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Monday, 8 August 2011

DealDey offers the very best deals in Naija

DealDey is an easy and fun way to get fantastic deals on great experiences in your city. Launched in March 2011, DealDey features a daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in Lagos. Every day, DealDey offers its members 30-70% discount off the best spas, events, fashion, gadgets & food around town!  DealDey members pay for these deals and get coupons which they take to the merchants to enjoy the discount. When users buy these deals they can also share them with friends on social networks such as facebook, twitter, bbm. Members can also refer friends using their personal referral link to earn free credit to buy any deal on DealDey.

DealDey members can pay for deals via any of the payment channels available. These include Paga sms (the mobile payment platform), bank deposit or transfer, Quickteller online & ATM as well as cash drop-off at the DealDey offices on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.
Some great deals that have been featured on DealDey include:

·        Get 50% Off Tickets To The Highly-Anticipated P-Square Invasion.

·        50% Off V.I.P. Tickets AY Live Comedy Show

·        30% Off IMAN Luminous, Pressed Powder Or Oil-Blotting powder.

·        40% Off Go Karting Fun At Get Arena. Original Price=N2500,

·        Watch DSTV On Your Laptop With 32% Off DSTV Mobile Drifta

·        62% Off Luxurious Brazilian Remy Hair!!!

·        40% Off the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Phone from DSTV Mobile!!!

·        50% Off Delicious Pasta, Curries, Fillets, Juices and Smoothies at Cafelicious

·        50% off a Meal of Beef Burger, French Fries and Freshly Squeezed Juice at Delina Bakery

·        34% off Coral & Turquoise Fashion Bracelets.

Deals are available exclusively to DealDey members. The first 5 readers of Linda Ikeji Blog who sign up on DealDey, get N1000 free DealDey credit to buy any deal. So hurry now! Go to the website, Sign Up to start enjoying great discounts and savings. Readers can also like the DealDey Facebook page at or follow DealDey on Twitter:


empower yourself said...

At last we now have Nigerian Companies bringing Luxury to consumers at affordable price. Just signed up and it was quite easy.

I also comfirmed from a colleague at work who has taken advantage of deals from the site in the past and comfirmed their authenticity.

Thanks Linda

Anonymous said...

i have to sign up straight, this is getting interesting.

sakara said...

dealdey need to enlighten Nigerians on what coupons r all about, I saw one on cupcakes and called the number to order for cupcakes more than the minimum advertised expecting to get the 10%incentive but the lady told me she cannot give the 10% cause she's going to deliver for free and am like but u said 'free delivery within Lagos' after much brohaha she finally agreed to give 5% discount...of course i bounced off the phone

R4 said...

Nice biz concept; nice logo; nice biz... blah blah blah, everythin nice,... but e get as the name be ooh. Do they sell in Calabar? The "DealDey" name be tongue twister.

Ps, I'm not Calabar... I'm not hattin...

Sceptical buyer said...

I am sure I am not the only sceptical one here.....I dont believe in sales in Nigeria, let to talk of deals.....when a retail shop have sales....all of a sudden youll see for example a pair of shoes that youve seen before in that shop jump from 5,000 naira to 10,000 and then theyll say they have 50% discount....what does that mean? it means they rnt doing any sale...just scamming the customer! it happens all the time!

So i am not least surprised about the cupcake issue....because most Nigerians are not straightforward...

so i wont sign up for this until Dealdey has shown that its a serious buisness with integrity.

Anonymous said...

R4, what has the name gat to do with you, or you mean you don't have money to spend? anyway i have just subscribed, deal dey where is my voucher o.

labake said...

i am a regular customer and i bought this particular cup cake deal, really don't know what sakara is talking about.

i bought two packs and it was delivered to me at home, i enjoyed it and i am now a regular customer of nuts about cakes, i pay the regular price now, hoping Dealdey will bring back the deal.

thumbs up guys.

Chris said...

Any deal on cars?

Anonymous said...

I bought tickets to Psquare Invasion just recent on the site for 2,500naira. The market value was 5000naira. You know a deal when you see one becuase you already know the market price especially if it is a product or service you have been purchasing before.

hmmm said...

Skeptical buyers,people like you don't believe anything good can come out of Nigeria, anyway this is real and i am a beneficiary.

when you get to smart for your self, na una they fall victim most.


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