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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

FBI Wants 26-Year Old Nigerian Scammer

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has demanded the extradition of a 26-year old Nigerian, Olaniyi Makinde, in connection with e-mail scams currently valued at about USD800,000. A source at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said the FBI is particularly interested in Mr. Makinde, who is currently standing trial in Ondo State, because of the peculiarity of the scam method which involved remotely breaking into the accounts system of an online payroll company in California, Intuit Inc.

When contacted, the spokesperson of the EFCC, Femi Babafemi, declined to speak in details about the case but our source also said that the EFCC and the FBI have been working together on this case since last year adding that while the FBI would like to try Mr. Makinde in the US, the EFCC want him tried in Nigeria.

Amongst other charges in the 23-count charge brought against the 26-year old, the EFCC said that Mr. Makinde managed to manipulate the American online payroll system to deposit cash in his Intercontinental and Ecobank accounts in Nigeria. “He installed malicious codes in several victims’ personal computers with which he fraudulently stole their bank information to steal $600, 000,” an official document obtained by NEXT said. “Because of that boy, three FBI agents came to Nigeria in October. They wanted to see the person that could carry out this deal offshore,” our source at the EFCC said. 

The accused, Mr. Makinde, who also goes by the aliases Olaniyi James and Andrea Bradley, recently graduated from the University of Ado Ekiti with a degree in Economics and is scheduled to take part in the compulsory National Youth Service scheme. He however remains in the custody of Nigeria’s anti-graft agency which said that if convicted of the over 20 count charges brought against him, Mr. Makinde could serve as much as 60 years in jail.

Source: 234next


Kay said...

That Makinde guy is a menace to the Internet-based companies. He should be thoroughly interrogated about how he did it.
I don't blame the Yanks for coming to yank him off! They want to know how he did it. Chikena!

Anonymous said...

and people keep saying it's the Igbo boys that portray Nigeria as theives internationally...smmhhh ! lemme hear someone bluffing about Igbos & their love for money again and see if I wuldn't knock all their teeth off !

Anonymous said...

They should employ him a a cheif hacker. He could divulge some of his knowledge

Abike said...

Omo! See free visa and ticket to yankee o. ahahahah!!! ok iKID, actually, I don't kid jo. hehehe

Anonymous said...

This guy is a criminal computer wizard o!

They should tap into his vast knowledge o!

Anonymous said...

This guy's a Junk!
He's no hacker, these internet fraudsters pay hackers online to break the system for them, the hackers don't use it themselves cos they know they'll be traced and eventually caught, he was caught because they traced where the money's was being sent to.
They're all useless to the society, our government is doing very little to stop this international disgrace, we can control the internet in Nigeria and track every single one of these guys but then, who cares?

Anonymous said...

We are a nation of vast human resources .We are one of the best species in the world we NIGERIANS and its true.
However all gift used to power evil will be ridiculed.If he had used that brain and know how to start the internet (bill gate) or facebook ...shebi it will benefit all of mankind...
Its sad and a pity and its not just him its all Nigerians ..he and many others are just a reflection of what our morals are in our country.
Lets work hard to get our moral back and power good of mankind...
If you shrugged after reading it then you know you are part of the problem...lol

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