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Friday, 12 August 2011

Ramsey Noah denies breaking his waist on movie set

A few weeks ago, stories spread on the internet that star actor Ramsey Noah had been involved in a life threatening accident on set of a movie in Ghana. The story was that Ramsey crash-landed on a concrete floor when he fell from a building while trying a stunt on a movie set in Kumasi. The actor has expressed dismay at the story, saying it never happened. Ramsey tells an Encomium reporter:
“It is not true at all. That is why I don’t talk to journalist because what they do is carry fake stories. People have been calling me about this issue, but I don’t say anything about it because it pisses me off. I read that I broke my waist, but all these are lies. I was in Ghana for a film shoot and on set I fell from the ladder. It was nothing serious. It’s just that the people there got scared, but nothing happened to me. And before I knew it, the story had circulated that it was life threatening. After I came back from Ghana, the next day I went to RMD’s birthday party very healthy and not bend-walking.


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