Sunday, May 29, 2011

26 people die, 27 cars burnt in horrific road accident in Ibadan

Crowd at the scene
It was an ugly sight at Aduloju community along Iwo-Road, Ojoo expressway in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Friday May 26, as a nursing mother and 25 other people were burnt beyond recognition following a fatal motor accident involving a tanker fully loaded with petroleum product.

Also, at least 27 vehicles and equipment worth several millions of naira were burnt during the ugly incident described by many as the worst in recent times in the state.
The inferno, which spread up to about 100 metres, also affected about eight buildings including a church around the area.

The unfortunate incident, Saturday Sun learnt, occurred around 10:30 am when the tanker driver, in an effort to avoid a collision with an 18-seater bus, ran into a pole beside the road, thereby pouring its content which eventually led to an eruption of serious inferno.
It was further gathered that all the 18 passengers as well as eight other people, who were roadside mechanics, were also burnt to death.

A nursing mother, who was said to be selling engine oil by the road, was among those who lost their lives, while trying to save her baby who was already trapped in the raging fire.
“It was in an attempt to safe her baby from the fire that she died,” an eyewitness who was at the scene of the fire told Saturday Sun.
According to the eyewitness, several people, many of who were roadside mechanics, were seriously injured and are receiving treatment in different hospitals across the state.

Officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) as well as men of the Nigeria Police had difficult time controlling the traffic as many motorists were trapped for several hours at the highway.
The incident, which occurred in front of a popular filling station, attracted many sympathizers, but, according to the witness, they all watched helplessly as the victims, the 26 vehicles packed within the mechanic village as well as a stationed lorry were being burnt.
A very terrible damage had been done before the officials of Oyo State Fire Service could get to the scene of the incident.
Many of the residents were already caught in fears of the fire spreading to other houses and shops.

The sympathizers, who could not, control their emotion, wept uncontrollably while also blaming the incident on the increasing number of petroleum trucks plying the road. They urged the government to rescue them from the frequent loss of lives and property at Iwo-Road /Ojoo expressway and the neighbouring communities by outlawing haulage trucks from the expressway.
Oyo State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Mr. Godwin Ogagaoghene who described the incident as very unfortunate but said his men were already in control.

Source: Gbenga Adesuyi via The Sun Newspaper


tayo said...

How many more lives will be lost before the Federal govt, state govt and local council do something about the damned roads?

RIP to those pitiful lives lost... I pray GEJ will do something soon!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if we are cursed or something but we can't seem to go 7 whole days without some form of disaster in the news! WTF!!
God bless the dead!!!

Anonymous said...

May God accept the deceased soul in perfect peace. Linda, pls I want to draw you attention to a matter that needs to be talked about. Dimeji Bankole allegedly stole one billion dollars ann several other lootings and acquired a lot properties and President Jonathan is shielding him and refusing that Bankole be arrested. Please do a blog about this bc we need to hold Bankole n mr. president accountable! This one billion dollars could do wonders on the roads of Oyo or in many other lacking infrastructure of the country. Pls do a post abt this.
thx Linda.

Chi-chi said...

This is unfortunate, Nigerian roads are death traps, You cannot tavel in Nigeria without holding a 7-day dry fasting.It grieves my heart, check out how many celebrities we av lost to bad roads and malfunctioning hospital or it,s equipments, some hospital even demands for some outrageous amount before accident victims can be touched. Yet, the so called celebrities/ supposed youth gathered to collect their share of the national cake/Bribery and still come out openly and shamelessly to defend themselves "we were paid for tapping our big brains"). Were there discussions about our roads,does any of them have the idea that accidents are the main cause of mortality of the Nigerian youth? Well, may be they think those dying from RTA have offended GOD, no, it can happen to anybody. God, Deliver NG by thy mighty hands. With these crop of leaders and youth ...........God have mercy.

Damisola said...

Such a tragedy. Everyday we live our lives not knowing that they can end in a minute. The state of the roads in this country.
As Chi-chi said, Linda were ur brains picked on substantial issues affecting the country? Or was it the importance of Nollywood and Gossip blogs?

Anonymous said...

And jonathan is here celebrating his inaugoration what a shame what a pity. These people just died for nothing haba and we say we live in a country called 9ja ehh.

Jen said...

I know the roads are terribly bad, but the drivers are equally as bad, especially the commercial drivers. Alot of people know the roads are bad, yet they still drive recklessly. Having said that the whole road and transportation system of Nigeria needs a reform.
Drivers need to get a drivers licence qualified for, they need to have a speed limits on the roads, with speed camera installed, i could go on and on, but I know right am having a laugh if I think such will happen anytime soon in Nigeria. But the thought of travelling from one state to another, or even with town in Nigeria is a nightmare.
I cry for Nigeria, the lives lost everyday due to bad uncontrolled drivers and bad roads, failed health system is a total shame, that brings me to a conclusion that civilization has completely failed in our country due to the big 'C'