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Monday, 6 June 2011

Feedback On 'Should I Stay Or Go?'

Dear LIB Comment Contributors,
You are very wonderful and special. Your comments have changed my life to the fullest. After going through your comments, I have decided to leave based on the following.
I know God gave me the Job so that I should come out of my Egypt. ( I was like under Pharaoh's authority). I have been faithful enough to this man to make my marriage work but he wasnt there for me.  All the illtreatments I was facing was a sign that he wanted me to voluntarily move out of his life.
To those who say that (i may lose my job someday) Thank you for contributing but this job is a gift from God and only the devil can take it away and since he (the devil) did not contribute to my sucess, I forbid him to take what God gave me in Jesus' Name (Amen).
I am leaving and Once again - THANK YOU readers and keep reading
All the LIB readers and those who commented on my story.  You have done alot to my life and that of my kid.


Loudmouthed said...

Without sounding rude, you had already decided to move. You totally didn't need to ask LIB readers for advise, maybe you already have someone else. If it was a man that acted like this they would criticize him. You stayed there when you didnt have anything, why did you not leave then??????? I am not advising, I am just saying. stop looking for good excuse to do what you want to do #justsaying

Anonymous said...

my dear I really wish you the best in life but really is an internet blog commented on by randoms the best place to seek advice? I mean really advice that can shape your destiny - the internet? Goodluck

Ms. J said...

Good luck

sakara said...

loudmouthed...f u just got nothing to say better move on...u sound like a loser that her husband is....pls lady move on God s on ur side

Loudmouthed said...

abeg Sakara carry your own go one corner jare.. U just heard one side of the story and you are asking her to leave. Yes, we know men are not good but eh! why didnt she leave since??

hot N cold said...

Anon 4:58...I wonder what you're doing on this blog. And who are you for her to listen to a supposedly sensible person like you? Why not go to her house and advise her? You think those who invented the internet are fools like you?

If you have a sister advise her to go and marry a man who has 6 kids already and lives in their family house. Remember to force her to stay married to the man knowing fully well he had half of 'em kids while dating/married to ur sis. Imbecile!

hot N cold said...

Loudmouthed, comot for road abeg. U think everythin na rush rush for dis life. You ain't saying nuthin so shut it.

Anonymous said...

@hotncold - so im @ work browsing and see that Mr or Miss or Mrs hotncold has taken the time to respond - I guess your inability to respond in a civilised manner is the reason you resort to cheap insults - you didnot grasp the fact that I didnt advise her in regards to staying or leaving her marriage - you know what I change my mind - I doubt that you are intelligent (?) enough to be reasoned with - so let me just say this -it's my opinion and last time i checked i'm entitled to state it. BYE

hater said...

I went to read the older post and i have these questions for you:

You are TRUTHFUL that you didn't know he was married before and even had 6kids, though you were at malawi?

How did you meet in the first place?

There were no tell tales signs for the 4years you dated?

He funded your mother's burial and you got married traditionally, why? No church wedding?

Living with his siblings, 6 children from the other women, with your own siblings, nieces and nephews in the same house??? IT MUST BE A BIG HOUSE! or am i mistaking? #scratching head#

As much as i want to be sympathetic, SOMETHING IS MISSING! #i can't put my finger on it!#

You have already made up your mind, after 10years of been together, you did'nt have another baby? why? #you were not sincere and explanatory in your narration!#

Nevertheless, good luck and you are better off without him, because you were simply a 2nd fiddle all the time!

hot N cold said...

Can u remind me of what they call people who respond to unintelligent people? Stupid? Can't remember now...

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