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Monday, 8 October 2012

Play & win Samsung phones and Ipad2 in Chivita Friendometer game

The Chivita Premium Friendometer game is a friendship game on Facebook that seeks to know the type of friends you have. Our rational is this - On facebook you probably have over 4000 friends but the truth is you only know about 200 of them if not less. This game helps you categorize your friends in terms of good friends, bad friends, not-so-familiar friends etc.

All you need to do is to like the Chivita Premium page on Facebook to play the game. (The trick to it is this: the more of your friends that like our page the greater your chances of winning.)

Please continue...

We are giving out lots of SAMSUNG chat phones and an IPAD2 to winners from the game. Also, when you
play the game for the first time, you automatically get a discount
on up to 5 cartons of Chivita.

Go here to play


Warri Girl said...


Mimi said...

Linda, your gbagaun too plenty for this one o. Abi you just put it as they gave you without editing? It's your blog o. So if they gbagaun, u suppose edit am. The first line - it's to be 'that seeks to know'. Then its 200 of them if not less. And its categorize not categories.

Anonymous said...

@Mimi "lol# so ur now a gbagaun sure linda posted what she got from chivita,pocketed her cash and still passed the message across(big grin) @elvisflex

Anonymous said...

Wich kind yeye game be this? I don't even have a facebook page.

Anonymous said...

@ mimi...I see ure trying too hard to be wise...its not just working for u...u jst ended up making a fool of urself...therz notyn wrong in what was posted there...

Anonymous said...

@ mimi...plz dnt take d following comment to heart...but ure trying too. Hard to be wise...its nt just working for u...cos ur correction is d exact Tyn d@ was written in d who exactly r u trying to correct??

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