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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Forbes: The Highest Paid African Soccer Players

Based solely on their annual salaries, these are the highest-paid African soccer players: 

Yaya Toure
Country of citizenship: Ivory Coast
Club: Manchester City
Annual salary: $13.5 million

Samuel Eto’o
Country of citizenship: Cameroon
Club: Inter Milan
Annual salary:  $12 million

Emmanuel Adebayor
Country of citizenship: Togo
Club: Manchester City
Annual salary: $12 million

Kolo Toure
Country of citizenship: Ivory Coast
Club: Manchester City
Annual salary: $10.3 million

Frederic Kanoute
Country of citizenship: Mali
Club: Sevilla FC
Annual salary: $8.6 million

Didier Drogba
Country of citizenship: Ivory Coast
Club: Chelsea
Annual salary: $8 million

John Mikel Obi
Country of citizenship: Nigeria
Club: Chelsea
Annual salary: $5,800,000,

Michael Essien
Country of citizenship: Ghana
Club: Chelsea
Annual salary: $5,500,000

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Surprise said...

Nna Mehn!!! See wetin human being like me dey earn in a year. I think I must to play football by fire by force.

Ch5335ng said...

This list is probably based on their current contracts. Yaya is the highest earning African footballer as he earns about 250K a week with Man City. Same with Adebayor as he's currently contracted to Man City.

In terms of net worth, i'm sure it's Samuel E'too. The guy is a hard bargainer, doesn't use agents and accountants for his contracts and just has a lawyer that goes through all the legal stuff. He's been around for a while so he must have been piling up his war chest.

chichiluv said...

Ah,they should stop putting people's personal business on blast like this nowwwww ah ah! This is how they are going to call the attention of arm robbers, lazy ass family members and chicken heads galor to this people. The people revealing these salaries, how about revealing your own?! I don't like this at all, must we know how much they make? Watch the game, mind your own pay check oga journalist!

Anonymous said...

it is pounds!!U knw the get paid weekly and it doesn't add up if in dollars. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice. Now they should all come and invest with me so I make my 10%.

Fanstuff said...

Anon June 21, 2011 8:01 PM; Forbes always uses the dollar. It's the international trade currency. Even the Queen's wealth is written in dollars by Forbes. It's when the Times write it that they use pounds.

Didier Drogba should be higher up IMO

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.01pm: wages are quoted weekly in the media but they do NOT get paid weekly....fucking dumbass!

QueenB said...

Please can you list which are single......

Alicia says... said...

no wonder Nadia Buhari was latching onto Michael Essien for dear life! lol jk.

Anonymous said...

@QueenB lol!  true! I second that!

Dlapikin said...

Drogba makes crazy money in endorsement where Eto'o is slacking... which makes up for his salary and makes him a higher earner at the end of the day...

Anonymous said...

Na wa o, even though i can play football, i think i must marry a footballer o,me sef wan chop money na,abi wetin u think? no abuse me

alleny said...

Why then does Mikel make the LOUDEST NOISE, I even think say the idiot waz earning far more than that with the kind of NOISE he makes.

All-the-same those guys are making chilled - str8 from the fridge cash. I soooo wish I will lay my hands on any of them, na to tie am final :lol:

Femiluv said...

Mikel earns more than Essien? Interesting...

meroh said...

Linda this is not a Forbes list. it's just a blog like yours. nothing to do with "the" Forbes publication itself

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