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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bank revokes licences of Afribank, Spring Bank, and BankPHB

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has revoked the operating licences of Afribank, Spring Bank,and BankPHB, as they have not shown capacity and ability to recapitalise before the September 30 deadline.

Also effective of 5th of August, 2011. Bank PHB Plc becomes Keystone Bank Limited. Keystone Bank will continue the operations of the Bank PHB.


Anonymous said...

I have my life saving in Zenith bank. Njerians pls tells us if you have any inside sorry about the other banks so boys can come home n move their wad quick quick.


Anonymous said...

We are still in August Linda, how can central bank revoke their licenses before date? I smell something fishy in this, Someone is trying to be busy doing nothing....... Mallam Sanusi are we safe at all? Why not wait till the said date before revoking their licenses? Don't rob Peter to pay Paul pls o, mhhhhhnnnnnnn.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost oooo! What happens to all our money??

CLF said...

Your money is protected, so says NDIC!

Mmmmm, yes why didn't SLS wait until September? Next thing we'll hear that some Governors and/or Ministers have bought these banks!

Jay O said...

Inside gist has been going on concerning these banks, if u knew the "right people". These folks have moved cash since. Even employees knew banks were quenching.

@Anon 6:30, lol you are abroad but put all your life savings in 1 bank? A naija bank? Not a smart move. Even in the US, the govt guarantees your money by FDIC up to $250k. So its best for a person who has a lot to have more than 1 account.

sleekreek said...

Very funny,,,,,CBN revoking licenses before date.....there's more to dis.

Anonymous said...

thank God i dont have anything to do with those banks...thats rather selfish but we are humans right? really i do not understand mallam sanusai anymore since he started the islamic banking thing...

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