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Monday, 6 June 2011

EFCC arrest outgoing speaker, Dimeji Bankole

Bankole flanked by EFFC operatives on arrival at EFCC Headquarters
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, was yesterday afternoon Sunday June 5, arrested by EFCC in his home in Asokoro, Abuja, despite the reported plan by Bankole to appear in the anti-graft office, today Monday June 6.

It was gathered that Bankole’s security aides resisted moves by the EFCC operatives from effecting his arrest until the EFCC chairman, Farida Waziri pulled a call to the Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim and the SSS Director General to withdraw their men. The duo then ordered the removal of their operatives, thus paving way for the arrest of the embattled Speaker by anti-corruption  agency.

According to impeccable sources, Bankole may face  a four-count charge. - Vanguard


Anonymous said...

This picture is priceless.One down more to go lol

Anonymous said...

Will these leaders ever learn?????????? In a country where babies die every day because their parents cant afford antibiotics and in a country where millions of smart enthusiastic kids have to drop out of school because their parents cant afford it and in the same country where mums cry every day beecause they cant feed their kids ONE nutritiously balanced meal a day.....May God help us!!!They are greedy, selfish and self absorbed.

Shakara said...

Next on the list may be OGD. OBJ is fighting back....

J said...

I feel extremely sad with this development.
when Bankole was appointed into this post I was happy that finally the young ones can rule and make a success out of it/make a difference.

I am utterly disappointed and disgusted at Bankole.
it only shows that power intoxicates completely
I mean its not like he was from a poor family or whatever.
The love of money is sickening and he should be made to face the music if hes guilty


Anonymous said...

and i had a crush on this guy at some point oo. I dont want to think i am a bad judge of character. lol. seriously, i hope EFCC goes all out to punish all those that satisfied their pockets at the expense of public funds.(that is if this case wont be swept under the carpets when they (EFCC) think we have looked away)

Anonymous said...

It is stories like this that make me loose hope in this country and seriously doubt if we can ever be free of corruption. I remember when this guy first came on the scene. He was like a beacon of hope, a breath of fresh air, a shining star, but at the end we were the ones that were disappointed.

Personally I knew he wasn´t sh*t when he appeared on BBC´s Hardtalk, acting a fool. He was busy defending OBJ and the rest of them. At that point I knew we were doomed.
He´s being arrested... now what!?. He will get away with it at the end, just like the rest of them always have...Igbenedion, Ibru and Co.

Linda delete my first comment, if mistakenly posted ..It was filled with errors...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Who are they fooling, EFcc is ful of shyt. Please my people do not be deceived by this show it is to deceive the people into thinking that efcc is doing their job. Ask your selves this question, how many of the other politicians that have been accussed by efcc is in jail now? from uzor kalu to igbinedion, how many of them have been jailed? Nonsense, who them wan deceive

Anonymous said...

where is Bode George today?

Anonymous said...

let these thief be arrested and be placed in a cell with armed robbers

Anonymous said...

If na Houston, i fit understand cos that house no go pass $500k.

Happy birthday to the celebrant, wish you the best

Anonymous said...

Abegi, all of una make u no get high blood pressure for nothing....All these ones na part of the game......the most that will happen is he will go and do 6 months in one posh hospital after he suddenly develops a severe illness. After that he'll be back roaming the streets, attending owambes and spending his loot.

Na the way of our pple be that

Ayodeji said...

LOL! Why are Nigerians happy now? Nothing will come out of this. He will do six months in 'Kirikri- his house" and then, he will be free to spend the remainder of the money!

Anonymous said...

yeye rogue i hope he rots in jail ooo if he gets there at all,i hope his case doesn't go d way of ibori n igbinedion,bloody thief

TN. said...

@ J, i can recognise your writeup & post anyday, anywhere, anyplace. So far so good i think you have been making lots of sensible contributions on Linda's blog & this very one on Bankole is not exeptional. Welldone JayD.

Anonymous said...

Please correct me if am wrong, but are the Northerns not guilty of any corruption offences, am sure there are more corrupt people in the north, but Mrs Farida only seem to come after Southerners. I am not in any way condoning what this people have done, but it always seem to me that some parts of the contry are more targeted.
Farid Waziri must go with the new government time to elect a southerner for a change into that post. There are bigger thieves in the North, Bankole has named the newly elected House speaker, Farida get off your arse and go after your own people. There is far more poverty in the north, so its obvious there is more looting up there.

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