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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Late FRA Williams' four sons fight over father's N26b estate gets messier

Culled from City People Magazine

The 6yr-old rift among the four sons of late legal icon, Chief Folarin, Rotimi Abiola Williams, over how to share his vast estate is getting messier.

What is at stake among Ladi, Kayode, Folarin and Tokunbo is how to share the N26billion estate their father left behind when he died six years ago. As at press time, there were several cases in court. Several petitions have also been lodged with the EFCC and the police have been brought in to help solve the unending disputes among the brothers.

So bad has the situation become that the four brothers who are from same father and mother don't talk and they have been divided into two different camps. Ladi and Kayode are on one side, while Folarin and Tokunbo are on the other side. Their four wives don't also talk, so also the grandchildren, many of whom are lawyers.

Equally pathetic is the fact that the kids of Ladi and Kayode who are lawyers can't practice in their grand father's law firm because the firm is being controlled by their uncle, Folarin.

What has made the crisis messy is the recent report by the police on the ongoing case concerning the brothers. The case has to do with an allegation of conspiracy and forgery of documents of a company called United Investments Limited, the family company the late FRA set up before he died, under which he put all his investments. What led to the police investigation was Folarin and Tokunbo's complaint about alleged forgery of documents of the family's company.

Details of the report obtained in court and pleaded as an affidavit filed in court by the police has further pitched the four brother against each other. The office of the Inspector General of Police was dragged into the dispute late last year when the IG was served with a process of contempt proceedings dating Oct 6 2010 but served on Feb 4, 2011, issued from the federal high court.

Long report, let me stop here...too messy! After all said and done, everyone will leave this earth the way they came...with nothing!


Unknown said...

Very Shameful on the memory of an Icon!

Anonymous said...

it is a real shame for a lawyer and san of rotimi williams calibre not to have left a clear and conside will before he died.he has seen the repercussions over the years from his many high profile clients and should know better.this attitude is common amongst african parents who believe they will live foreever now he has used his money to sow everlasting seeds of discourse and dis unity in his family.

a friend's uncle has written his will on vcd and all his children know what is theirs,he now ledt the vcd of his will on the livingroom mantelpiece so that anyone can watch then threr wont be any problemsa after his passing.

Anonymous said...

so has a san he didnt leave a will or what!!

methinks said...

You would think a lawyer of all people would be good at tidying his will but no, look at the mumu lawyers he sired too. pssscchhheeewwww, what won't money combined with too much greed and ultra foolishness on all sides do?

Kemiismyrealname said...

He left a will. Two of his sons are contesting the will.

All four of them are shameless grown men who want to eat the hard work of another!!!! They never really had any love for each other. Na wa!!!! For what?

Anonymous said...

What we saw was legal practice o!, high profile clientele o!!

We don't know what else went on...

"The evil that men do......."

no be me talk o!

Anonymous said...

Make una see greed in action oooo where were they when their father was accumilating the whealth now they all want a piece of it hababa awon ole olojukokoro.

let them go and work hard and get money useless children may we not have children like these.

it is a shame that thier father a SAN did not leave a will and this is someone who probably did wills for other people what a shame. All should learn from Gani who left a will and everyone knew what they would get.

Anonymous said...

He left a will, the will is in contention by the brothers

Unknown said...

d problem is not d presence or absence of a will but william's sons; they ar just plain irresponsible and ve no fear of God.people shld focus more on bringin up responsible kids instead of just being leagal icons n activists.

Anonymous said...

people just post without thinking. the man LEFT A WILL. it is being contested by 2 of the kids.
na too much money dey worry them

DiDi said...

They Should Shoot themselves :) Ungrateful idiots.

Ch5335ng said...

FRA caused this. My mum is a friend to the wife of one of the sons. He favoured Folarin and Tokunbo because he claimed they contributed to his success as a lawyer (there’s a long story behind that!) When he died Ladi and Kayode swooped as they are the first two sons. FRA didn’t really see eye to eye with Ladi in his lifetime. They had a party last year that was sort of a reconciliatory soiree and the four sons were there. My mum said she could tell it was contrived and it will be a matter of time before hell broke loose.

Things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold (thanks to the great Chinua Achebe.) They are now behaving like half brothers. 26 billion is more than enough to divide among the 4 of them. They will each go away with at least 6billon each. Only that everything isn’t like Maths.
I’ve seen this scenario playing out in so many wealthy Nigerian homes. There was one where a man wanted to assassinate his brother over their father’s will. I also have cousins that are currently slugging it out over their father’s estate and their late father is to blame because he favoured one son over the others.

Anonymous said...

If the man had left his estate to motherless babies home, all the children would have been united in contesting that will.

Iyaeto said...

Spoilt brats.FRA wry get the money where he dye?A won ole(lazy toads) alapa ma sise

Anonymous said...

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