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Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Five Richest Nigerian Stockholders - Forbes Writer

Oba Otudeko
Based on figures derived from investment agencies, the latest annual reports and confirmations from capital market registrars, these are the five richest people who own stocks listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The value of the shares is based on prices at the end of trading on August 9, 2011. Note: these figures exclude private assets.

1. Aliko Dangote
Net Worth On The NSE:  $12.1 billion
Source: Dangote Group

Continue to see the remaining four...

2. Jim Ovia 

Net Worth on the NSE: $220.5 million
Source: Zenith Bank

3. Sayyu Dantata
Net Worth on the NSE: $67 million
Source: MRS Oil

4. Oba Otudeko
Net Worth on the NSE: $63.3 million
Source: Honeywell Flour Mills, First Bank

5. Eddy Martins Egwuenu
Net Worth on the NSE: $54.2 million
Source: Zenith Bank

Read the fulll report here


Anonymous said...

Zenith always sets a standard, number one bank in africa

Anonymous said...

Jesus,...while some people are on d street suffering...Father i want to be a billionnaire too(not in Naira God pls in Dollars abi Pounds) , hear my cry oh Lord....dreams are free bt i want my dreams to turn to testimony IJN...Amen. But Linda U̶̲̥̅̊ can make person tink oooooo

Iheanyi Akwitti said...

Okay, this makes sense. Because if private assets are included, I can't imagine how Sayyu Dantata will rank among the top 5. But $67 million? That nigga is paid. Too bad he spends it all on ponies and all those hausa women.

*ajalahtravel* said... name go soon follow watch out for


Nnaemeka 1 said...

Since the listing was based on stock holdings, yes I think Jim Ovia should make the top 5 list (founding MD who dedinitely owned the highest share-holding in the hugely-capitalised bank).

No point in putting Dangote's name. We know he should rank as Numero uno in any list involving Money Nigeria, or even Africa for that matter. I'm surprised to see Wale Tinubu (Oando PLC) missing from the list. Or doesn't he have a significant share-holding in the company?

Jay O said...

Linda abeg its not an official Forbes article, its that blogger on Forbes.

Forbes clearly state there that

"The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer."

Please make sure to put in the article.

Thing with shares is that your worth depends on the company. Its not liquid, and if market crashes tomorrow, it can change drastically.
Eddie Martins sure is chilling sha, too many behind the scene rich men in naija:)

Proud Aristo babe said...

what kind of places do these men visit or rather like to chill at? I am a very low key aristo babe and would love to "take care" of just one or two of these men. Also kindly let me know the one who is into men or boys so I know not to target! there is mula, cheddar, ego, money, owo in some peoples wallets sha

Dosumu said...

Oba Otudeko has more stocks than that..... Everyone in the Know Knows that he's the richest shareholder in Nigeria. He has been trading in shares since NSE inception. Forbes ommitted Ndi Okereke-Onyuike,

CLF said...

Rubbish. The captains of industry aren't even named here. For as long as i've known myself (plus through my parents who are big into buying shares,) these names have always been mentioned; Gamaliel Onosode (don't be deceived by his humility plus he doesn't take bank loans,) Wakilin Adamawa/Hassan Adamu, Bamanga Tukur, Christopher Kolade, Chris Ogunbanjo, Bayo Kuku, Bishop Okonkwo and even the late Folawiyo. They don't make any din....

Anonymous said...

IGBO MAN will always make the list no matter what.. pls lets respect this tribe no matter what....God is with them

xyz said...

Linda stop misleading readers. this is not a forbes publication. it's just a one guy's blog haba. the quality of the research tire me

Anonymous said...

I hope thy are all paying their taxes.

Anonymous said...

Do they give award?Do they give award?

AJCiti said...

Interesting list... Dangote was an obvious one.. it's crazy how his wealth is substantially greater than all the others lol. But I'm sure there are a few more illegitimate billionaires in Naija. said...

Remember stock is only worth what one is willing to pay for it at any point in time.

Dangote is wealthy, but I don't think he's liquid.

sakara said...

can somebody pls tell Oba Otudeko to come adopt me i me d man s a silent billionaire n $$$ #prove me wrong# i beg

Damie said...

@ Anon August 13, 2011 4:11 PM, u r an IDIOT, a BORN FOOL, so the fact that a yoruba man and an hausa man are also included is not significant? God would not be with those tribes abi? And d fool, Alicia would not see this 1 o. She would be screaming tribalism if igbo ppl are insulted but would not say anything when other tribes are being maligned.
@CLF, don't be silly. Can't you read? the damn post says "TOP FIVE". How hard is it for you to comprehend? It does not say top ten. Happy birthday to your parents. What present should we give them? Make your own list since you know so much.

Anonymous said...

Oya you people keep naming names, let the blood suckers called runs girls start hunting these men down

CLF said...

Damie; why the bile because i gave my opinion? I don't agree with this list and i stated my opinion. These five are obviously not in my top five if you are too ignorant to realise that.

I don't believe everything i read.

State your opinion and get lost without maligning other people.

You have abused Alicia for no just reason and you have now abused me. Take your frustration away from here you this "ewu!"

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