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Thursday, 23 June 2011

‘Kiss and Tell, not my story’ - Monalisa Chinda

The actress has made it clear that the story in the new movie she produced with Emem Isong, Kiss and Tell, has got absolutely nothing to do with her private life. This was after speculations were rife that the movie was based on a true story...

Monalisa - "The movie was a creative fiction with some real life experiences but it's not my story. It’s a coincidence that my prolific writer, Emem Isong has an imagination that runs wild.”

The movie, which premiered on sunday, June 19, revolves around Iyke, the ultimate player, who is best friends with Bernard. When Delphine, a gorgeous divorcee who has sworn off men, walks into Iykes’s life, he makes a wager with his friend to sleep with her in ten days or sell his controlling shares in the company. But when it looked like Iyke was not succeeding after he has wooed the lady, he was compelled to relay to his friend that he has done it with her. You all know how this ends...they fall in love.


Anonymous said...

lol, linda u sound bored already

Anonymous said...

"it's a coincident that my prolific writer...."?!!!!!Did she really say that? Na wa for this our Naija!Use big words and yet fail basic grammer!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the same plot (few changes) as How to lose a guy in days starring Kate Hudson and Matthew Mcconaughey? 9ja's!!!

Alicia says... said...

same tired faces. personally, i can NEVER watch a movie where Monalisa plays any lead role unless i read comments beforehand. her acting sucks, big time! i was watching an old Nollywood movie with Kenneth Okonkwo and Monalisa, and i was reminded of how bad her diction is and the way she moves her mouth when she speaks *cringe* IDK what anyone ever saw in her to even think of ever giving her a lead role. she no even fine, just saying. even the trailer made me cringe at her acting. she has spent AT LEAST 7 years on the screen, but with no improvement. HABA! Emem and her little CLIQUE of actors need to reevaluate themselves. although most are good, but some are just "wtf?!"

Nnenne said...

@Alicia; Na wa for you o! What really is the issue?? Haba

Anonymous said...

kai, this Alicia...do u EVER have anything good to say about anyone???!!!

alleny said...

Gosh not again, can't they think of something new??? One story line, twenty different titles. Who said movies industry is the one working factor in Nigeria... Mcheeeeew! Dis country tire person sef. Nutin seems ryt!

Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok said...

@ Alicia: You are EVIL and you need HELP. All you ever do is come here and spew forth venom on hard working people. You seriously need to get a life!

This is the second time that you have attacked Monalisa's diction and i am now convinced that you must be deaf; if not you would have noticed that Monalisa is very eloquent.

It is okay for you to have an opinion and it is okay for you not to like her, but please do not insult her. What has she ever done to you to warrant being so viciously attacked the way that you ALWAYS do?

These stars work tirelessly to entertain their viewers, and if for nothing else, at least appreciate their sacrifices. Just remember that as you are pointing one finger at someone, ten fingers are pointing back at you...so you can continue, for you will surely reap what you sow!

@ Linda: Love you loads n' all girl, but like i've always told you, you need to control all these cowards that come under the guise of Anon to turn your blog into a market place. I sincerely believe that many of them are agents of the devil and can actually sense the venom emanating from within them. Even you, they insult on your own blog and you post their comments! I can't understand it. The reason you have comment moderation is to screen comments, so please don't be posting certain comments. Stay blessed. Xxx

CHiChiLuv said...

I wonder if she knows what the word "prolific" means because if she did, she would know that it doesn't apply to her at this point in her life, maybe in the future if she keeps writing and diversifies.

@ Alicia - I am agree with you 100% and I saw the movie you are talking about and yes, cringe inducing indeed. The two of them together did not make for a pleasant movie watching experience. It is not her fault that they cast her in these lead roles when she really doesn't have that "it" factor to carry the role nor the talent, man must wack, right? I am not knocking her hustle, let the babe make her money. It's not like jobs abound in Nigeria. What's even worse about having her in a film is that they keep casting her as this been-to and instead of keeping with her Nigerian accent, she tries to speak with a foreign accent and it is painful to the ears. I know many people including my father who have lived in the overseas for decades and still have their Nigerian accents intact.

Anonymous said...

movie is cliche!

B4 Nko?! said...

We know some of her story from all the interviews by her and her ex husband, this story even in summary does not closely resemble hers so why does she feel the need to issue a denial? The story is about a bet between two men with one vowing to make a seemingly unattainable women fall for his charms, not succeeding and lying about it so he doesn't lose the bet. What has that got to do with Mona Lisa's marriage which was said to end over control issues, alleged infidelities, verbal, physical and mental abuse?

Sounds like two different premises to me *shrug*

Anonymous said...

@ Alicia Fuck U
@ Egor Good Defender Anytime Any day.

Igwe Osita One said...

Linda, shey you nor see the preview (abi trailer dem dey call am) post here?

Anonymous said...

Never thought a day would come when i'd agree with Alicia!Her britico-americana-chinko accent doesn't work for me.I like her acting in Heavens' gate though

Anonymous said...

Alicia, u need 2 start ur own blog

oscar said...

Alicia in real life might be an introvert, but gradually you guys have made her famous in this blog. I bet you some people visit this blog just to know what Alicia has said today

The scorpion said' it is not in my nature to do good, same way I don't think it is in Alicia's nature to talk good about people.

Alicia I bet you if you open your own blog today so many of us will visit to know how you will respond to issues as you like to hit up issues. Maybe over time some of them will like you......to be continued.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why do you ppl always lick and kiss clit and ass of these horrible actresses. yes they are beautiful and gorgeous but please truth be told they are absolutely terrible outrageous actresses on screen.

First it was that girl Mbong Amata you are raving about then now its Mona lisa - telll me one memorable excellent performance on screen.

If you dont tell them the truth how do they improve.

I mean the worst of it all is how so called fans clitlick their assses on twitter - its so shameful.

I like to tell people the truth - but clearly many of you are hypocrites.


But if its any consolation she is pretty (well for a lighskin girl she aint with that big wide jaws) but she is looking great after her divorce

Alicia says... said...

I am officially gonna say that I'm a celebrity on this blog. why can't some people just leave me to my opinion? do i come here to comment for you? after all, what is the comment section here for? If you don't like my opinion, keep it moving! i don't see who made some of you guys the LIB comment police. abi, them take me swear for una?
anyway, you all can try to sweep it under the rug, but lets face it as it comes. royal arts academy recycles the same faces! Emem and her people are all in a clique and we know it. I love her as a producer, but what is the point of her Royal Arts Academy if we keep seeing the same people. there are at least 10 people that she reuses time and time again. i don tire!
I guess I've come to the realization that Nigerians love mediocrity. about Monalisa being a bad actress? most people will agree that she is. I mean, how many of you would pay even 1,000 Naira to go and see her in theaters? lets be real here, how many of you?

@Efiok Eyo, them send you for me? okay, you know them personally? I don't know which asshole you dropped out of but you are full of shit! so i cannot express my opinion anymore? you are the one that is filled with bile. did i ever take their credit away and say they aren't hardworking? no. i just merely said Monalisa cannot act and Emem has a clique and loves to recycle them time and time again.
and Monalisa is eloquent for where? Eloquent in the way she moves her mouth when she speaks and how she is always shouting? is that what you define as eloquent? PLEASE!
I will give it to her that she looks good nowadays (in terms of the way she does her hair, dresses, and carries herself) but that does not mean she can act.

as for the person that said I'm probably an introvert, not true. I'm quite outspoken and I love to express myself, people like me for this. I don't do things because everyone else is doing them or because everyone else feels i "SHOULD" one thing i noticed about Nigerians (no offense, since I am a Nigerian too) is that they like to do what everyone else is doing. like if you do anything to the contrary, its like a big NO!

anyway, my rant is over, now back to my lunch.
Linda, I hope you're having a nice day! :-*

Anonymous said...

@egor efiok shey u work with emem and her clique. alicia has a point bt yes alicia also insults a lot but PULEASE monalisa's diction in movies is bad so if u see her tell her to speak normally..and yes her mouth looks funny when she's trying to forge an accent, and yes emem does have a clique of friends...nothing bad but it gets boring overtime.

i am krys said...

Monalisa's diction is horrible so i agree with alicia. I thought emem isongs purpose was to scout new talent so why does she keep recycling?

Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok said...

It is yourself and your entire generation that is full of SHIT @ Alicia and then some! Look at you COWARD hiding under the guise of Anon/fake ID to insult people. Classic wannabe internet bully!!! If you get liver, post for your real ID with your real ugly photo see whether you no go chop slap!!! Mumu!!! You sound like a very sad cantankerous old hag! Can you not air your effing opinion without the insults? People would be working hard to entertain your churchrat arse and all you do is open your dirty stinking mouth to abuse them. You think you are a bully? Okay, reveal yourself now if you no dey fear! Don't we all know the answer to that? You can't of course you scaredy cat!!

@ Anon 8.47pm: I don't work with Emem and this isn't about herself or anyone else. I was compelled to reply that coward Alicia cos this is not the first time that she has insulted Monalisa and some of my stars. She has NEVER had one good thing to say about anyone and always sounds so personal in her so-called critiques. A couple of people even asked her in shock what the issue was, cos dis one don pass "opinion" oh! How can one human being have so much hatred within her? It's almost like she regrets being born or something, cos it beggars belief.

@ Linda: Abeg where is our dear Excessive Diva? I have really missed her. Na she for help me answer that witch, Alicia, well well! Lmao! Abeg make i go finish my work jor cos if i follow dis ya blog ehn...

Anonymous said...


You have spoken well. As you can see, that is Nigerians for you.....follow,follow sheepishly. There is a reason I don't live in Nigeria as a Naija....I won't get along with the heffers because they like to impose their shitty opinions on other people. I can't stand that either and then they sink to a new low by becoming verbally abusive. Quite frankly, its sickening but whatever!

Gurl keep doing you. Who no like make them hug transformer!

Linda please post. Gracias mami!

**sideeye** said...

Hey y'all get off Alicia's case ok? Her opinion is her opinion, no matter how vile. You sef Alicia who do you like in Nollywood(or in Nigeria sef)? Everyone of them is shitty, low down dirty but you still find time to comment on their stories and apparently see a lot of Naija movies. Me thinks you really need to look into that.
These people do their best, get it into your head NOLLYWOOD WILL NEVER BE HOLLYWOOD.

@Anon 12:50 AM, hang your head in shame. Really? you're Nigerian and cant stick Nigerians? See complex!!!! Self hater!!

Nkiru said...

You see, that is why Nigeria can never move forward. People spending precious time trashing people when they could have used it to do something meaningful in their lives. Okay you say Monalisa is a terrible actress, pls tell me is Jennifer Anniston Oscar material? Yet half of you will pay money to go see her and rave your freaking heads off over her. Nobody knows the meaning of constructive criticism, everyone has a Phd in pulling people down. Instead of saying 'she's a terrible actress' you said 'she could improve on her acting' will it kill you people? Why are people so daft to think that change will come just by heaping insults? As for those complaining that it's the same story-line, if you don't think Hollywood recycles their stories or their romantic comedies don't have the same basic foundation, then your IQ can only be compared to a binary number. Get it people, NO STORY IS ORIGINAL!!! In Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinawood.. they all pick a story and twist it to their convenince! Goodness!

As for you Alicia, what can I say? What goes around comes around. Even your bible (I'm assuming you're a christian) says that whatever measure you give, same shall be given unto you. So your own dey front dey wait for you okay?

Alicia says... said...

@Efiok, cry cry cry! I know they are paying you, nonsense! you are their personal agent that they send on all the blogs and websites to do PR for them, since they are "your" stars, right? hissss, if you don't like what i have to say, keep it moving. nothing you say will change my opinion on them because its all glaring for everyone to see! you are the coward, here crying over nothing. as i said, them take me swear for you? ehhh?
sorry that they are trying to entertain us "churchrats" but please, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. sorry that my approach to things is a little too blunt and straight forward for you.

@Nkiru and sideeye, did i ever say Nollywood should be like Hollywood? I actually like Nollywood for Nollywood. there are reasons why i watch more Nigerian movies than American movies. infact, the recent Nollywood movies will make me wanna pull my hair out and pretty soon I will stop watching. have you seen recent stuff like Blackberry Babes, Men in Love, Dirty Secrets, etc? what happened to our authenticity? now they are using all these American slang words, horrible dressing, nasty wigs, raunchy sex scenes all over the place, etc. infact, despite the improvement on sound and quality, i will like Nollywood to go back to what it was about 4-6 years ago. I know Nollywood would never be like Hollywood, and i don't want it to be.
also, Hollywood does repeat the same type of story lines, but it seems these Nigerian movies do the same thing, all at the same time, with the SAME FACES, and that of all things is the killer. there was a time Nigerian movies were all doing juju, and they were all doing love (Genny/Ramsey and Stella/Desmond), etc.
abeg, but this one is too much.
Efiok, tell me what they are doing at that Royal Arts Academy since they have REFUSED to give us new faces.

grace said...

@alicia says said no one has time to insult you...it is just that since you have made it a point of duty to insult people, others have also made it a point of duty to insult you. your opinion can differ with others allowed but you DONOT have to insult people inorder to be different...i dunno if that makes sense oh well whatever.!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha, Why do you people bother to answer these people, they are clearly failures. Anybody that has the time and energy to come and comment negatively on almost every post clearly has nothing better to do with HER life. Can you imagine a Deola Sagoe or a Funmi Iyanda or a Bella Naija coming here to talk trash, they are busy trying to improve their careers and influence lives. Live the negative people, negativity will continue to follow them for the rest of their lives.
Cleaning oyibo yansh can get boring so internet provides them a much needed break.
Go Monalisa. You have done well, May God continue to take you to greater heights.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people that come here to talk down other people are failed artists. Writers who are bitter that others have succeeded where they failed and actors who haven't been able to get a waka pass role. If hating is their only claim to fame, then so be it, as we say in Nollywood, no publicity is bad publicity. The more una talk, the more we go dey progress.
Who Jah bless, no one can curse.
There is no successful person that would stoop so low so please make una dey drown for una failures.

Alicia says... said...

bwahahahahaha! i laugh in my igbotic accent. *_*

Anonymous said...

I used 2 love emem isong a lot. Then wen she was working with lancelot imasuen. Then her movies were okay 2 watch. Though wit a little room for improvement.

Nowadays, emem isong has become very boring. Recycling her clique and d same story line. It's d same calabar pple everytime, ini ekpe, ini edo, desmond elliot, nse etim etc. It's very annoying. I'm a great fan of nollywood. But recently, i've stopped watching. The woman needs 2 get a grip.

After all d hype about 'reloaded' wen i finally watched it, i was left wondering what d fuss was about. With rita dominic doing d narration and doing a very poor job. Drop d narration thingy already! Games men play, games women play, reloaded, boys cot, girls cot etc. The same faces!

Then i'll advise to release these movies to the marketers jo. All these their cinema releases wont work. Cos i sure as hell wont part with my 1500naira 2 go see crap.

@alicia. I myt not agree wit ur oda posts, but i agree wit this one. Monalisa is a terrible actress. Same facial expression, fake accent, and really bad diction.

We need new faces o..... Emem isong take note. The only one i can she's discovered is that funny calabar guy that acts in most of her calabar movies. 'prophet zacariah' LOL.

Sorry *lenghty post*

Anonymous said...

@ Alicia Pls Take it easy...en Ali Baby Please...Biko...Forget everything.
@ Egor Forgive and Forget...
@ Others Lets Try and appreciate what Our Nollywood Stars are Doing...Thanks!!!

Mama G said...

LWKMD! Egooor! give me hand! Chai! Yess! whats wassup! All these fake ass, wannabe famous chinches that come here under the guise of internet bullies to talk rubbish about people that are working hard at their craft! jealous beetches! instead of you to say you failed at Emem's auditions, you are busy going behind computer to talk bs! Na Egor fit una! Alicia, you 15 mins of fame is over! Oya, go sleep! LWKMD!

Nkiru said...

BUZZ! News flash! Katherine Heigel: Knocked Up, Life As We Know IT, The Ugly Truth. Same basic concept: she starts off hating the guys then halfway through, she starts to fall in love with them. Same CHARACTERIZATION! She's a career woman (hell in 2 of the movies she worked at a TV station) she's uppity and straight laced and always meets the same type of guys: carefree losers. So pls find another basis for your argument!

Missy said...

Alicia (if that is even your name) I pity you o! You are obviously not a successfull person. If you were you wouldnt feel the constant need to say such nasty thgs about others. There a diffrence betwn constructive criticism and outright beef! Yours is the latter. Let me dedicate the song by M.I to you; 'which kin' stubborn pikin be dis o? Fish e no eat, kpomo e no chop, say e wan beef! lol!

oscar said...

After Linda na Alicia.........Alicia if you are a lawyer you need to channel your energies to human right and social crusade and attack govt .

We need you on this blog at least you are now controversial and always hit up issues, after all our senators still fight for the so called hallowed chamber. Most people I think would agree with you even though they may not comment.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like Emem Isong and her clique, jump and pass, na by force? Those who love her will watch her. And I am one of them. There are people I won't watch but to I won't go to everysite I see their names and comment. It only shows one thing: BEEF. Alicia mentions Emem everytime she gets an opportunity. If the fact that she's successful is paining you so hard, you can set yourself on fire.Maybe then your 5 minutes of fame would increase to 10.You don't matter, trust me. There are a hundred and fifty million Nigerians in Nigeria alone and you think that your opinion counts, yeah right. You people are such cowards and lowlives. May God help you.


Someone called our attention to this post and this is all that we will say.
We make the kind of movies we want to make with the artists that we want to use and we will continue to do so without any apologies. You're under no obligation whatsoever to watch our movies. There are for our fans and everyone who has supported us and kept us afloat for these many years.
Royal Arts Academy is only one production company, there are several others in Nigeria and there is freedom of choice.
God bless you.

Nkiru said...

@ Anonymous 9:33AM Martin Scorcese uses Leonardo Di Caprio, Tim Burton uses Johnny Depp and these are Hollywood guys o! So if Emem uses people she's comfortable with, how is that your 'effing' hernia? You guys make me sick abeg. If a Hollywood person does it, your tongues will be hiding at the bottom of your underwear drawers. Once it's Nollywood, una go shout pass cele pastor. Abeg make una go find work and free Emem Isong. Whatever she does is her perogative and as long as you don't pay her effing bills, I'd advise that you shut the eff up!

Chloroquine no go fit cure your jungle fever

Anonymous said...

i like Alicia.....all the others that beef Alicia for stating her opinion are just plain silly....for crying out loud, its the internet....you cant expect to get pampered on here...and for the Efiok lady or male....what really is your pain?????
Y'all have given Alicia some sort of notoriety on this blog , its downright ridiculous....Nigerians and mediocrity go hand in hand...its painful to admit but yeah...its the truth...this blog is about commenting on topics and not Alicia....so y'all should just hop off her tits and keep it moving...thanks..

Anonymous said...

@ Thruth talkers i believe you people are very good actresses like Patience. Devilish kinda mammals. Jeez!

na me tok am! said...

Alicia carry go! No mind them jo! I'm with you on this....Mona can't act to save her beautiful skin!!!

Anonymous said...

Nollywood and copy copy, doesn't that poster reminds anyone of Pretty woman... im just saying

Mabrose said...

Special Announcement to ALL MONALISA CHINDA Haters out there!! Chei Monalisa you have become ONE Golden LADY in a million. You were wonderfully and beautifully created.

After reading these blog comments, I now have renewed respect for you and your career. You have come a long way and surely the sky is just your starting point.
Those people who have tried to be like you and failed can just continue to kiss your ass cause that is the perfect position for them always (Behind you) whilst you are always way ahead of them.

If someone can have the opportunity to walk a day in your shoe, they will be honored and proud of all what you do. I've noticed that some of your haters just want to be like you but they are jealous that they cannot because our God has written your destiny differently. You were born to be a STAR and that is what you will be forever by the special Grace of God.

Those of them that want to hate on you can just continue to slap themselves harder cause you are here to stay. Monalisa Chinda, I salute you. You will always be the head and you will always have your haters as your footstool.

Go ahead and be proud because anyone who has not acted before will never know what it feels like to do what you do for a living. Acting is a natural for you and yes oh yes, your speech is just music that drives your haters crazy. They cannot stand it that you speak fluently compared to them so don't sweat it. As for your movies roles, they are just what they are…”roles” which you act so passionately and play them to the fullest. That is not the real Monalisa Chinda.

Your passion for acting and for making your fans proud will forever be etched in our hearts. You are surely God send for us and you will continue to be our successful, most admired, talented, and lovable, queen diva.

Kiss&Tell is just the beginning of more good things to come for you. I can't wait to see what next you have for your fans but I do know it will be a blast. yaaaayyy!! Keep up the good work Mona. No Shaking, don’t sweat, no worries at all. God's got your back always and so do we.

Mabrose said...

Special Announcement to ALL MONALISA CHINDA Haters out there!! Chei Monalisa you have become ONE Golden LADY in a million. You were wonderfully and beautifully created. After reading these blog comments, I now have renewed respect for you and your career. You have come a long way and surely the sky is just your starting point.
Those people who have tried to be like you and failed can just continue to kiss your ass cause that is the perfect position for them always (Behind you) whilst you are always way ahead of them.

If someone can have the opportunity to walk a day in your shoe, they will be honored and proud of all what you do. I've noticed that some of your haters just want to be like you but they are jealous that they cannot because our God has written your destiny differently. You were born to be a STAR and that is what you will be forever by the special Grace of God.

Those of them that want to hate on you can just continue to slap themselves harder cause you are here to stay. Monalisa Chinda, I salute you. You will always be the head and you will always have your haters as your footstool.

Go ahead and be proud because anyone who has not acted before will never know what it feels like to do what you do for a living. Acting is a natural for you and yes oh yes, your speech is just music that drives your haters crazy. They cannot stand it that you speak fluently compared to them so don't sweat it. As for your movies roles, they are just what they are…”roles” which you act so passionately and play them to the fullest. That is not the real Monalisa Chinda.

Your passion for acting and for making your fans proud will forever be etched in our hearts. You are surely God send for us and you will continue to be our successful, most admired, talented, and lovable, queen diva.

Kiss&Tell is just the beginning of more good things to come for you. I can't wait to see what next you have for your fans but I do know it will be a blast. yaaaayyy!! Keep up the good work Mona. No Shaking, don’t sweat, no worries at all. God's got your back always and so do we.

Chisom ChiChiLuv said...

@ Nkiru - Yes, Tim Burton uses Johnny Depp and Martin Scorcese uses Leonardo DiCaprio but you failed to mentioned that unlike RAA, these directors and actors space out the times that they work with one another. There is usually a good year to three years between projects so one doesn't get inundated with the same faces and directing style. And usually, the stories are vastly different which cannot be said for RAA and it's projects.

I don't like how Alicia might express herself at times, that's her and she's never changed from the time I've been coming to this blog. You can either take it or leave it. Put your personal feeling about Alicia aside and please let's be fair, what she is saying is not far from the truth! The point of RAA was support to train and bring about new talents, fresh stories and high quality production with value. Has it achieved it's mission, I wouldn't say it has to be honest. I could be watching Emotional Crack from the pre-RAA day and it's no different from all the new projects like Reloaded.

Having said that, we now know from the response posted by a company representative, they care only to make movies that they care about even if only one person likes it and that is their perogative because guess what, every company has a niche and theirs is soap operatic movies with a casts of people that they trust and understand and there are many people who like that sort of thing. If it is not your cup of tea, DON'T WATCH IT! THEY ARE NOT HOLDING A GUN TO ANYONE'S HEAD TO WATCH THEIR FILMS. As they have stated, there are other film makers out there - Shirley Frimpong, Vivian Ejike etc that make the type of movies that RAA makes but guess what else, you will run into the same recycled actors - Majid/Nadia, John Dumelo/Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah/Chris Attoh.

This is a general problem in Nollywood not just an RAA issue, in the industry, the star makers find a few people that they like and have deemed talented and they keep using them because they trust the work of the people. They don't have to break in a new person, they'd rather work with people with whom they have an existing camaraderie and comfort level.

@ Mabrose - you should have kukuma taken out an entire page in the Nigerian Guardian for this your announcement. This is one thing I solidly agree with Alicia whether she said it nicely or nastily, Mona Lisa Chinda should leave acting alone. She cannot act to save her life. I would rather watch pain dry on the wall than watch her act or screech like a banshee on meth! Sorry, that's just how it is.

Mamarazzi! said...

All of you whining and complaining about Emem Isong and her choice of films/actors are probably high on cheap crack!So frigging what if she uses the same artistes? Una give her money to shoot film for you, abi wetin? The era of sweet talking and apology is over! If you dont like her films, then its simple jump and pass! You are obviously not her target market. The fans, true fans will watch and BUY her films coz i bet half of you talk BS watch for free on youtube or some rogue online site! Emem is someone that has contributed immensely to the film industry and produced over a dozen stars! Let others do the same! Then Nollywood will be a better place! As for those abusing Monalisa, you are just jealous! Continue to abuse her, she will continue to rise, while you remain in your underground dungeon! People sha!*long hissss!

Anonymous said...

Alicia keep laughing... your accent will turn even more igbotic!

Mabrose said...

@ Chisom ChiChiLuv, I'm amazed you missed the special announcement I made via the world network. But all the same, I don't blame you. I am sure you were trying to fit into whatever place you call your life today so you missed it. Anyhow, when you can act a role like our fine African Talent Monalisa Chinda, let me know so I can grade your performance alrite. In the meantime, I am sure you are quite bored with what you do for a living if at all you have a career and you do not know what the heck to do with yourself. So you decide to write trash about other decent people who are brave enough to show the world how much passion they have for what the love doing best which is their career. Monalisa Chinda is here to stay whether you like it or not so go ahead and continue to kiss the ass because that is exactly what you will get to do if you keep talking trash like you do.
You can have a constructive opinion/critique without talking trash about people. That is not what a blog is for. So you need to practice on that one first before you come to this blog and talk as if you are an all star outstanding actor. Geeeeeeezzzzzz. nuuufff said o, I don’t have idle time to waste on trash.
Go Mona!! Go RAA!!!! Success shall always be your portion in Jesus name whether your haters like it or not. Yaaaaahhhhoooo.

Mabrose said...

Monalisa Chinda, you are a STAR and you will SHINE more than your haters. No matter how many they are, they can never keep you from shining. You were born to be a STAR and that you will be forever by the special Grace of God.
Thank you Emem Isong for giving us great movies and storylines that makes watching african movies so enjoyable. You will continue to make it big and blessings shall always be with you in Jesus name.
I wish you good luck, blessings, breakthroughs and favors wherever you go.
So keep smiling, do your thing and know that you have a legion of fans supporting you every step of the way.
Go Mona!!!

No Shaking! said...

i dont know why you people are shouting! Nollywood continues to use the same big stars so why are you only seeing Emem Isong? Even new producers when they want to shoot, will first of all request for top stars... from Ghana to Nigeria, England America and Sierra leone ,its the same. And do you blame them? Big stars guarantee you big bucks at the box office... unlike an unknown person who will send the producer to his/her village! (if they can even carry the role) To each his own. the new actors/actresses will come but its a gradual thing... make un a dey patient. The young shall grow!

Alicia says... said...

ChiChiLuv, thank you girl! you have said everything that i was just gonna say in this follow-up comment. With me, I know that I am very blunt with the way i say things, in real life and here. I mean, why sugarcoat things all the time? haba! I see someone took my comments personally, and had to go and inform the top madam or whoever at the RAA, mtchewww! is it that serious? thats what happens when you put yourself in the spotlight, EXPECT critics. i know its that Efiok guy that works for them, since Emem's crew has a lot of Calabar people, i wouldn't put it past him....abeg.
I seriously laugh at the people saying the ones commenting against Emem n co are failed actresses, jealous, etc. PLEASE! who the hell wants to act in Nollywood? act for that chicken change they pay people? come up with a better excuse for the "hating" as some of you are calling it. it seems we Nigerians love mediocrity, and it's no wonder we have half-assed politicians reciving praises to the high heavens for half-ass jobs. Let's stop this mentality, please.
I actually like Emem, but i will say she recycles the same people with the same scripts. IS IT A CRIME? EHH?

anyone that thinks Monalisa has good diction and speaks eloquently should get their ears checked. maybe you know her personally or you are blinded with her looks, but PLEASE to say she speaks eloquently and that she is a good actress is a slap in the face to the likes of Genny, Omotola, Kate Henshaw, RMD, and others like them.
check out the movie "Girls in the Hood" or "Extreme Measure" if you want to see "eloquent" speech. lmao.

as for the Hollywood movies, i said it before. even if you think its the same script/people, they at least space it out over a period of time and not within 6 months of "BAM BAM BAM!!" the same story.

*continues to laugh hysterically in my igbotic accent*

Anonymous said...

Was wondering when Mamarazzi aka Bola Aduwo aka resident attack dog will show face. Only thing I can say is everybody is entitled to their opinion but try to be civil in putting that opinion across. God bless you all

Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok said...

@ Mabrose: Chisom Chichi love and some of the negative Anon comments here are all but the same jobless Alicia! She uses different aliases to try to deceive others into believing that she has supporters, but we can all see through her false charade. She has no work and is bitter than Emem will NEVER cast her ugly face and razz arse in her movies, hence her attack! Can't you see her same style of writing n' all? Look at the ugly ape saying that beautiful Monalisa isn't fine. She has been dared to reveal herself and she can't cos she knows that her monkey face will cause ripples of laughter! All the stars that she has been abusing on this blog are working hard and God has been blessing the works of their hands. Instead of her to learn from them and work hard too, her own is to look for fake celeb status on Linda's blog. Lmao! What a loser! Look at her saying that she will not pay to watch Monalisa's movies like it's just her nonsense opinion that counts. The turn out at the premiere of Kiss and Tell was a massive success and Monalisa's fan page on Facebook is constantly streaming with good will messages, that Monalisa herself has been choked with emotion at the outpouring of love and support that she has been receiving from good hearted fans and keeps praying that God should bless them.

And to those that have been saying that i shouldn't reply Alicia, i have bitten my tongue for months and watched her insult my hard working stars. Sometimes it is necessary to stoop to the level of a market woman to get your point across to another market woman, in order to protect your own; so i don't regret replying her. This is my last comment though...i pwomise...i just couldn't take that last sitting. lol!!!

Alicia says... said...

@Mabrose, them send you come preach here? do you expect ChiChiLuv or me or anyone else to be a good actress? NO! because we are not actresses, that is not our career, so your statement on "can you act better than her?" is LAME. we are not actresses, she is, we are the VIEWERS and the CRITICS and if you or they cant handle it, jump into the lagoon. you must be related to her or her PR person or whatever, but please, take the criticism and let it sink into your deep head. instead of telling these people to improve, we keep commending their mediocre talent. if she is your friend, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE advise her and stop the fake ass-kissing here. ABEG! maybe you are on her pay roll, i dont know sef!

@NoShaking, of course Nollywood uses the same faces, but why is Emem as a producer or whatever, recycling the same clique of 10 actors within her projects? it seems fishy to me, because the whole purpose of the RAA seems to have been defeated. anyway, by this time 2012, i expect to see new faces, or else, I WILL KNOW!

Alicia says... said...

Linda, you can as well show our IP Addresses. fools think that everyone in the world is an ass-licker to mediocre talents. please take the criticism and improve yourself instead of seeing everything as an attack. Nigerians = mediocrity, end of story.
lol at "my stars" SMH, no wonder you are defending these people, you are on their pay roll, SMH.

Mabrose said...

@ Alicia, I am so glad you classified me as a preacher because that is way better than the title we have for people like you... I wonder what you do for a living if at all you do anything. I would like to rate you on your career if you are bold enough to disclose.

If I were to interview your employer that is if you have one, your job performance or ratings will be in the negatives or below expectation. But I believe people like you don't even have careers/work or something to occupy your bored mind with so you choose to come to blogs and write rubbish, nonsense and gibberish concerning actors/actresses/movies etc.

Yeah you said you and Chizum or whatever name, don't want to be actresses. But I tell you, that is a big lie cause if you did not want to be like Monalisa Chinda, you wouldn't be so jealous of her and saying negative things about her acting career. You are not obligated to watch her movies at all if you hate her with a passion. So get the stepping and move on to the next boring chapter in your life.

At least Monalisa Chinda is doing what she loves and shows her fans she can do better by expanding her wonderful talent as an actress/movie producer. That is a title you can never hold in this lifetime because of your hatred and jealousy of people even if you express you don't have an interest in acting.

I will say it again; MONALISA CHINDA IS HERE TO STAY. You and all the other haters can just continue to bite your fingers out of jealousy because she will be growing from strength to strength by the grace of God. You on the other hand, will be miserable posting negative comments on blogs because your life will be as negative as you are. Hmm, what an unhappy place to be.. I pity you jor.


Miz B said...

Anon 11.27 You are very silly for posting that comment! Resident attack dog indeed! This is Bola Aduwo, the Real Bola Aduwo Im not hiding behind some fake name or Anon. behind a laptop! Emem has enough fans to speak for her, I dont need to enter the fray... and if I did be rest assured you will be toast! Silly character !

Mabrose said...

@ Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok hmm you mean @ Alicia can stoop so low? Oh well, I wouldn't put it past her to sink that low as she has no class at all.

She claims she is giving constructive criticism but that is untrue. All she does is to post negative comments about actors/actresses. This is beyond sickness and insanity.

But all the same, we are grateful for Monalisa Chinda. She will continue to make it big in spite of all the so called haters in the form of @ Alicia.

Anonymous said...


Alicia says... said...

there are certain TYPES of Nollywood movies that i watch. I've basically seen every Emem Isong movie from 2005-2010, but LATELY its been all the same mumbo jumbo with the same faces. i wonder why she has now decided to use the same dry-ass corn flakes. anyway, let the folks here that swear Monalisa is the best keep banging their heads on the wall. it will not change my opinion, nor the opinion of many others. i know she is paying them to defend her, but HOW PATHETIC can you get? especially Mabrose's comment, it's just borders the line of being totally DESPERATE!
anyway, you lot can keep crying, because when the next post comes, i will have something to say, and watch you lot start raving mad!

Anonymous said...

Alicia... karma is a bitch! With the same shovel you dish, shall same be returned to you and vice versa! Shikena!

Anonymous said...

LWKMD! this is so interesting! Its about bloody time Nollywood fought back! looool! I used to wonder how the stars feel when so-called critics/haters bash them! God to know they have people bashing back .... employed or otherwise! Hahaha! Alicia go and get a life. Your rant is tired and youre too full of hate!

Alicia says... said...

CALL IT HATE OR WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT, ITS THE TRUTH! or if someone tells you they dont like your shoes and that they dont match your outfit, are you gonna call that hating as well? take the criticism and use it to IMPROVE yourself. this is why Nigeria will never change. NIGERIA = MEDIOCRITY.

Anonymous said...

Linda,are u ever going to ban Alicia from this blog-she's a real nut case.

Madam Alicia, if u dont like Naija movies, keep your stinker in your brain. Stop forcing yourself to watch them and using your cowardly character to write such nonsense on this blog. I really wonder why you are so bitter.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Nigeria will never change ;Nigeria= Mediocrity- Quote by Alicia

What are you doing on this blog if you are so frustrated by Nigeria? Is it by force?

Alicia says... said...

YES ITS BY FORCE. this post must reach 90 comments by force!

Mabrose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mabrose said...

Kiss and Tell movie premiere was a HUGE success thanks be to God. A BIG thank you to Emem Isong and the entire cast and crew who made it possible.

Congratulations to Monalisa Chinda on on your production debut. We are so very proud of ya. Go ahead and keep up the good work. You're simply THE BEST!!

Mabrose said...

Poor Alicia, good for nothing Alicia, there you go again with your out of place comments and thoughts. It is wrong for you to assume that loyal fans with good faith cannot come here and fight for Monalisa Chinda unless they are being paid. SMH. This just shows how retarded you are. I now believe that you are never capable of thinking rationally and/or giving constructive criticism when needed.

Even if you were to steal another person's identity and try to make it in this lifetime, you will never make it big like Monalisa Chinda or accomplish half of what she has achieved.

Go ahead and keep doing what you do best, bore yourself with your negative comments and have the satisfaction that you have posted on a blog. This is the only place you do such because you have no voice and you cannot even speak/write English well enough. I know that even if you walk outside, no body will care to know who you are cause you aint nothing but a retarded lowlife who does not have a life. I wonder if you completed elementary school let alone high school.

You have a very long way to go Alicia if you want to be half of what Monalisa Chinda is. We don’t care about your opinion as we do not even raise an eyebrow or give a jack squat damn on how you feel. You don't have to like Monolisa because minus you, she is already made it BIG. I know you are wishing right about now to be noticed and you think you are all important but my dear, ignorance is a disease and there is no cure for it once it becomes chronic on people like you.

P/S I know someone who can help you and that is a psych doctor....LMAO. nuff said.



Alicia says... said...

i didnt even waste my time reading your long comment. for someone that claims not to have time, you sure do have a lot of time to be writing, what, 3 essays now? lol. see valuable time, WASTED!

WAITING FOR THE NEXT POST ON MONALISA, SO I CAN POUNCE! you people can continue banging your heads into the wall.
this is hilarious.


Chisom ChiChiLuv Eze said...

Mabrose and Egoruomare Efiok Eyo Efiok, can we have a difference in opinions without stepping into the gutter? Thanks for your opinions ladies, your dissertations didn't convince me since I still hold the same opinions. What I write was actually in defence of RAA and Emem Isong IF you weren't ruled by your emotions but by your rational thoughts. I was actually telling people that if they don't like was RAA is selling then they shouldn't buy it because the company is not forcing them to the store by gun point BUT you chose NOT to read that but to carry on about Mona Lisa Chinda.

I never wish that young lady ill nor did I say she shouldn't succeed, she has and will continue to do so because she's found the right clique to belong to but does that mean she's good at what she does? No, I'm sorry to say, nope! She cannot hold her own against an actress of Kate Henshaw-Nuttal's caliber. Bimbo Akintola would wipe the stage floor with her but then again, maybe my standards for actresses and/or actors are above yours so that you can accept what she does, that's great for you but not for me. It's accepting mediocrity! Van Vicker is quite a looker, he works all the time but is he a good actor, NOPE! He and Mona Lisa are eye candy just like Jennifer Aniston who is not a good actress but she looks good. You both can chose to be keep thinking that she is good at what she does, that's fine with me but allow me the right to my own view point which is that she is not a good actress. She might be able to improve with training or with a good director who can reign in some of those unnecessary antics she's prone to exhibit which makes ALL the characters she plays a caricature. She needs to learn how to be subtle, she needs to learn her objective in each given scene and play it, she needs to get a speech coach to help with her diction or put her pride aside and asks someone else how to pronounce a given word IF she is not sure rather than look like a fool. Who pronouces the word "moron" as "MORAN"? This is a mistake that could have easily been fixed IF she had asks someone how to pronounce the word because guess what, it DISTRACTS from her work when she mispronounces words, screams unnecessarily! She reacts the same way for everything, if someone steps on her foot or she catches the house girl with her husband in bed, it's the same level of anger and that my friend is NOT acting. That is called OVER ACTINGS and LACK OF DIRECTION! I don't have to be actress to know that but I do have to be an observer of HUMAN NATURE which an actress has to be in order to interpret human behavior well on screen.

I will continue to discuss with you both but I will remain above board with my comments, go as far into the gutter as you wish:)

Mabrose said...

Indeed, my essay writing is all for Mona but I agree, I do not have time for negative people with bad omen in the form of Alicia.

Like I said before, Monalisa Chinda minus her haters have already made it BIG!!! She will continue to make it BIG while her haters in the form of critics continue to drown in their negative comments.
Kiss & Tell movie was a blast and there will surely be lots more great movies from Monalisa Chinda, Emem Isong and her production company RAA.


Mabrose said...

As for Chisom ChiChi, if you have extended your negative comments as far as Van Vicker and Jennifer Aniston, then I now believe you are insane. I will no longer continue to exchange words with you and your likes "Alicia" because her motive is to reach 90+ comments and I refuse to give her that satisfaction.

Monalisa Chinda will continue to act and make it big minus the both of you no matter how many truck loads of negative comments you bring her way.

ChiChiLuv said...

It is your perogative to NOT discuss with me, it's your right. Take care.

Mabrose said...

Kiss & Tell is a must see movie. Great storyline, Oustanding cast and crew. Two thumbs all the way up and round of applaud to the cast/crew who worked so hard to make the movie a success. But above all, I thank God for giving Monalisa Chinda the opportunity to demonstrate her producer talents along side veteran producer Emem Isong.

Go Mona!! With God on your side, you shall continue to rise to greater Heights & you will continue to shine brightly like the STAR you already are..

Mabrose said...

This blog post commnent will make it over a hundred not by or with negavtive comments but by positive and supportive comments by true Monalisa Chinda fans.

Anonymous said...

This Chisom, you get time to write this kine jaga jaga!!!

Chisom chichiluv Eze said...

Anonymous said...
This Chisom, you get time to write this kine jaga jaga!!!

June 27, 2011 8:53 PM

And you this anonymous person, you get time to read my jaga jaga, abi?

Alicia says... said...

LOL, she will not give me the satisfaction of reaching 90 comments, yet she leaves 2-3 comments at a time filled with bile! HAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

but really, Alicia and Chisom made sense, lets try to always accept critics for our self improvements. No one is perfect but we all can get better.

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