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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Knorr Taste Quest Episode 7- Victor Bows to the Heat!

It’s another episode of your weekly culinary adrenaline rush, Knorr Taste Quest 2, Hot Just Got Hotter!! This week, the contestants were reminded that the competition is anybody’s game with the eviction of self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Victor Akpojovwo. The task of the day was tagged Healthy eating- cooking for a vegetarian, and the 11 contestants were asked to prepare a three course meal in Fifty minutes. Fourteen Ingredients were provided, out of which, six was to be used in all three courses. The six must use ingredients were; Karela (Bitter Melon), Mushrooms, Oatmeal, Lentils, Pawpaw and Cheddar Cheese. Other ingredients included, Okra, Zucchini, Radish, Knorr, Carrots, Green pepper, Cocoyam and Baby cucumbers. Continue...

As the contestants scampered about the kitchen to get their dishes done on time, the judges debated about the contestant’s familiarity with most of the ingredients and they were positive that most of them would be able to pull it off. 

During the presentation of dishes, Chef Renée liked Popoola’s mushroom soup but he was reprimanded for not using all the ‘must use’ ingredients as instructed, Olabode also got mixed reviews as his dish didn’t turn out well because it was hurriedly made.  On the other hand, a surprise performance came from the unassuming Dixon, as the judges had nothing but praises for her dishes, especially the dessert making her task winner of the day. She was rewarded with the sum of Twenty Thousand Naira for her performance, along with Wando and Ojo who came second and third, and got Ten Thousand Naira, and Five Thousand Naira respectively.

 The heat was however the hottest for the Calabar recruit, Victor, whose dish according to Dr Roberts “was a hot mess”!! This was also a far cry from his usual performance, leaving the judges very disappointed.  He subsequently was told to submit his knives, and was evicted from the show.
Five down, eight more to go!! Do you have an idea who might win the title Nigeria’s best?? Share your thoughts, and recipes on www.facebook.com/KnorrNigeria. You can also watch missed episodes on www.Youtube.com/KnorrNigeria.


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