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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ice Prince's Oleku video was leaked.

The video you all watched on my blog and other blogs was actually a leaked video. And Choclate City, Iceprince's record label has blocked the video and plan to take legal action against the individual(s) behind the leaked video.

It's not me sha o...:-)


Surprise said...

Linda, you are liable. You are going to be sued for culpable culpability and accersory after the facts. But if you let me handle your brief for a fee of =N=10 million only, then you can be sure of winning the case. Mind you, I am not a barrister o, but a Kollington. lol

Kay said...

Linda, you cannot wash your hands off this dirt now, you are already in it!! You had better remove all the posts you made about it on your blog! O me chagu!

Anonymous said...

oooh well,good it was a leak,atleast this will give the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and do us another video cos that one is crap..for a high demand song like oleku to have a crappy video like that is a real shame..pls do something worth watching abeg...

Anonymous said...

lol at kollington not barrister. linda u have to gree for surprise. he is one funny guy.

Surprise said...

@anon 10:53 pm...God bless you o jare my personal person.

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