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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Roc Da Mic Competition - Win Over 40,000 US Dollars

“Whether you like am, whether you no like am, dey tin be say u go still dey shake body...”
The chorus of the 1998 hit song from the Hiphop group Trybesmen.

In 1998 a certain group of young Nigerian men dropped a single titled “Shake Bodi”. It was new, different, and most importantly fresh, it was Hip hop. Hip hop served differently, Hiphop that had our identity and we immediately caught on to it - A new genre had emerged.

The year is twenty eleven (2011), thirteen years after and this genre as become widely accepted amongst the young and even the elderly, the educated and illiterate and the posh and the razz. Its acceptance as grown so much that virtually every young person at one time or the other tried to rap, rhyme or do a word play. It is no surprise then that there are a lot of persons wanting to join the list of them “M.I’s, Dbanj’s, Dr Sid’s and Sauce kid’s ” but do not have the right platform to do so.

It is also sad to note that all the reality shows that have so far come up do not carter for this particular huge set of people and that is where ROC DA MIC comes in.

Roc da Mic is new and different, it is a reality show that as listened to the craving of the people and has decided to give it to them “served hot”. We dare say that other shows have been the “Messengers” preparing for the coming of the chosen one “Roc da Mic”. Roc da Mic is a hiphop/ alternative sound reality show that is in search for ten young talented people that would thrill the nation with their word play, punchlines, metaphors, sound, delivery and every other quality that makes up a Hiphop star for thirteen weeks of which a winner shall emerge.

The competition is open to artistes aged 16 -35 of which auditions will be held in major cities across the country starting from the 26th of September 2011. Successful participants at the auditions will be invited to appear on Roc Da Mic which will be showing on national TV for 13 weeks of which they will be made to go through series of tests, tasks and scheduled performances. All through the show, a panel of judge’s \ mentors and the viewers will determine who goes home with the following prices:

First Price:  4 million Naira, a Brand New Car plus an International Recording Contract worth Millions of Naira.
Second Price: 2 million Naira, plus a Local Recording Contract worth Millions of Naira  
Third price: 1 million Naira.

There will also be loads of consolation prizes to other participants.
To register for the competition, logon to , download the form and pay the stipulated sum into any oceanic bank branch all over the country and come with the filled form and bank teller to the audition venues which would be announced as we draw close to the auditions.
For more info, go to or join us on facebook: or follow us on twitter:  You could also find us on: YouTube Page: or send us a mail


ifu said...

are rappers the only ones with talents? whatever happened to singers?

Anonymous said...

@Ifu please read and understand before you ask such an irrelevant question..... meanwhile this is a step up, maybe it will help people to stop killing themselves over becoming rappers.......

samlolo said...

@Ifu i dont even understand ur english or your comment.

@Anonymous have you seen rappers killing themselves,please tell us where and we will end this competition right away.

Good concept for the up coming artists to haver a step up..

Anonymous said...

Are people worried that rap music is gaining ground in naija? All these while projects like Star Quest, Project Fame, Idols etc only caters for discovering new talents in singing and now some peeps have decided to give rap a face and you people are crying foul. Sorry ooo!

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