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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Woman proposes to her boyfriend with an interesting treasure hunt

A Canadian woman, KD Fraser created a complicated treasure hunt which ended at the spot where she met her boyfriend Daniel Cupples, for the first time so she could propose to him. 

Cupples posted the 10 stage hunt pictures of the 10-stage hunt his girlfriend created, which ended with her going down on one knee with a ring on Imgur which he captioned: 'My girlfriend sent me on an adventure yesterday, ended up engaged.'

KD had organised the moment down to every detail, including having a guitarist to serenade them and photographer to capture the moment KD got down on one knee surrounded by candles. 
In the post which has been seen more than 150,000 times, Daniel wrote:
'I guess its some kind of Irish tradition, so my girlfriend who is now my fiancee used her Irish heritage to take advantage of Sadie Hawkins day. And now we're going to get married.'
Sadie Hawkins' Day, is the Irish tradition that it's lucky for women to propose on February 29.
He sad the mysterious adventure started when his girlfirned, now fiancĂ© left a vase of roses in their kitchen with an envelope, which had 'Clue number one' written on it.
He found clue number two. It read: 'The second place takes a bit of gas, just south of here it's where we take out our trash.'
When he arrived, a worker gave him the third clue in a pink heart, it read: 'Hope these hints go off without hitches, place number three is where we get coffee and breakfast sandwiches.'
Then he drove to Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee chain,where he found the next card. She had written: 'Halfway through it's no time to flounder. Hungry? Good grab a quarter pounder. 
Daniel stopped at a McDonalds and bought a burger

The next clue was a picture of their children. The clue read: 'Here we've gone for walks letting kids run and dart. It's on a little island on the east most part.'
That clue sent him to a Canadian supermarket chain, where he found the 7th clue.
The clue read it 'might seem sort of funny but we stop here all the time because it's where we keep our money.'

When Daniel headed to the bank, he found another heart stuck to the counter which pointed him towards his 'favourite pizza place.'
'Your favourite pizza place so it should be pretty easy, their crust is always crunchy and their middles always cheesy.' 
He then headed towards Red Tomato Pies pizza place and found clue number nine on the front.
The clue read: 'Number nine is pretty close, you might have trouble maybe. It's where I'd pee in a cup and check up on our baby.'
Daniel headed inside the medical centre and found in a cubicle the last heart clue
Daniel arrived at the medical centre to find a love heart - and clue - pinned to a cubicle wall

The girlfriend wrote: 'Finally we're at number 10, your very last clue.
'It's where we'd smoke between out classes and where I remember meeting you.'
The Imgur user went to Lake City secondary school in Canada and in the school grounds he found his girlfriend waiting for him. She proposed on one knee with a ring and he accepted.
Daniel posted the pictures on Imgur two days ago and since then they've been seen 152,000 times.
Reddit users were happy for the couple and wished them congratulations.


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