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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Download a free copy of Myne Whitman's book

In July, Myne Whitman's first book, A Heart to Mend, was #1 at the top of the UK free AMAZON kindle bestsellers list for romantic suspense. More than 10,000 copies of the ebook was downloaded in the first week of the promo. The promo continues till August 15, so download your own free copy of A Heart to Mend by visiting the book details page, where you can read other people's reviews too. The Kindle eBook reading app is free and you can get it for PC, Blackberry, iPhobe, Android, etc HERE

Myne Whitman is a Nigerian author writes feel-good romantic fiction that showcases Nigerian characters finding love in a Nigerian setting. A Heart to Mend was published in 2009, and her second book, A Love Rekindled followed in March 2011. Both books have been well received by an ever-increasing audienceof both Nigerian and international readers and are available in bookstores in Nigeria, UK, US, and Canada.

You can also get AHTM and ALR on online bookstores including Amazon, Smashwords, Tesco, iBookstore
 for iPad/iPod, and Nigerian stores Debonair, IqraBooks, and Kalahari.


Terrence said...

Linda Which One Is IPhobe?

9ice said...

arggh after u have finished paying for it... everyone get it, it very ROOOMANTICA...hehehe..

Anonymous said...

its only for UK folks. She should make it free for US customers, cause amazon wont let US people download it for free.

MsAnonymous said...

I tried for my Blackberry 9780 • I guess my phone isn't compatible •

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving the correct info. because another blogger gave the impression that the book was free instead of the promo.

The download took a while but I got it on my PC. As for BB download, I did not bother because it would take longer...

It is not good to listen to bad belly. Some people said the book was this and that. When I read the promo I was shocked because it is up to international standard.

Myne Whitman is fast becoming another Lola Jaye. They are both in the medical profession with masters but not doctors or nurses. Thumbs up!

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