Monday, May 30, 2011

Four killed, 20 injured in Bauchi bomb blasts

No fewer than four persons were killed while 20 others were injured in three bomb blasts inside an army barracks in Bauchi on Sunday. No group had claimed responsibility for the attack which occured in a Mammy Market inside the barracks around 8p.m, according to AFP.

The Bauchi State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mr. Abdulkadir Indabawa, told AFP that four bodies had been recovered while 20 were injured. - Punch


Ade_Cool said...

GEJ needs to grow some furs on his balls mehn!! many bombs are going to go off undetected before he takes punitive action..when we tell them to improve the power situation so that digitized recording of information can flow..they pay lip service to some emerging economies those rats would have been sniffed out..all intelligence aided by technology..not rocket science

Femiluv said...

Bauchi in the news again....praying for the safety of the innocent who live there.

Anonymous said...

Madness as usual. When will it all end. Ignorance at the highest level and yet nothing gets done. We as a nation have to become vigilant towards these enemies of progress