionable and chic.

Mrs Wigwe is desperate seeing that my posting is fast coming to an end. She badly needs money. She set me up and used me as a pawn by destroying me knowing that we were never going to be husband and wife again after Nairobi. Our coming together was only for the sake of sharing in the glamour and glory of high office. That was the motivating factor for her uncharacteristic concern for my welfare on that night of the 11th and that was why she refused to believe either I or her daughter and instead proceeded to generate an argument using provocative language. She had obviously concluded that Dr Wigwe must not be allowed to leave Nairobi with honours on his back. That was the plot and she found a willing accomplice who introduced her to a woman lawyer who is a friend to the Editor of the junk newspaper otherwise called the Star. That is how the Star has come to champion this fake and fraudulent story in an attempt to help the friend of a friend in her most difficult time of financial ruin and imminent suicide.

My daughter, Adanne and son Nelson Ikenna, had stormed the Star newspaper offices to protest the falsehood the Editor so shamelessly carried in her paper. The Editor had confessed to my children that she and the lawyer were actually friends. Two quality newspapers in Kenya namely the Nation and the Standard had refused to carry the junk story. Nelson has further made a comprehensive statement to the Diplomatic Police, where he had met the Residence Security guard (name withheld) who had witnessed the actions of Mrs Wigwe on the night of the event and had struggled in vain with the Cook and my son Nelson to restrain Mrs Wigwe, with a “seriously damaged back and spine.” Mrs Wigwe had coached, coaxed and incited him to misinform the police about what happened in order to make her story credible but fortunately for Truth and Justice and fortunately for the millions of men like me all over the world who are silently suffering and living under the Tyranny of a Woman, who are Living in Bondage, who are emotionally and physically abused and assaulted on a daily basis by their wives, who are forbidden to bring their relatives to the house, who are forbidden to bring visitors to the home, who are impoverished by gluttonous and greedy wives, the Christian and God fearing Guard refused to be intimidated. May the Truth prevail.

Violence against Men is real and must be stopped. The stereotyping of men as being responsible for domestic violence has gone too far and has damaged permanently the reputation of so many good men. Many men have lost their lives or have been forced to commit suicide because of over domineering and manipulative women. The female predators move on with glee to their next victim. Mrs Wigwe has proven beyond doubt my long held beliefs that “Truth is a lie repeated three times,” and another which says that “He lies often who cries often.”

Dr Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe
Dated this 30th day of May 2011 at Nairobi, Republic of Kenya


Anonymous said...

Linda, he is not lying. I live in Kenya and I have seen the wrath of this evil woman.He has suffered abuse in her hands. She is evil. All he says is true.

Dr. Chinedu DDS said...

Abeg this one too much I no fit read. Linda biko help me read and explain in summary. thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Lmao @Chinedu

Abeg Linda I need that essay summarized as well.
I was going to read it until I saw the lenght and was like hell no.

chukwuemekandalakirigbigeniusdcoolius said...

this one na textbook o, linda summarize abeg

dimokokorkusstella said...

I read the lenght of it and if you ask me its a big shame,why is he washing linen in public?isnt there a way he could have responded to this without getting so low?...birds of the same feather.......

i they are both deserving to each other.

okay,okay jokes apart,is he trying to say something just fell on her face and she was so badly battered?he didnt touch her?yeah right.

its simple,he beat her and didnt know her injuries were so severe.abeg abeg story story na him be all these.she didnt beat herself,i dnt care how they have been living but the pictures i saw was that of a badly battered your story mister!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1, you sound like a wife beater or girl friend beater yourself. Evil woman indeed. If she was that evil, why did he ask her to comeback to Kenya. She really inflicted those wounds on herself right? All this long letter will not stop the fact that this short man has a temper. Wait till his other wives start coming out, that is if he has not paid them off already

Anonymous said...

Short men, fear them ooooo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow..don't know which of them to believe.but I must say it's a big shame..considering how old they are and how long they have lived together..and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to their children,it must be very difficult for them seeing their old parents who should be cautioning them about such things now being the ones dealing with domestic violence.their story is not very common considering their age and status..and somehow from their story it's obvious they love each other but have this unusual love-hate relationship.and also from what I can deduce the man is a typical Nigerian man,who is so deep in the cheating game,and this obviously infuriates the wife,but I would have Thoth that at the age she is at..her comfort should have come from the knowledge and love of Christ.she should be concerning herself with her grandchildren and children,as long as the man still gives her money towards her upkeep...their story is such a shame and also an embarrassment to Nigerian embassy in Kenya and nigerians as a whole.and it's worrying again to know that their love-hate violence dates back to the 80's..Amazing!!!!!.they both need Jesus Christ,more than they need a shrink....Again my sympathy goes to their children......

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe i read it all. But i guess it's good to hear his side of the story. It's shame that they are both abusive to each Other. There is obviously a history of violence, but those pictures were terrible. Perhaps she provoked him? assaulted him and he retaliated.
The kids should speak out and help clear his name as it will be hard for anyone to believe his version of events with those pictures that have been released.

Those of you who keep envying the so called 'rich' people, shinne your eyes well well o! GEJ & Patience are trying to do same by keeping up appearances when we all know Jonathan loves his drink and young girls. Hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

@ Dimko...

Are you serious he said something fell on her face? LWKM...which kain lie be wa o.

I couldn't even bring myself to scan through...

Jade said...

I live in Kenya too and almost everyone knows this woman. He is not
lying. She is evil and pple know that except if they don't want to tell the truth. I blame the man too to some extent but thru it all Mrs.Is EVIL

Myne Whitman said...

We Nigerians are champions of dysfunction. You had an acrimonous marriage with this woman and have been separated for years, and yet see where it has landed both of you.

That said, I think he hit her.

Kudos to the government for recalling him. Hope we're all learning.

Anonymous said...

@ stella. This Mrs wigwe was having an affair with the reporter of The Nairobi Star. She took advantage. If u read carefully, he admitted that they did have a scuffle of sorts that is how she hurt herself. Again, I live in Nairobi and Dr. Wigwe is a personal friend...all he has outlined in here is TRUE. She is just a money hungry individual. The association on Nigerian Women in Kenya can even attest to that. Greedy woman. I hope she burns in hell

Ijeoma said...

I see we are back to blaming the woman.

Why are Nigerian people, so bloody misogynistic?

Anonymous said...

Stella, you are smarter than that.
Even when i read the article on your site, the moment i saws the pics i knew there was a set up.
There is no way this man would have grown up kids and they would be at home and watch there father batter there mother the way that pic depicted.
I just knew there was something fishy.
The man might not be completely truthful but the woman sure is not.
The truth is probably in the middle.

Anonymous said...

when other ambassadors are spying, we are fighting in public.

Anonymous said...

This man is lieing through his ass

Anonymous said...

This man is a bloody liar, he beat his wife, he didn't know it will get out of hand like it has, and he's trying to give a dog bad name to kill it. A typical nigerian politician, who has been married twice and the second wife left him in less than 4 years like he stated, only God knows why she left though, will not remain married to his wife if she's really this bad and also fights and steals from him, i'm so ashamed for thier kids cos it's them that are being embarassed

Myk said...

It has gone beyond privacy,it's a national/international affair which deserves a public explanation and I do not regard this as washing dirty linen in public. The Man did the right thing and the woman should come out to defend herself also.
Many a time Men has been regarded as the aggressor in domestic violence but it's a farce. I blame the man for taking the woman back. When you forgive people they never forgives themselves and comeback hurting you finally.

Anonymous said...

I don't support domestic violence or any type of violence for that matter.the two of them are to be blamed ESP.the man.he should have simply walked away,even if the woman hit him first...but from all indications,this isn't their first or second or third...infect they have a history of violence dating from way back...shame..and for them to still be together they must feel something for each other..but also it seems that the mans philandering ways makes it difficult for the woman to be happy..I mean no woman no matter her age can bear to see her husband cheat and be happy.she must be a violent woman also,or probably her level of violence has grown over the years....but if u ask me,sincerely those her photos were obviously manipulated,as in she made an effort to plaster or rob the blood from the left side of her face allover her face..cos if u notice the blood looked like foundation funny but I guess the man made her unhappy over the years...I don't think there's any reason why a man shld lay hands on a woman...such a big shame...but I hope they can rest after this whole embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

@ dimokokorkusstella . Well, i pray you dont experience certaing things. I guy had a right off acident based on such issue. several men crying in silent, u may be forced to talk when you are pushed to the wall. can u stand over 17yrs pains and public insult.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ comments about being a money hungry woman; after 30 years of marriage, really? said...

seriously Linda were u xpecting me 2 read all dat? Abeg i no fit. But on a more serious note, when i first those pix, i found it hard to belive dat a man of dat age can inflict such injuries on a person. where him for borow dat kind power? abi him be Fatai Rolling Dollars? Dat said, i tink both man n woman need a good shrink.

Anonymous said...

women ,women ,women ,hmm

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that this woman is truly has he has describe her as I am close friends with his daughter. She really is a piece of work and her pictures where photoshot. Pls don't dismiss this story believe me he is INNOCENT and soon you will all see!

Anonymous said...

well from the long story i just read and also the comments made by people who know this family well in Nairobi,all i can say is this woman is what we Yorubas call ASHIFE IYAWO........
she should be checked m sure she's got some psychological problems.

Anonymous said...

Blame the victim people, why don't you!

tayo said...

Both of them are guilty.. when he knew all these years he was not in love with his wife and continue to fight her under one roof? with grown up kids.. come on!!! are they kidding us?
Na wa sha

Anonymous said...

I don't believe a man of his age can come back home from work and start beating his wife over whether she served him food or not. Even so, assuming he's such a brute, will he batter like that in the presence of their children and all the household staff. If he's at fault how come he confidently calls his children to his defense. I've tried to picture this scene, children cannot rise up against their innocent mother in favour of a wicked father. They need to call witnesses and check both their records to know the truth but like he said, I believe she assaulted him first and took advantage of her injuries.

PS Nigerians are lazy just to read something for 5mins, you're crying for summary

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11;08 you should be ashamed of yourself. So you decided to go through with this nonsense of accusing her when you are one of the people that gets women for him.

Anonymous said...

hmmm..i believe she's lying.when i first saw the pictures, i noticed there were no bumps to justify her being hit.she probably inflicted the wounds on herself.i guess he wanted a good public image that was why he asked her to come back to him...its a pity tho that he had to wash his dirty linen in public just to save face.anyway that is my opinion sha....women too can be evil so dont blame only men...n i'm not a wife batterer:-)

Anonymous said...

call it female instinct but when i saw the first article with her pictures, i had to hold myself from commenting because she did not look like someone that was battered.her face was not swollen apart from that cut. i decided to affirm this intuition of mine before judging and lo and behold, i believe this guy's story...he may have been a womanizer, i dunno about that but i believe the woman is evil and probably wants to destroy him. women too can be evil..the bible says a lot about the ones to avoid.its a pity that after all these years, their dirty linen is made public this way but if he dint try to keep up appearances by bringing her back to his life then this would not have is even so wrong that they did not officially divorce before living with other people but who knows, maybe they even had a chance at working things out but this has shown that she doesnt have his good at heart.i dont live in kenya and i'm not his friend but i just knew...i hardly believe everything i read in the papers nowadays anyway..she just dint look traumatized to me or like she had just been beaten up..fightin yeah but not someone who has been beaten up..n yes again,i am a woman speaking

Anonymous said...

Ambassador Wigwe was posted to New York around 2006.He is a sociable person and the wife was not living with him then. He made a mistake of taking her back.He probably thought he should take her back after all she gave him five children but hey, see what she did to him and his career now? Poor man.

Anonymous said...

All this story is just face-saving. if the lady has been that bad, i wonder why he had not deem it fit to divorce her, or is it compulsory that an ambassador must have a wife?

Anonymous said...

This defence looks too cheap and unconvincing....the point to note is that he battered her,simple!!!

Anonymous said...

she has been lucking her doors for a long time and you still deem it fit to call her your wife, mchewww

Anonymous said...


Ogechi said...

Hmm, i cant stop laughing... Who doesn't know Ada's mum. she is fire for fire, that woman did everything the man said cos I have known them since Naija days, she was even my aunty's friend in London. Immediately the pictures came out, my aunty said that i mustn't believe anything cos she knows her too well.. they were close friends before she relocated to Kenya. I tell u what, that woman is WAHALA.. I can't say it all. I blame the man too for taking her back but my aunty said he did it cos of the children.

Ada and Nelson know their mum too well, wish they will give their own account of the story. Enough said.

I can imagine what my aunty will say when i call her to tell her the latest development.

PoshBabe said...

Na wah, why are some people talking like they dont know what women can do... Was it not on Linda's blog we read about a lady that lied to the police that her boyfriend stole some dollars just for silly revenge.

Judging from everything i have read and from my sister in Kenya, i had to ring her to confirm because she is Ada's close friend. She said Ada's mum is like that to the extent that she doesnt allow female friends into their house to visit her children cos she'll think they are coming to see her husband that and even more.

My people, this world na wah.Make we just dey pray.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... Is this supposed to be Nollywood movie, i can see Patience Ozokwor in action... whatever, God knows best.

Ada said...

Firstly to all u 'Readers' looking for summary from Linda, shame on u, na u send am go school??? pls stop disturbing us, dis story didnt take more than 10mins, if u're not interested in knowing his side den u shldn't have bothered commenting...Lazy people!!!

@ Stella dimoko u sound like u've lived with them, u're an amebo journalist, d least u can do is ur own research n not make wrong inferences...where did he say sumthn fell on her face? and Anon 10.51 (a lazy non-reader too) jumped on ur conclusion as truth...*smh*

Personally, I havent lived with this family but this man's story doesn't sound made-up...if u read it well, it was hard to find any unfilled gaps or unanswered questions, if it was made up, no matter how good, u would still see the gaps in truth... We shld take a stand against violence against men n women, i dont believe all men are to blame in such issues, my Dad almost entered this wahala with my birth mother, but he thought it best to move on with us n married my step-mother. Fastforward over 15yrs now, he's passed away n we r still all in peace together n rmbring him everyday..... I believe this man n i believe his reaction the way he described it cos until u've seen a coniving women at work u'll never fully get it....

Even their family n friends r supporting his story, why would dey lie about that...

There is no doubt that he shares his blame too for probably causing her some hurt too and for not taking a stand sooner n putting his children thru all dis hell, and I hope they can both move forward seperately n get a chance to live better into their old age abeg....As for the children God help dem find some peace n know that this is not wat marriages should be....

xoxo everyone!

Anonymous said...

I blame the man. # 1, it's been long you have been cheating. she caught you in 1998 and disgraced you. Then you said you have been separated for a very long time and she obviously moved on with another man and as you put it "you just got mad and married your colleague at work". Pleeaazzzz... Whatever.... Anyway, the woman was sitting her own jeje in london, but just for appearances sake, you went to disturb the sleeping Tiger and collected her to come and join you to be Ambassador's wife, knowing very well what kind of troublesome person she is, and you want to sit down and complain about this and that, about how she interferes with your job and acts like the Ambassador, and thinks you are the very weak junior ambassodor? Sometimes your story sounds plausible, believable, sometimes, not. You sound like there was some storm of resentment that has been quietly brewing that might have ended in the ultimate battery that we saw, so which is it Chijioke, eh?

j said...

This is real sad

as for you kids of nowadays that are screaming that the essay is too long
na wa o
with such short attention span i pity una

I believe the man
the woman is evil
"O shi iyawo fe" big time
all you men out there y'all need to shine your eyes well well before marrying a woman
its not only about the backasi ,the front and the beauty
it takes a lot to be a wife
even the bible says he who finds a wife has found a good thing

like wise the women,shine your eyes well well not only about the money

life and marriage are meant to be enjoyed and not endured haba
I cant imagine the shame the kids are feeling ,its real sad

imagine how stress free his ilfe wouldve been without this kind of woman
how can you have peace of mind and happiness with this kind of woman


Anonymous said...

when this story was first posted on this blog i said violence against women is unacceptable, and that he should be investigated and jailed if found guilty. I also said that we cant conclude our opinions on this matter because we havent heard both sides of the story. I concluded by saying some men are animals but some women are the animals that bring the animal nature out of men. Lo and behold some stupid and brainless commentators started taking swipes at me and casting all sorts of insults. Now we have heard the mans story and judging from both stories (iv rerad the article from Mrs Wigwe too) i am more inclined to believe the man abeg. Its on this same blog that a woman confessed to calling police for her estranged fiance/bf just to get "revenge". Remember that say "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? We that simply says it all. Pls never be quick to blame men ALL the time like women dont have their own issues. we are all human

evadburns said...

There is the man's version, the woman's version, and then the truth.

I do not believe either of them. But I do believe she was battered.

Also, if the man is truly innocent, and as an ambassador, he should not have divulged his laundry in public. An innocent man will not have gone through this length to prove his innocence. All he had to do, was get hold of the medical records (if indeed she was lying) and publish it instead of writing his autobiography.

By writing this, he has confirmed that he is EQUALLY as manipulative, controlling, and childish. A man of such caliber should not have written this publicly. You did not see Bill Clinton writing an essay as to how he received a blow job from Monica Lewinsky, by writing an account as to why his wife refused him blow job since they got married.

But then again, not many Nigerians with money have class.

Anijawife said...

I can small rat with all the anonymous post.I dont know any Nigerian man who will tolerate as much craps as the man narrated and still stay married with the woman,i beg.
Iam not saying the woman is a saint,we all know the fury of an angry woman but there are too many holes in the man story.There are all kind of "mad" man in high places that pretend outside but terror in the house.

Anonymous said...

This isnt about who is telling the truth or note. Learn from this everyone especially unmarried singles.

I always say, once you get your marriage wrong, every other thing scatters. Get it right and begin to shine.

Dont rush into marriage, You ll rush out or die in there. Even if you feel time is running out, WAIT. Better to have 20 years of blissful marriage than 50 years of a hellish one.

Pray and Wait. Watch and Pray. This story is simply a life lesson.

seun said...

sorry for both parties.
But seriously speaking, the woman the looser.
As a woman she should havetaken time ti think about the future of her children and would have tried protecting their image.It just a shame.
i dont blame the man at all he's just trying to defend himself.
if na u nko when you know you have lost it all?

Anonymous said...

I think they are a funny union.If the situation was unbearable why did he call her back after their break up.
They are birds of a feather so maybe they stayed based on the collective violence.But the fact remains that he probably hit her provoked or not that's wrong.
If he didn't want to stay in the marriage he could have left.

angel said...

ummmmmmmmmmmm, i'v read it all and somehow, am shurt of words.

But to be sincere, it is a shamefull incident when both parties called (HUSBAND AND WIFE) cannot respect themselves no matter what. SHAMELESS COUPLES. I dnt want to know who has the false but for the fact dat both of them are not martured is a blow to humanity and to matrimonial home.

i pray God to help the children and their generations to come.

This is call a BLACK MARK

E J said...

Why all dis english? who? where? and how? it went, is d children i pity becuase i know our society, how and what they will face because of their indicipline parents.

if a woman is stupit can't a man be sensible and if a man is loss can't a woman for God's sake be a virtures woman as the Bible recoment.

How are the model to the family, children, society and the nation as a whole. this is uncall for.

Chiugo said...

to be honest with you, even though am female, i believe the man.. i know from eperiences how vindictive women can someone on this blog rightly pointed out,hell has no fury like a woman scorned.. i remember the only time i saw my parents fight when i was a kid. my mum started d fight and my poor dad was only trying to defend himself. when he pushed her away and she fell, she started shouting and wailing so much that our neighbours ran in.. she then proceeded to make up all sorts of allegations against my dad who was so distraught he couldnt speak.. of course everyone castigated him but we kids knew what happened.. thankfully it was the first and last of such episodes and they lived together till he passed..but i had already learnt my lesson.. Always listen to both sides of d story b4 jumping to conclusions.. i guess thats one reason why i studied law

Fred Orwa said...

I can relate to what is going on, having been married and separated. , and frankly I feel what Dr. Wigwe is going through. I have been set up too by my ex..and suffered in silence and was branded the evil oneby everyone, incidentally I am self spoken and quiet and not a drama king.Dr. Wigwe;s side of the stroy is believable, though like many have already commented the ambassador should have responded to this matter diplomatically.

Dr. Wigwe has handles so many difficult diplomatic issues during his career that have been outstanding and this should have dealt with with ease,
But all in all the ambassador should be sent back to east Africa to continue his good diplomatic work.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to what is going on, having been married and separated. , and frankly I feel what Dr. Wigwe is going through. I have been set up too by my ex..and suffered in silence and was branded the evil oneby everyone, incidentally I am self spoken and quiet and not a drama king.Dr. Wigwe;s side of the stroy is believable, though like many have already commented the ambassador should have responded to this matter diplomatically.

Dr. Wigwe has handles so many difficult diplomatic issues during his career that have been outstanding and this should have dealt with with ease,
But all in all the ambassador should be sent back to east Africa to continue his good diplomatic work.

mr.fred said...

I can relate to what is going on, having been married and separated. , and frankly I feel what Dr. Wigwe is going through. I have been set up too by my ex..and suffered in silence and was branded the evil oneby everyone, incidentally I am self spoken and quiet and not a drama king.Dr. Wigwe;s side of the stroy is believable, though like many have already commented the ambassador should have responded to this matter diplomatically.

Dr. Wigwe has handles so many difficult diplomatic issues during his career that have been outstanding and this should have dealt with with ease,
But all in all the ambassador should be sent back to east Africa to continue his good diplomatic work.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I came across the son's account of what happened on point blank news. He basically collaborated this Dad's account of what happened.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I was gonna say its hard to tell who to believe but something in me tells me the woman is the liar, particularly after reading the son's story. I'm a woman and its easy to want to take sides as in most cases the men are usually the violent ones, however i know for a fact that hell hath no fury than a woman scorned and this Mrs Wigwe seems naturally or should i say spiritually scorned.
Its really not our place to pass judgment on them, at the end of the say the most important thing is for the truth to be revealed and the innocent person exonerated. If investigations reveals she lied, i hope he is publicly exonerated as this has really tarnished his image internationally.

Bradly Jones said...

Thanks for the post. Finally a blog with the full story. This is sad.

call Nigeria

Anonymous said...

People, if you truly watch African Magic, you will see Mama G - Patience, in the woman's act. Sometimes we believe the films are outrageous but I tell you the truth in true life, they do happen.

There are men who can be weak and woman who are tyrants. One thing I noticed, the short time I stayed in UK, is that the women learn a bad habit of trying to override their husbands and own everything. They use the police, social welfare and the law. Knowing that the law is sympathetic to women's issue. I believe writing on the page would not help the man, all he needs to do is get his facts right not just dates, but witnesses, documentations, anything that will confirm the woman acted this up. and then face the court of law, there is no love lost amongst them, the fact that that the lady had a boyfriend living in their matrimonial home is already case enough for the woman to loose but he needs to prove it.

I have seem women like this threat their husbands like rubbish bin in the UK. Turn them penniless because they can twist the law.

We have watched American films and seen how people act up. Sincere I wish I was the woman that was attacked at the train station Nna I go beat this woman to a pulp. I am sympathetic to the man' plight, but if the marriage is not working its not working.