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Saturday, 13 August 2011

100,000 Nigerians Apply for US Visa Weekly - Embassy

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Terrence McCulley, two days ago said that over 100,000 Nigerians apply weekly to visit the US, for various reason. Of course more than half of them are denied.

100, 000 a week? Hmmmm... But when you really think about it, do you blame them? There are hundreds of thousands of graduates sitting at home doing nothing. But then again, is it any better in the US?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say, but YES, it is waayyy better over here. No comparison...

Alicia says... said...

yes it is better, but then again, there are hardly any jobs here and the economy is about to crash (sooner or later), so if i were some Nigerians, I'd apply somewhere else or just stay at home.

Sapele Babe in Lagos said...

Not everyone applying for their Visa is relocating. Some are going for Business,some for Holidays. A larger number apply for Dubai Visa too,majorly for business. Lookingg at the american visa thing again,some are going to school both for first dfegrees as well as Masters.Look around you,how many Nigerians do u see running off? They arent so many.the ones relocarting sef na America beg them come thru Visa Lottery.theyt have a better system of education,so why not?

Alicia says... said...

on a second thought, Sapele babe has a point.

Jay O said...

I think most Nigerians just apply because its "hard to get" and they can say "I got Yankee visa o". Cause Jand visa is like toilet paper, so many people cant really use it as elitist symbol.
The US isnt great o, but the Nigerian system leaves no room for the kid who grew up hawking bread in Oshodi, to ever come up easily. What the US gives one is hope, and the ability to get to the next level in life. Also with that, eventually maybe you can get your blue passport, so that when you move back home, you dont have to join the many who fast and pray to go and find date and 6 months later, go for interview, and face 50% chance of rejection!! LOL

a Yankegerian, who is tired of the US, and should come home soon...

Anonymous said...

Education and infrastructure wise, yes they are better but people are equally suffering even more so in the USA, where they are completely ON THEIR OWN!!! My advice, if you do not have a purpose (e.g. education, job or holiday), 9ja is better.

sakara said...

sapele babe u too gbaski..u took all d words out of ma mouth, anon 9.46 what s waayyy better? dat ur people come to d US and when ts time to travel for holiday they cannot afford t? or they pack their stuff n their trunks and sleep n walmart cause they cannot afford to pay their bills or cause they r dropping dead like shit cause they cannot afford medical bills and no insurance...or they become cranky and grumpy on hearing d news that a family or a friend s coming on holiday and they gonna put up wt them....American embassy shd know by now no one s interested n their country anymore, the economy cannot even fend for their own talk of a foreigner....Nigerians like to show off so u can expect that half s for holiday, schooling nd so on def not relocating, relocating my foot to a country dat doesnt know what d future holds for them...e jor...green for life

Matthew Grandee said...

Sapele babe has a point but many young nigerians are still desperate to relocate in search of greener pasture

Anonymous said...

Its High Time people Know that American Embassy is a Thief, They are criminals, Imagine 100,000 Applicants weekly, Please Multiply that 100,000 by 140 usd Per APplicant , Take a calculator and Multiply this and see what you get, And yet this fucking people will tell you am sorry we cant grant you Visa at this moment please try again next time, American Embassy is ripp off, Thats Just In Nigeria, Check Other countries in the world and see how people are applying for american embassy and they re still denied. Imagine how much this Idiats are mnaking a day. And it always non refundable lol................And the worst of it all there interview is less than 5 minslol,they dont even check documents, Just tell you straight up if youare granted or denied. They re lucky for putting strong glass between the applicant and the interviwer, if not they would be receiving punches everyday. Anyway Noting Much is in States been there before to buy cars for sake in Nigeria. Noting trips me dere . American Embassy na Thief .

Anonymous said...

You need to be here to see the difference..will not swap the US for Heaven if there's one. I have been here for 14 years and i visit 9ja every year I have all i need. We're still in the dark age PERIOD!!

Son of Babylon said...

Of course it is way better in USA than Nigeria. The employment here is largely due to lazy people who do not want to get an education and get a job. Nigerians don't usually have that problem and would easily find work here. the quality of life is also 100 times better. Whereas in Nigeria , only the rich have a reasonable quality of life. If I were unemployed and educated in Nigeria, i will be trying to run to the states as well. However, there is a ceiling here for blacks in USA so if you want that long $$$$, then you are better off staying put in Nigeria.

Ajibuwa said...

Nigerians!!! Please Dont come to America o,the country will crash soon and her power and economic value will be shifted to China. Better you remain in Nigeria or you choose another country to go. America has lost her value,so many Nigerians are going back home. Stop coming here,this is a dead island now!!!

Anonymous said...

it is not oo, i am 24 and have never had a day off from work, in Niaja i could afford to sit on my behind all year long, no bills bills bills, but i love that it is secure for now and you can always complain hoping that someone hears you. I love Naija, need to come visit soon.

Noella said...

From what i see those that have it going on in nija should stay there..the economy here is getting tougher and tougher, the freebies ppl here once enjoyed have been drained, and the republicans want to cut cut and cut everything..Ngeria is a growing economy and there seem to be a lot of opportunities popping up...i am thinking of even relocating back to nija after over 10 years here...the rat race is beginning to catch up with ppl!!!

Anonymous said...

@ALICIA i read ur comment over and over again to b sure if u re in the U.S or not but couldnt come to a conclusion.are u saying its better in yankee or niger?if u re in yankee them i bera sit down back home in nigeria cos the way u visited here now and then ,then the economy over there is crashed already and the only place u take solace is linda ikeji blog.and tnx for ur advice ,i think i wil sure apply for somewhere else or just stay at home.that advice from u says a lot of things...now i understand why u re always here thank u.

Noni said...

Ditto was talking to a friend of mine bout this the other day i said its not better in US due to economy and jobs but i said good-luck; me i don tire and cant wait to go back to naija:)

Anonymous said...

The standard of living in the US is better but you can never have savings because the system is designed in such a way that everything you make goes back into the system. I would say if you have your Blue passport you can make a move back to naija like I plan to.

Alicia says... said...

5:26, please shut the fuck up. i actually watch the news and read stuff online, and im not afraid to admit that the economy here is about to crash, whether tomorrow or two years from now. that is part of the reason why Obama is trying to raise the debit ceiling, but raising it only prologues this issue and will make it worse when it really comes down to it. this has nothing to do with ME and why i enjoy my free time on Linda's blog, you asswipe.

Alicia says... said...


Anonymous said...


I will be very honest with you. America is not what it used to be. I remember during Bill Clinton's era, when you open the newspaper, na so jobs full nyafu-nyafu. Now, there are no jobs. Even if you have a job, american employers will work you to death. You can barely take off a few days much less 2 or 3 weeks to say you are visiting home (Naija). You have to work your fingers to the bone to make a living here since employers are not looking to hire more people so as to keep their operating costs down and their profit margins high.

Cost of living continues to climb while wages remain the same. Most americans and their residents are broke and up to their neck in debt. I have lived here (in the US) over a decade (though it does not feel like it)but I can't wait to bounce back to Naija. My family members back home are living much better lives than I who is in the US.

You can barely find anything made in the USA anymore. Everything sold in America, from electronics to clothing to what have you is made in China, Vietnam or some other developing or 3rd world country. Many people are leaving America including Americans themselves especially the retired ones whose retirement income is no longer enough to cover a basic comfortable life style in America. I know of younger Americans who are now moving to Asia to teach English or to Canada for technology related jobs.

There are still few jobs available here (mainly in the service industry) but they pay under $10 an hour starting pay (poor man salary). Those jobs that pay more are highly competitive and just like in Naija, it becomes a case of who you know. If you are black, you are outta luck because the high paying jobs go predominately to the whites. Also, you will be paying into social security for nothing because it is not a secret that by the time those born in the 70s, 80s and 90s are ready to retire, there will be no social security money which every worker paid in to be paid out to them. I also heared in the news that the US government is contemplating raising the official retirement age to 68 years old as a means to help cut part of the national debt. So what happens to those who don't get to live that long?

If you want to come study..Fine! It's worth it though tuition has gone through the roof. If your papa na politician or billionaire or you have some kinda scholarship or financial aid or are maried to a very wealthy Naija, then come study. If you have no scholarship or financial aid of some sort, then please think twice. Things are rough, I won't lie to you.

America is not the land of opportunities anymore. It once was, but not anymore. And let me tell you this, now that America is going under, Americans take out their frustration, hostility and anger on you once they hear your foreign accent. They will not welcome you here (not anymore). I have also noticed a spike in discriminatory practices as well.

If I were in Naija looking to live abroad, I will try Canada instead of America. America has definately lost her glory! No wonder when you tell an american that you are relocating overseas, their body go begin bite them. They know you are jumping ship before said ship sinks..lol

Heading back to Naija soon. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

lol alicia u back again?the economy has indeed fallen then...

Noni said...

oh was Alicia talking to me angry much? u should have said the comment to my face i agree with @Anon 8.25

nich said...

the figures are right but your assumptions are wrong.....linda

american embassy can never give up 50,000 visas in a week.....they try to maintain what they call qota.

but i am sure that they do not give up to 2,000 visas.

linda you are asking if it is better in the united states.....i wonder if you really know what you are talking about. i think i should blow your mind with this...

first, the united states is the greatest nation on the face of the earth at the moment even with the recession right now in the world. do you know that it is not africans that are moving in the highest number to the us. the british people has been stopped from applying for lottery 5yrs ago....because they have the highest number of winners and applican'ts...the british, canada, china, philippine, south americans and europeans are running to america more than africans.......if these nations were greater than the united states...their people would not be relocating permanently here.

secondly, america gives $40,000 as scholarship to any american citizen, green card holders in the form of (FAFSA- federal financial aid and PELL GRANT)...you do not pay this money back to the government. $5,000 for every semester.....as long as you are in a 4yr degree course or 3yr associate degree course. all you have to do is maintain a GPA 2.5 and 3.0. They start counting your GPA from High school (secondary school). But most americans and foreigners with green cards lack the basic informations. some nigerians with green cards go to school where the fees are $16,000 a semester. So the 2 scholarships will not cover these $16,000 . In the states all universities are functioning all most at the same level. most high schools have the same facilities as harvard university or princeton. but however there are over 50, 000 scholarships designed for every student who is a citizen or green car holder to apply. So no american is designed to pay fees for school. foolish ones are paying. americans and green holders can also borrow loans from several sources, $5,000 a semester to finance their education. every student is given this loan....the process is simply whether you have a job or not. a friend or parents with a job will co-sign for you. Nurses or nursing student have multiple advantages both with scholarships, hospital sponsorship and grants. But for loans your parents must not have been in heavy debt at the time of application. just like the bible says that my people perish because of lack of knowledge.....this is the same story with many americans and green card holds. they are in heaven without realizing it.
i am glad that i am assisting 3 nigerians here with this informations at the moment.

nich said...

secondly, america gives $40,000 as scholarship to any american citizen, green card holders in the form of (FAFSA- federal financial aid and PELL GRANT)...you do not pay this money back to the government. $5,000 for every semester.....as long as you are in a 4yr degree course or 3yr associate degree course. all you have to do is maintain a GPA 2.5 and 3.0. They start counting your GPA from High school (secondary school). But most americans and foreigners with green cards lack the basic informations. some nigerians with green cards go to school where the fees are $16,000 a semester. So the 2 scholarships will not cover these $16,000 . In the states all universities are functioning all most at the same level. most high schools have the same facilities as harvard university or princeton. but however there are over 50, 000 scholarships designed for every student who is a citizen or green car holder to apply. So no american is designed to pay fees for school. foolish ones are paying. americans and green holders can also borrow loans from several sources, $5,000 a semester to finance their education. every student is given this loan....the process is simply whether you have a job or not. a friend or parents with a job will co-sign for you. Nurses or nursing student have multiple advantages both with scholarships, hospital sponsorship and grants. But for loans your parents must not have been in heavy debt at the time of application. just like the bible says that my people perish because of lack of knowledge.....this is the same story with many americans and green card holds. they are in heaven without realizing it.
i am glad that i am assisting 3 nigerians here with this informations at the moment.

nich said...

thirdly, no nation on earth has fulfilled the abrahamic blessings as written in the bible like the united states of america. for information purposes you may like to know that there are two of God's own people in the bible. you may need to consult your bible for this.....there is the (isreal) which is the present isreal today in the world. there is another isreal that vanished in the old testament. That isreal that vanished in the old testament because of their sins is the united states of america.
The bible prophesied that they would later reappear in the world. while the current is is where the scepter (the messiah would come from, the second isreal would fulfill the bible prophesies of prosperity. i am sure you remember the story of jacob and joseph. jacob told joseph that from today that his two sons are now his. although he blessed the whole isreal but this two, he adopted and transfered the covenant blessings and prosperity. the two sons ephraim and mennassah are the united states of america and the great britain. while britain is the senior, america is the junior. Record has it that no two nations in world history has possesed the world 3/4 like this two nations. If you remember history this explains why when the british people who left to create america were living britain because of prosecution of not accepting the laws of the anglican church and catholic church, they claimed that they were God's chosen people. and when they arrived the united states, the established the law of the land according to bible laws. The second people on earth who have done this in all the existance. This explains the link and relationship today between the present Isreal, united states, and britain. But this 3 nations are bloodly related but they do not know. But the bible warned that this two brothers would still be destroyed and vanished from the earth becausre of their sins. because they would still sin again according to the scriptures.

nich said...

fouthly a nigerian coming to the states must have a friend or a relative....this way the journey maybe a little smooth and easy......you may also need to have about $3,000 with you.
The reason is because the nursing and medical profession is a hot cake in the states. no matter what you may have studied in nigeria....it would never be accepted in the states.....u may get some credit transfer after credential evaluation. this is why the nigeria actress regina ashkia is in her second year in school of nursing in new york presently. you may start with CNA (certified nursing asistant) which last b/w 3-4wks. that gets you going and afterwards progress to medication aid and then move from their. after getting your CNA licence you can move out to stay on your own....you will need $1,700 or $2,000 to purchase a car....because in the states you cannot stay without owning your own car.....cars are really cheap once you start working.
houston texas is really good for those coming in because housing and living is cheap. new comers can also buy more from one dollar stores, thrift and many others.

nich said...

america is also the country where there is excess food .....prosperity......there is a waisty of food in this country.....americans are also the biggest givers to the world anyway.....this is a country that if a girl gets pregnant without a husband and job....she registers for welfare and the government pays her. the also give low income housing top those who do not have a job and are on welfare.....linda this houses i am talking about are better than the houses that you have ever lived in...forgive me.....fully furnished...builtiful mansions........
i make bold to say that there would never be any nation that would be greater than the united states...till the end of the age......history has shown that other nations who are great at the moment and those that have come b4 the united states are stingy.

the united states is also the third largest country in the world after russia and canada, and also has three of the world largest and most beautiful cities.

AJCiti said...

I don't know why everyone thinks America is so great.. I may be biased because I'm Canadian but I think it's a much better option at least as far as North America is concerned.

I think if people have opportunities to make it in Naija they should stay there because as other people have mentioned, life is easier there overall if you have opportunities/ money.

I'm eager to see what the country is like now as I'll be visiting for a few months this winter. At the end of the day I wish everyone the best...

Dith said...

America is great in the sense that it gives u a sense of security and basic amenities for survival is accessible to ALL.

The average american can afford to feed, a house and a car.

Also university education is better than Nigeria's plus the country is respected worldwide .... that is if u have that blue book.


If u are looking to make that longggggg money!
U are better off in naija especially now because the economy here is really in the gutters.
But then again that is also if you are among the few in naija who are connected.

Dith said...

All these people bashing yankee sef..
The truth of the matter is this, America can give u a comfortable OKAY life.

It's like the government's duty to its people.

Which we all know Nigeria can not boast of.

However once you have crossed that 'comfortable' stage and are looking for the luxury life, your best best is probably naija because it is much easier to attain that kinda life in Nigeria than it is here in America.
Especially NOW

Nothing like that tax free money.

But in order to jump, you would have to crawl first.

We all know what standard a degree from America or Europe is held up to naija?
We all know the advantages of being an American citizen worldwide?

My advice is this:
For the average Nigerian suffering, yes! America really is a better place for you.
You will suffer here to oo but atleast u will be able to afford basic necessities and maybe a little luxury once in a while.

On the other hand, If you are doing really well in naija, relocating here may not really be in your best interest.

Anonymous said...

Sakara, what are you blabbing on about??? Where did you get that dumb information from?? In the US, if you go to school, get a good degree, YES, you would get a job. That's the system here. If you want to earn a good living, go to school. It's as simple as that.

Do you know how many graduates sweep the streets of Lagos every damn day looking for jobs? Don't come here and talk trash until you've been in their shoes. You don't know what they go through everyday. Just because you have the privilege to live a decent life doesn't mean there aren't others out there suffering, despite having a degree. Over here, good education gets you a good paying job and a decent life, whereas in Nigeria, even if you are a masters holder, you need connections to get a good job. Stop living in denial.

Anonymous said...

FYI Alicia Says, Obama wasn't clamoring to raise the debt ceiling. He was actually arguing against it and pushing for the wealthy (those making $250,000 or more)to pay higher taxes. The Republicans didn't support this, hence the last minute decision to once again raise the debt ceiling. Sadly, the same issue will be revisited in about nine months.

Anonymous 8:25 explained it down to the tee, so there's no need to add that. In all honesty, many of us Nigerians are looking to move back. Those who are not, are trying to get their pali after so many years of paying taxes here. So no one disrespects them the next time you have to go beg for a visa. Those of us with citizenship are seriously considering the move back. For me, it's just the fear of readjusting. I left when I was 16. Still a kid. Now I'm 27 and scared of the unknown. You can't exactly play the independence card as a female in Nigeria.

Femiluv said...

The grass is always greener on the other side, till u get to the other side. The US isn't amazing as most people think it is.

Anonymous said...

They all can,t wait to go home... Why not leave right away??? Freaking fucking nigeria where nothing works and obasanjo et al get richer everyday....

Anonymous said...

@Nich- there are lots of truths in your comments but there are also lots of exaggeration.

"American high schools are equivalent to that of Princetons & 'em"
Are u kidding??

"Section 8 houses are like Mansions"
Are u serious??

Pls stop while u are at it!
I really don't like when pple exaggerate & give pple false impressions as a result but then again I understand that certain things are subjective.
What I consider mansions/wealth may not be what d next person considers as such.

But definitely that High school one was pure jokes!
Most of the high schools here are just sad but then again situation may different in your neck of d woods but definitely not America as a whole.

There were some other things u said that also got d raised brow from me but I am 2 lazy to re-read.
But Overall, good input.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from me (Dith).
Not sure y it came out as anonymous. Guess cos I'm using my phone.

anita said...

nich abeg go start ur own blog..and the news didn't say they give the visas,it says a 100000 apply weekly.MUMU!..upon the book wey u write as comment u no sabi read!

Anonymous said...


I doubt you are living in the same america I live in. As much as I agree that infrastructure is better in America and all and food is still somewhat affordable depending on where you live,jobs have become scarce. I know people with Masters degrees who currently cannot get a job because they are deemed OVER QUALIFIED.


Let me tell you all something, if you think I am lying, please read american related news on yahoo.com and then read the comments posted by americans. Many of them are bitter, frustrated and blaming Obama for the plight of the country even though they know Obama inherited a troubling economy from Bush. Many americans have already started their rascism wahala as well by making rascist comments and what have you. I don't want to be caught up in their resentment and mess since I will be discriminated against by black and white americans alike.

Truth of the matter remains, america is not what it used to be. I am not trying to bash america or anything but I feel I need to tell the truth so that others looking to come here can make an informed decision. Alot of Nigerians who earned their college degrees in america are going home and working with international non profit organizations and what have you. You are quite sought after if you hold an advanced degree from a WESTERN ADVANCED NATION.

I have an aunt who migrated to England in 1979 as a teenager. She came to Nigeria 3 years ago just to visit. She is an attorney by profession and owns her own practice in England so its not like she is some broke blue collar worker. My people, she refused to go back to England after her visit and decided to stay. As we speak, her clients in England are still asking when she will be back. Well, she got a job as an attorney for the catholic archdiocese of Abuja. She is enjoying every minute of it and thanks my sister constantly for encouraging her to come back and visit after so many years away. She has been back now for almost 3 years already. Her husband has joined her in Nigeria as well. Mind you, they are in their mid 40s now and have lived in England since their teens.

Remember, we all have a different destiny in life. Some of us are destined to make it in America. Others are destined to make it at home or even in another country. Whatever you decide to do or wherever you decide to live, ask God for guidiance so that your destiny will be fulfilled in that country where God said it will be fulfilled.

I remember when I went to drop of my belongings at the logistics company, the agent (also a Nigerian) was telling someone over the phone of a Nigerian man who put a gun to his head and killed himself. He had a business right there in Los Angeles California that he had to close down because it was doing poorly due to the weak economy. His mother had just passed away in Naija and he has no money to bury his mom after all these years abroad. His black american wife was giving him problems as well. He does not know how he will go back and face people back home with no money after many years in america. So he figured he better end his life rather than face pending humiliation from family and friends.

This is why I want to go home while I am still young. I don't want to wait till I am in my 40s and 50s. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will become to save money, relocate, and integrate back into Nigerian society. It is best to leave now (if you would like to that is)because to be honest with you, all my age mates born in America in the early 80s and late 70s have all relocated back home. My family members with naturalized US citizenship have all left and are doing well in Abuja.

I can't suffer in america anymore even though I have an advanced degree, and yet having to work 10 hours a day because my employer is not looking to hire more people and the work load is too heavy. Make October come abeg. My ticket is ready!

Goodluck to everyone and all the best whether you choose to stay in America, Nigeria or Europe.

Atanmo C said...

United states of America is not better than Nigeria. Most Nigerian graduates are either too lazy or not properly qualified. who wants to employ people like that.

Atanmo C said...

Nigeria is the best place to live in the world.So many Nigerians who ran away to USA and Europe now regret.

Dee dee said...

In my opinion, apart from the ingrained corruption, the reason why countries such as the US and UK are better than Nig is mainly due to their welfare system and tax structure. Their welfare system functions and a lot of people (including immigrants) can benefit because working people pay their taxes and the tax goes towards the right causes. Simple as. How is the government in Nig going to look after the poor when the rich and working people don't pay tax and put money back into the system? We always want something for nothing...right up to the government level where politicians are mainly interested in embezzling as much money as possible during their tenure. I hope the people planning to move back to Nig are not only doing so to improve their luxurious lifestyles but also to do their own bit to make the country better for the poor. Otherwise the gap between rich and poor would keep expanding and the problem of armed robbers would never go away. We can't expect to have peace of mind when others are living in abject poverty. 

Anonymous said...

Nith. I didn't bother to read your long history lesson. I will point out that I feel sorry for the three Nigerians you are supposedly helping because they are in for a rude awakening. The Pell grant isn't a standard figure at $5,000. Nor is the loan agreement. Pell grant is based on how much money you or whoever your dependent on. So for some it's a mere $600 a semester. Don't mislead people.

Further, most high schools are not anywhere near the standards of a Harvard or a Princeton. I don't even know how you justify that so I won't dignify it with a response beyond saying this: the Nigerian education at the high school level is by far better than the U.S. So don't know how you cane up with these inaccuracies.

FYI, I'm Anon 6:51 a.m.

sakara said...

anon 4.19am

u need to think b4 u type....nd heck who s blabbing? u of course bla bla go to college...na ur papa money dem go take go college or s d college free?...sometimes some people dont read before they type...we r not talking of american citizens here, we r talking of people applying @ d embassy....if u get a visa and u wanna disappear into d US...na ur grandfather go finance d degree? nobody s disputing that people wt degrees r sweeping their pants looking for jobs n Nigeria but US s not any better, i know if u school n d US u gonna get a job but u wanna tell me d job sometimes pay all d bills? oh c'mon get out of ur comfort zone nd be truthful ok

Alicia says... said...

for some reason i think nich was being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

first and foremost i used my Nigerian degree to work here, am lecturer assistant at a 2year college. i teach biology. personally i think Nigerian high schools are better than the usa, the advantages schools here have are infrastructures.America is not what is used to be, even the Grants and scholarships that were given freely are now been cut and pple are really screened now. work-study funds are be cut off. the economy is getting worse. i think its better u have a mind of moving back to Nigeria one day, because at this declining rate, anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

Why do Nigerians like living in denial?? For example, I went to high school in Nigeria and I was made to choose if I wanted to be in science, commercial or art class. How dumb is that?? When you get to the university, you are bound to change your major so many times. In high schools here, they don't divide classes. They teach students everything they need to know, including physics, chemistry, biology, fine arts, everything! That prepares you for the university, so you can have a choice to choose whichever major you want to pursue. I was in commercial class in high school in Nigeria, and now I find myself studying pharmacy here. I had to start from the scratch. I had to learn high school level physics and chemistry, while other students already know the basics. In all the classes, you actually have all the infrastructures you need to learn to the fullest. Yes, the economy is bad now, but let's face it, it still cannot be compared to Nigeria. The leaders in Nigeria are failing us. There are hundreds of graduates out in the streets, still in poverty, because they cannot find jobs. I know you guys are being patriotic, and I admire that, but be realistic at the same time.

I received my $5,500 grant for this year already. I can afford to live in an apt, drive a nice car, work a decent job and some money, while going to school. How many students can boast of that in Nigeria? I'm not bragging or anything, I'm just trying to make a point. America gives you an opportunity to make the best out of your life. I have cousins and friends that graduated 5 years ago and still don't have jobs till now. You guys are fortunate to be living a decent life, but talk to the people that are actually suffering, then you would know whats up. Thank God for your own life.

Btw, I'm annonymous 4:19.

Anonymous said...

I love nigeria with all my heart but i will not compare Naija with USA. Nigerian just get dysfunctional every day. America always go through tough times and yet always come out of it. American economy is very much a cycle, a bad economy in America is heaven in Nigeria. America has been facing the threats of debt ceiling default since the 1970s. Reagan raised the debt ceiling 17 times. This generation of America will enjoy these times, i'm not sure of the coming American generations. As long as you have people like Jonathan and Obasanjo calling shots in Nigeria, i have no hope for that Country. Back in 2006-2008, when Nigerian banks and oil companies were booming, i saw Nigerians trooping back home. Most of them has since returned back to the US when reality of Nigeria bit them in the butt. I long for the day i will return back to Nigeria but i don't think the time is now. Nigeria never sustain anything. All the people making noise about how good Nigeria is better than American are living in fantasy island. The only thing that sustain Nigeria now is oil, and Nigeria's customers are doing research every waking day to find alternative to our oil, and if they are fortunate to find one. Nigeria is in deep trouble! All the trouble America has right now is because of anger from the extremes that a black man is the president, once they can get pass that America will turn their problems around like they did when Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton came in. Nigeria has no structure in place to sustain itself in case our oil is no more or no more customers for oil. I want to return to Nigeria where families and Language are but that Country scares the living crap out of me. I pray that things work out for Nigeria but heavens only helps those who helps themselves. With the current leadership in Nigeria, i see no hope. A country where everybody wants to be a politician, not for the love of the Country but for the love of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Bottomline is, if you can't hustle in the US even in this recession-plague economy, I wonder how you guys who are yapping about upping and leaving the US are gonna make it in Nigeria, which is far more worse in every standard!!

Anywayz sha, who go make am go am....whether you are in sokoto or Dallas or Beijing!

Anonymous said...

at Nich, i don't know why you r saying that yankee high school education is at cambridge level, what r u talking about, i went to high school in both the us and naija, and i will say that naija is way better. i was surprised when i went to class and all the teacher did was give the students classwork to occupy then during the whole period without explaining what we were supposed to do, that just reminded me of when i was in nursery school in naija, i had to burry myself in my books so that i would not end up like some of these olodo kids here, thank god i graduated from highschool. high school education in the u.s is crap. The American economy is crashing, there are hardly any jobs, i would advice Nigerians that are thinking of applying for U.S visas to apply for somewhere else or stay at home. Nigerians won't know how bad it is in the u.s until they come and see for themselves and people that are applying for lotery visa to the u.s should rethink their decision becuase for one university degrees earned in naija mean nothing in the U.S. I once heard of a man and his family that won that visa lottery, he was a doctor when he was in naija, when he came to the u.s he could not find a job, he had to settle for one that was paying minimum wage, he could not feed his family with his earnings, his wife left him, currently he's in nursing school trying get certification to be an LPN. Who ever says that America is the land of milk and honey, is the big liar. As of right now i'm packing up and getting ready fro college and as soon as i graduate, i would be relocating back to naija so that i would not have to think of paying my debts when i retire and goodluck to those people who are staying.

Chiichii said...

All well said,but truly the people singing hymns and psalms about America to me are those that never saw the good side of life in Naija before they left.I'm writing it boldly AMERICA IS LIKE EVERY OTHER PLACE.If you can't make it,you won't make it.
Its with the mindset of living abroad that people sell their life's fortune just to relocate .Ask yourself how many comfortable Nigerians do that now.
To conclude this ,A middle aged man ,dressed in tattered clothes ,walked up to me in New York and asked me for 1$.
So there are beggars in America.
Like i said earlier,America is like every other place.Decide to relocate to wherever because you want to and not because you want a better life because you will utterly disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Chichi, you seem to be missing the point. Most of the people that wanna come here are people that want a better life than the one they had in Nigeria. If you are already comfortable and living the good life in Nigeria, why would you move in the first place? You can visit, but why move?

That being said, America cannot be compared to Nigeria in anyway at all. Why are we even having this discussion? The basic things we enjoy here, like constant hot water, uninterrupted electricity, cheap ass food, cheap clothes, good roads, just to name a few are luxuries in Nigeria. Nigeria is a developing country, DUH!

Are we talking about the same country, where electricity is a joke, the roads have pits, the police dept is nothing to write home about, there is no fire dept, there's nothing like 911, people are getting kidnapped and robbed every damn day and people dying like mosquitoes??

Common people, I love my country. I'm proud to be a Nigerian and I go home every year, but let's face facts, Nigeria needs major work, starting from the leaders. Every time I go home, I get so excited , but after one month, I'm ready to come back cuz it gets uncomfortable.

Chiichii said...

This issue is really not worth talking about on this platform cos it has put a whole lot of people in trouble.
Life to me isn't all about amenities ,though they're pretty good ,but we all have to disabuse our minds of this bullshit called relocation/greener pasture cos we want a better life.
A guy cant be a cab driver in Nigeria but he does it the US,someone cant be a security guard in Nigeria but he does it boldly and some sell their mansions to come to the US and live in project.
That's total bullshit.All for what?Just cos you wanna live in a white man's country?You see people here are chasing shadows and all they can afford is only food and clothes and they are happy cos they live in the US.I still call it total bullshit.An average African is psychologically a slave to a white man.
I maintain that life can be good anywhere,Nigeria,US,or the moon.It all depends on what you want for yourself.
So are the people singing praises for the US saying that if one does not get a visa to the US he or she should wait endlessly without adding value to him/herself because he /she is in Nigeria?
We need to encourage our people to walk hard no matter what cos hard work pays.Meanwhile lets not forget that some Americans have lived in Nigeria all their lives and they call it home.
I think we have to work on our minds to free ourselves from Neocolonialism and psychological slavery.

Anonymous said...

It is EASY 2 sit in ur comfy apartment in the U.S & tell someone who is in abject poverty in Nigeria not to come to the states.
Someone who can barely feed.
Someone who literally goes from door to door begging for food/money.
Someone who 9x outta 10 will get treated like proper trash by society bcos he is not a "big boy."

The hypocrisy!

Let us call a spade a spade.
It is a mighty insult to even compare d United States to Nigeria.
Yes! I said it.
I love Nigeria & I will be d first to tell u how boring & blah 'yankee' is but let us not diminish d platform/doors this country has opened 4 many.

Most pple born into abject poverty in Nigeria, DIE in abject poverty.
Very few get 2 climb that social ladder.
The few that did either did so by relocating 2 d U.S or abroad somewhere & then relocating bk 2 naija OR getting involved in one shady deal or d other.
Few pple climbed up d social ladder legitimately in Nigeria.
So let us cut d crap!

Like I said initially, Yankee may not be ur friend if u hv tasted d 'good life' in Nigeria but if u are suffering & asking God everyday y he has forsaken u, then my brother hustle die & find a way 2 come in 2 America.
I say my brother bcos females definitely hv it easier.
D options of Marrying a rich man, or even 'Aristo-ing' are there 4 us.

If u are comfortable with ur life in Nigeria, by all means remain there bcos trust me! No one is ready 2 call u chief or lick ur glutes here in d states.
America is a great equalizer as many would often say.

I think Cara Harshman from North of Lagos said it best in one of her recent posts when she said " it is hard 2 see the poverty in Nigeria when right next to it is extreme wealth"

Some pple literally close their eyes from d realities of other fellow human beings.

Despite d few who moved here & never succeeded, there are many who will tell u, moving 2 America was d best thing that ever happened 2 them.
Call it colo mentality. Call it wateva!
It is just facts & I am facing it!
U can always join me in asking God why life isn't fair.
Most of d so called top shots in naija 2day lived abroad at some point.
So like I said, let us call a spade a spade & cut d B.S out.
Economy crises or not, America will smash naija in a heartbeat if it so pleases.
That said, I love Nigeria & I DO hv hopes of moving bk someday & helping out as many as I can. That is if all my efforts are not frustrated.
Nigeria still has a longgggg way 2 go but I am a little hopeful bcos it is a country of many hardworkers.


Chiichii said...

I'm an ardent follower of this blog ,that's y i can respond over n over.
Those that sing that America is good,go ahead and do so,then those that wish to hear that go ahead and hear.

Anonymous said...

This is probably going to be my last comment on this post.
Since sleep has refused 2 come, my mind has chosen 2 wander.

I can not take Anyone who is living here in the states but encouraging those in naija to work hard, seriously.
Y didn't U work hard in naija or am I d only one who sees d hypocrisy in that?

Work hard yea.. In a country that gives u d opportunity 2 work hard
How do u work hard where there ain't no job?
Doing carpentry & stuff in naija can only get u so far. Actually it won't get u anywhere

Jobs r hard to get here as well. True that!

But it is not on naija's level.
From what I know, Majority of d Pple that r gettin work in naija, I'm talking Good Jobs by d way are as follows:
Rich man pikin
Pple with "away" degrees
Pple who are "connected"
Pple who fucked 2 get d job
.... And what have u!

Btw lest I forget, u would need a Uni education sef to even be considered 4 d job. Now tell me how can u pay 4 Uni when u probably never even finished secondary school as a result of poverty?
Or are Public/Government schools now free? Or of any noteworthy standard?

If naija was soo good, Y are many still suffering?
I think bcos we associate mainly with pple who are doin very or fairly well,We 4get that many can't say d same.
Wouldn't u rather hv an ok life in America than begging 4 food in Nigeria?
Or getting treated like dirt?
This comment & d previous one is obviously for those that are suffering in naija.
Like I said earlier, if u are doing well in naija, Pleasee do not sell ur fortunes or wateva 2 move here bcos U will probably regret it.

All in all, I'll advise everyone 2 get out of their little bubble & go see the world. Traveling really opens up ur mind (if u let it) irrespective of whatever.

D ironic & sad thing abt this is that d pple whom I am directing my comment to probably will never read it bcos they are too poor to even know how 2 use a computer, let alone have one.
All in all, I wish everyone what they wish them-self.


Anonymous said...

@Chichi. Have you ever been to America?? And if you have, what is your status?? Legal or Illegal?? What i found out is that most people bad mouthing America has an ax to grind. It could be, they don't have status in America, They were denied American visa, A Nigerian-American stepped on their toes, They are legal in America and just don't seem to make it work etc. Comparing the situation in America to Nigeria is like comparing Day and Night. I love Nigeria with all my heart and i'm not too crazy about America but the condition here for me is just what i need for now. Nothing works in Nigeria! The only thing that works are the politicians and their White Agbada. Can you imagine a man like Obasanjo and Akala calling shots in Nigeria?? Any nation with people like that can never taste prosperity. Millions of youths are at the crossroad, WAEC just came out 1 million youths failed! If your parents aren't rich or in politics, Nigerian is just an illusion. It's funny how most Nigerians in America bad mouthing America returns home only to come back few years later and i have seen many like that. Some only even stayed months. America's economy is not always good, but a bad economy in America is like heaven for an average Nigerian. Nigeria, i love you and i hope that you get it together soon.

Anonymous said...

Dith, God bless you!! I think the people that live in the states that are condemning Nigeria are living here illegally. Let them keep living in denial. Why are we even comparing? We should be comparing the US and the UK, not a developing country and may I add, CORRUPT country like Nigeria.

Btw, I need to register my name on here.

HATER said...

Read all the comments.

Here is my tuppence:

I am VERY comfortable in Nigeria, spend holidays abroad, seen both sides, so which either side butters your bread, YOU DO!


Anonymous said...

hi everyone,i'm a Nigerian that lives abroad but not US though i visit from time to time,all your points are rite but i think what Chiichii is saying is that there is need to remind the people that desire to relocate that hardwork is necessary anywhere you are cos one cant pick dollars on the streets.So that it wont be how pple painted it way back then that there is no sand in the US and so many other funny stories.LOL!!they shld be told in black and white that no matter where u r ,u must be ready to work and earn some cash to be happy.her point is very clear.But guys,home is still home anyhow we see it cos we still bear our Nigerian names.

Anonymous said...


..‘Each week it became harder and harder to stay motivated’
.By Zachary Roth
Senior National Affairs Reporter
.PostsEmailRSS .By Zachary Roth | The Lookout – 1 hr 32 mins ago....tweet6Share0EmailPrint.....Earlier this summer, we asked readers to send in their stories relating what it's like to be out of work for over six months. And we got an overwhelming response, with readers recounting the financial, psychological and emotional difficulties of being out of work for so long in vivid and moving terms.

Since then, we've been publishing a new reader story each week, both here and on the separate website we created for the project, Down But not Out.

This week's story is from Annette F. She writes:

I worked in a car dealership for 12 plus years and in 2008 decided to make a career change to selling indemnity insurance with a great company who has a great product and great opportunity for financial growth.

At the same time I met the love of my life that lived in another state and I ended up relocating not thinking it would be so difficult to find another job (I could have stayed in the insurance business when moving but at that time realized the economy was not allowing people to purchase any extra health insurance so the timing in my career change was off). I realize now I should have done some homework before moving however, I was in love and never had a problem with finding work in the past and felt I was marketable in many other fields.

Trying to stay motivated and reminding myself that I am smart, hard working and have tons of potential was the hardest part of being out of work. Each week it became harder and harder to stay motivated. I would go on an interview thinking I would finally have a job, only to be let down by no call back or no real understanding why I wasn't hired. I applied for jobs that fit my work history and even jobs that I was willing to start at the bottom in hopes to work my way up.

working at the employment agencies are just as overwhelmed with people looking for work, so that it's impossible to expect them to actually be any help or have your best interest at heart.

So, the agency calls you and says we have a position that came in for EFG Company and gives you the job description and asks if you would be interested. You say yes, so the agency submits your resume to EFG Company. Now you sit and wait, just like you would if you applied yourself. The difference is, if EFG Company is interested, they call the agency who in turn calls you to set up the interview. You go on the interview and give your best, and now you wait for the agency to call you to see if you have been hired. Plus, once you do get a position with a company using the employment agency, you have to work a certain amount of hours under the agency (equivalent to about 90 days or 3 months) before you can actually be considered to be hired full time/part time permanently with the company you are actually working for.

Then, if you are actually hired by the company you have been working for, for the past 3 months you have to wait another 90 days before any benefits are available........ (Click link to read full story).

Annette F., via email

TAKEN FROM: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/week-became-harder-harder-stay-motivated-174342046.html

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