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Sunday, 19 June 2011

20 corpses found hidden in tunnel in Onitsha - Reuters

Nigerian police have uncovered 20 corpses hidden in a tunnel in the southeastern town of Onitsha, and suspect they were victims of armed robbers.

Police said they happened upon the hideout on Saturday while responding to an attempted sexual assault in Onitsha's Upper Iweka district, where commuters are often prey to muggers riding motorbike taxis known by the trade name Okada.

"The 20 corpses were at different stages of decomposition. Some have become skeletons," said Onuora Ikonso, head of the state police task force. "We suspect the bodies are victims of armed robbery attacks and were dragged into the tunnel, waylaid and killed."

He called on the local government to extend an Okada curfew, which currently begins at 7 p.m., "to ensure the safety of travelers."

Onitsha is a busy trading port on the banks of the Niger river in southeastern Anambra state, north of the oil-producing wetland swamps of the Niger Delta. - Reuters


Jacqueline Shiweobi said...

Na Wa ..Bad thing. God dey to protect the rest of of us all from such wickedness

Anonymous said...

The Nigerian police are a daft bunch of clowns!!! Every crime their clueless brains have no shot at solving is blamed on armed robbers! Shaking my head at such stupidity! Good bless the dead.

Fanstuff said...

Jesus wept. How gory can this be?

Ch5335ng said...

Armed robberies? Why not ritual murders???????

Anonymous said...

not surprise at all,if boko animals could go that far to the HQ of the police and they have no clue to such then anybody could do anything and the so called police have a clue already on ground for the event.God help us all living.

Anonymous said...

I have often said, the whole Nigerian Police Force needs a complete overhaul and recruitment has to be stringent with physical fitness and psychometric testing used as part of their selection process.

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