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Friday, 24 June 2011

The NET Newspaper Front Cover (Issue 24)

Get a dose of your favorite Entertainment Newspaper as it hits the streets this Friday June 24, 2011
Nigerian Entertainment Today is Nigeria's first Entertainment Newspaper and number one journal for celeb news, exclusive interviews, fab photos and instructive opinion. It debuted on April 26, 2010 with the full edition dedicated to late rapper Dagrin.
Ask your vendor for a copy or call Segun on 07098741356 or email


Ch5335ng said...

Are those animal skin shoes D'Banj has got on? Banal! 500M naira; that's half of the 1 billion naira GEJ gave him. More grease......
Made Kuti and Rolari Segun look like siblings here.

Anonymous said...

na very big lie. fat lie 500m hahahaha

Anonymous said...

very big lie 500m common now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yayyy! friend's hubby's newspaper...very reliable and trustworthy.pls buy o.only 100 bucks

Anonymous said...

i wonder if na d banj sign Kanye West abi na Kanye dey sign d banj,if it cost him 500mill how much is the contract worth.Nigeria media with there lies.The whole mo hit crew net worth is not even upto 500mill.Whiz khalifa was signed with a million dollars which is about 150mill,bow wow almost same thing.I know what media is all about.D banj got wot naija people need,fake life,he brought it to Malaysia bt he came to a place that some guys here are richer than he is.Thumbs up to my man 2 face,he is still Africa best.I just discovered that the magazine is been edited in koko

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