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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Terry G and Management Company At Loggerheads

The bone of contention: Now Muzik, Terry's management company wants to sell his forthcoming album for N1, 000 (like Tuface Idibia and the rest). Terry G is insisting on N150 because he knows his fans can't afford to buy for 1k. Very sensible Terry! You win this one!


tayo said...

well, he adores his fans and i really like his music... abeg dont sell for 1k
Free him jor

SirTalk said...

I guess Linda has a silent crush on Terry G. Who cares about him. Does he still do music, I guess no.

Anonymous said...

who go buy TERRY G for 1k?... no body go buy am!

Tuface has built a reputation..that's why i bought 2 of the CDs.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Amanyi aka Terry G weds Linda Ikeji= The most prudent couple in Nigeria. LMAO.
i'm kidding o!
But he is wise sha, there is no gain for him, I mean seriously how many people can stand that his sangolo sangolo kind of music, he needs to grow as an artist before people will spend their money like that.
As for me, Bluetooth is my best friend if you know what i mean *winks*

Anonymous said...

bluetooth is my best friend why should i waiste that kind of money for his musik men i rather go carry okpo oo

VJ said...

Terry G's musik is cool man! 150 or 1k e no matter.

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